Thursday, December 27, 2007

peacenik thug mervin silva's photo after he has got his due at rupavahini

that is mostly ink btw (not blood) that journalists at rupavahini threw on him.

may all peaceniks who betray their fellow sri lankans to murderous terrorists in the name of "peace" get their just deserts ! (through more legitimate channels hopefully )

for more coverage on this incident check my previous post ,
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lanka rising

peacenik thug mervin silva assaults rupavahini news director

peacenik mervin silva, renowned for his and his family's thuggery and his friendship and following among peaceniks (they invite him and his ilk to speak at their pro appeasement rallies thereby getting a semblance of a crowd, which without such thugs and their henchmen number less than a score of ppl usually), today assaulted the state run rupavhini tv channel's news director. the thug is presently blockaded inside the rupavahini building by the journalists there .

that a corrupt peacenik like him should feel hostility to anti terrorist rupavahini news is to be expected. peaceniks who advocate appeasement of murderous terrorists and want to buy peace at any cost, even at the cost of democracy (btw this thug was not elected but appointed by cbk), freedom, justice, and human rights, by definition do not have any moral sense.

as such it is not surprising that peaceniks invariably tend to hang on and follow the politicians with reputations of being the most corrupt (and shamelessly corrupt), in sri lanka; if not mervin it is rajitha senaratne, or mano ganeshan, or ravi karunanayake, or mangala samarasinghe, or rauf hakeem, or some body else of that ilk (almost all of these ppl attended that peacenik rally last year that was attended by by mervin silva and all the peaceniks)

btw which of the political thugs would indi.padashow ( who marched like a lovesick groupie behind mervin silva in last year's pro appeasement peacenik rally) and other clueless bloggers, who follow their peacenik superiors blindly, attach their hopes on next? whichever it is they will be as bad as mervin the peacenik thug and these clueless idiots will have to live a life of continual denial. ( for instance indi.padashow was reduced to saying he merely marched with mervin silva and did not listen to him last year. expect more of that.)

Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas!

wish everyone a happy holiday season. i am certainly enjoying mine :-)

nativity scene courtesy wikimedia

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ltte terrorists target train

ltte pussies targeted the night mail train from trincomalee less than two hours ago. more details about damages expected.

as i said before this deliberate targeting of innocents is of course exactly the sort of thing ltte has been doing since its beginning, at all times (including during times when gosl was observing the ceasefire). this sort of intentional killing of civilians is so common that death of individual innocents killed by ltte is hardly noted, while ltte inspired absurd white van conspiracy theories are parroted by peaceniks and other fellow travelers of terrorists repeatedly.

racists and peaceniks deliberately remain blind (except for the considerable portion of peaceniks that are stupidly naive and are unable to think independently) because their arguments for appeasement of terrorists fail completely (both morally and pragmatically) when faced with fact of these attacks.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

sangakkara and muralidaran top batting and bowling rankings

after the last test kumar sangakkara joined muttiah muralidaran (who was there for some time) at the top of international cricket council (icc) test rankings.

top ten


1. kumar sangakkara (sri), 938 points

2. ricky ponting (aus), 936

3. jacques kallis (rsa), 935

4. mohammad yousuf (pak), 885

5. mike hussey (aus), 874

6. kevin pietersen (eng), 848

7. younis khan (pak), 816

8. matthew hayden (aus), 803

9. shivnarine chanderpaul (wis), 762

10 michael clarke (aus), 751


1. muttiah muralitharan (sri), 910

2. makhaya ntini (rsa), 808

3. dale steyn (rsa), 775

4. stuart clark (aus), 769

5. matthew hoggard (eng), 733

6. brett lee (aus), 726

7. shane bond (nzl), 724, anil kumble (ind), 724

9. shaun pollock (rsa), 701, shoaib akhtar (pak), 701

icc website is migrating to yahoo so is not quite complete but the main rankings are there.

terrorist pussy at it again

cowardly pussy prabhakaran, hero of peaceniks and murderers, bombed another bus tonight. killing at least 15 (as of latest reports) and injuring dozens. killing innocents is of course his and his zombies’ nature. they have done it all along (during ceasefire periods, during periods when government was not conducting military operations, and during periods of military operations). only pro terrorist racist suckers with selective amnesia believe this kind of thing is anything new and is result of anything government or military is doing.

nor will terrorists change. even when they are reduced to a handful they like all serial killers will continue to kill. winning this war means something else.

will the peaceniks in general and peacenik bloggers in particular (from groundviews blog up) with their cocooned lives in colombo (or in foreign countries) again indulge in another bout of blaming everyone (ranging from mahinda buffalo to voting public in south) but their terrorist god, under false racist notion they all entertain that his bestial divinity is a representative of tamils and is fighting for tamil rights?

will the terrorist corrupted peacenik ngos like center for policy alternative (cpa), national peace council, inform, free media movement (fmm), and the rest, again urge government to ceasefire, start peace talks with, and appease, tiger terrorists, forgetting and ignoring the suffering and human rights of people under direct or indirect threat from the maniacs?

will peaceniks with long criminal records as apologists for terror, like paikiasothy saravanamuttu, jehan perera, jayadeva uyangoda, sunila abeysekera, sunanda deshapriya, sunila abeysekera, nimalka fernando, rohan edirisinha, jeevan thiagarajaha, and their ilk (and their underlings like sanjana hattotuwa) try their best to hamper the necessary security measures?

well if they have not learned from all the examples of terrorist bestiality so far, they probably won't this time around either.

meanwhile let all those who are aware of the sri lankan reality and are not corrupted by terrorist money or propaganda, urge the government and military to do their best to ensure the human rights of all sri lankans (especially people whose lives are made a living death by direct terrorist control, in other words people the peaceniks mentioned above completely ignore in their efforts to please their pussy master). this inevitably will include use of violence against terrorists. anybody thinking otherwise is a fool or terrorist.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

anyone who equate tamils with ltte is a racist

person calling himself oao asithri aka scorpion is going around the blogs posting basically the same idiotic comment. its main (and only coherent) point seems to be that tamils are terrorists and as such should be killed/deported/etc etc. everyone can see that he is a racist fool (probably a spoof as well) and should be dismissed as such.

the point i am making is that he is not the only one who hold the racist view that tamils are terrorists. two main political groups hold that view. and that does not include any of the elected political parties in the south who are very explicit in making the distinction between tamils and terrorists (oao asithri aka scorpion if real would not find anyone to vote for). no, the groups who equate tamils with ltte terrorists, are ltte itself and the peaceniks. only difference with oao asithri aka scorpion is that they advocate and support another kind of ethnic cleansing.

ltte is explicit in its racism and knows that propagating the myth of tamil support for its terror tactics is a vital item of its survival.

peaceniks like paikiasothy saravanamuttu, jehan perera, jayadeva uyangoda, sunila abeysekera, sunanda deshapriya, nimalka fernando, rohan edirisinha, jeevan thiagarajaha, and their ilk (and their underlings like sanjana hattotuwa) support and believe ltte's racist claim to be a representative of tamils. they base their actions and statements ( most of which go against principles of human rights, democracy, justice and freedom) on that belief. they are willing to excuse and ignore, ltte's killings, ethnic cleansing, oppression of people under ltte control, and lot of other atrocities, because of this racism. in other words they are as racist as oao asithri aka scorpion (difference is that while oao asithri aka scorpion will not find any political group with power to carry out his intended horrors, peaceniks mentioned are supporting a group that is already carrying out such horrors)

in addition there are also individual peaceniks (esp. in the blogosphere) who adapt such racist views without even realizing they are racist (or their essential similarity to oao asithri aka scorpion's views), because of naivety, low intelligence, inability to think for themselves, family and peer pressure, disconnectedness from sri lankan reality, misguided loyalty to political parties, corruption, etc. indi (who also maintains another blog under the name padashow) is a good example of that kind of fool. let us hope such fools will wake up from their fantasies soon before they suffer permanent damage to their psyche.

suicide video

security camera footage of the suicide bomber that tried to assassinate minister devananda two days ago and killed his 72 year old aide steven peiris. (15mb wmv) (from mod website.)

that suicide bomber is the sort of mentally unbalanced person that peaceniks love and consider representative of tamils. ltte pussies are not representative of anything other than their leader's megalomania and thirst for blood achieved through such contemptible specimens of bestiality as this bomber.

will peaceniks ever wake up to that reality? or will they continue with their unreal fantasy? be warned, if they go with the latter, as a result of their fruitless attempts to reconcile reality with fantasy, they will end up as "crazy" (in a medical sense) as a suicide bomber.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

biased journalism: was kebitigolawa bus a military target ?

after yesterday's terrorist suicide bomb targeting innocents, certain foreign correspondents (from afp and reuters specifically) took it upon themselves to make a totally unfounded judgment about terrorist's targeting criteria. they said that ltte has not targeted civilians in recent years ( even they cannot deny earlier horrors of pussies) limiting themselves to military targets. they went on to say that this targeting may be a retaliation for military operations.

have they forgotten kebitigollewa bus massacre that killed at least 67 people including 15 children on 15 June 2006 (link contains photos and is not for the faint of heart). this was before mavil aru so before any major military operation by gosl. have they forgotten the killings of innocent farmers that happen regularly (last one on 26 november 3 days ago in mahavilachchiya e-village)

of course this kind of biased pro terrorist reporting is nothing new. as i and others have pointed out, racists like simon gardner of reuters and bbc' sri lankan section regularly and repeatedly engage in this sort of reporting. in addition to such white washing of terrorists, such reporters engage in several other forms of biased journalism when it comes sri lanka; racist equation of tamils with terrorists, unquestioning acceptance of ltte's false claim to be representative of tamils, wrong identification of gosl as "sinhalese" (when it fact all the major democratic minority parties are in it), and repetition of absurd white van conspiracy theories of terrorists among others.

so what are we, as ordinary sri lankans opposed terrorism, to do to counter them ?

well for a start, speak out when you see such reports, write about them, and openly condemn them. write to the editors or administrators of mainstream news outsets (be they newspapers, tv stations, or websites) that publish this kind of reporting. most have feedback options, use them. just state the facts and why the report is inaccurate, simply. don't worry too much about english. be authentic.

such write backs matter because generally people who run mainstream news organizations and websites want to preserve their reputations and credibility. as people who have worked in news organizations will know pro israeli organizations and individuals (rightly) send letters by the dozens when there is even a hint of an inaccuracy in reports about israel in any newspaper anywhere in world. we cannot match that, but we can start. in any case reports about sri lanka are comparatively rare, so any letter you write will ultimately help induce people who write and publish, to think twice and check facts in the long term.

blog reactions to terrorist bombing
bloggers have reacted in various ways; some merely acted as reporters, a lot expressed shock and horror, some have been sober and solid in their analysis, others (like cerno) have made valid points about our psychological non reaction to bombs (though it must be stated that most ppl i know were genuinely concerned and hardly indifferent, even though or because of, like me, most have experienced bombs at first hand).

most "interesting " have been the reaction of peacenik bloggers (btw it is great that blogosphere that only two years ago consisted almost exclusively of peaceniks, a tiny minority of sri lankan public at large, now increasingly accommodate other bloggers. at this rate, as i predicted, we would eventually have a blogosphere that will genuinely represent sri lanka).

anyway the peacenik bloggers were "oh so horrified", and after blaming mahinda buffalo, chithanaya, militray, and even the public ( but never the terrorist pussies who according to them will "love peace" if given the opportunity - really !) want us to appease terrorist so that we get "peace". they as usual forget to mention that such a course will involve giving up principles of democracy, human rights, justice, and freedom. similarly they forget millions who will have to suffer a living death under ltte if there was such an appeasement. to peacniks those people (or anyone outside their colombo/foreign cocoons for that matter) are not human.

i was tempted to challenge them in their own blogs but unfortunately am busy at the moment. however as soon as i get some free time i will write a post going through a selection of their posts in detail and examining their confused logic and attitudes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

loser pussy celebrates birthday with murder

as can be expected terrorist criminal velupillai prabhakaran is desperate; under pressure from military, cowering in some hole, number of his suckers, some of whom are underage, getting ever smaller, losing his supply lines, his peacenik ngo friends getting increasingly exposed, his attempts at manipulating politics in sri lanka gone completely wrong .

so true to his nature (known to everyone but peaceniks) he resorts to mass murder, as he has done from the first. incidents like today are nothing new and will continue.

only racist terrorists and peaceniks believe he is a "freedom fighter", is supported by tamils, and is their sole representative. in fact another attempt at enforcing this false and anti democratic sole representative claim failed when minister douglas devananda escaped(yet again). expect peaceniks to redouble their attempts to character assassinate minister devananda now that their master failed in physical assassination, as they are doing with defense secretary after he too escaped assassination.

as i said before even when terrorists are reduced to a handful they will not stop killing, question is whether we change our principles because of their actions and appease them, giving up human rights, democracy, freedom, and justice, for "peace", or whether we stand up for human rights, democracy, freedom, and justice, and for fellow sri lankans still under ltte oppression and defeat them as far as possible so that only thing we have to fear is occasional suicide bomb.

as i have said before if you are a moral person you will not choose appeasement. and if you are a pragmatic person you will not choose appeasement either, because you will know that "peace" through appeasement has never worked anywhere

only peaceniks and individuals corrupted by terrorists using money, prospect of political office or appointments, or because they are stupidly naive, will advocate appeasement. it is our duty to expose them as much as we can.

i was and will be busy during this week, i will respond to emails and comments in previous posts and elsewhere as soon as i am free. until then thank you.

read this excellent post in lanka rising blog. i don't agree with that blogger's mainly leftist cum non secular attitude on some issues, but on terrorist question he is spot on.

Friday, November 16, 2007

u.s. freezes tro assets

u.s. treasury department has frozen the ltte front tamils rehabilitation organisation (tro)'s assets. because,
"According to sources within the organization, TRO is the preferred conduit of funds from the United States to the LTTE in Sri Lanka.

TRO also has facilitated LTTE procurement operations in the United States. Those operations included the purchase of munitions, equipment, communication devices, and other technology for the LTTE.

TRO's efforts worldwide reportedly have allowed the LTTE to use humanitarian aid, which TRO collected from the international community after the December 2004 tsunami, to launch new campaigns to strengthen LTTE military capacity."
this has been long time in coming (they were after all designated as a terrorist front in fbi's case against canadian and us based terrorists arrested in 2006 august) but is welcome even late. it must be remembered that all prominent ngo peaceniks in sri lanka have taken tro's part at one time or other. this becomes interesting when we consider the following extract of us treasury's press release.

"Recent information indicates that the LTTE has ordered international NGOs operating in its territory to provide all project funding through local NGOs, which are managed collectively by TRO. This arrangement allows TRO to withdraw money from the local NGO accounts and to provide a portion of the relief funds to the LTTE. The LTTE has reportedly exerted pressure to comply on a few international NGOs that have resisted these arrangements."
let us hope local ngos that were used in this way will be named soon and all dealing with tro and other ngos will be made public.

anyway even as it is, it is interesting and sheds further light in certain things.

cha memebership
for instance in 2006 annual general meeting of consortium of humanitarian agencies (cha - a sort of umbrella group of ngos in sri lanka) ngo peaceniks clamored to get tro admitted as a full member ( it was just an associate till then ) even though credible allegations against its activities were already current, till they got their way. given that cha's executive director jeevan thiagarajaha (the same one who was sued by his wife for harassment and physical abuse involving even dogs - wonder why sunday time's original story is now missing. see the google cache here ) is one of those peaceniks that was not surprising. this inevitably and justifiably tainted all members of cha with tro's help for terrorist murders.

white van abduction theories and tro
tro under terrorist pussy direction started the white van conspiracy theories by staging the fake abduction of 20(?) of its members in january 2006 (words "white van" first appeared in this context in tro statement about this) . when obvious problems with its story (common to many of other fake white van "disappearances") were pointed out peaceniks refused to listen and fell to abusing anyone who dared point them out. i came in for abuse at moju (predecessor of groundviews blog, associated with uber peacenik ngo center for policy alternatives) when i raised questions there. this (along with cpa's report on so called trinco riot which as i pointed out was plagiarized from an article by ltte apologist dbs jeyaraj) was one of the main reasons i personally began to doubt the good faith of most peaceniks. before that as my posts here will indicate my attitude was different. people who are unable to tolerate exposure of terrorist propaganda do not stand for human rights. anyway peaceniks still unquestioningly give credence and propagate these white van abduction theories and abuse anyone who question their reality.

moju/groundviews collaboration
moju blog and admins went on to publish (and then defend when their basis and bias were questioned) tro statements in full or part on all manner of subjects, to propagate the terrorist viewpoint until tro's assets were frozen in sri lanka after the u.s. arrests in august 2006 mentioned above. i personally think that the main motivation for sanjana hattotuwa's deletion of moju blog and its replacement by groundviews (where opposition to prevailing terrorist parroting there is subjectively and arbitrary censored) was the desire to cover up increasingly undeniable evidence of moju's past use as a terrorist propaganda vehicle. however he will be frustrated since moju posts can still be obtained through cache sites; nothing ever gets deleted on the internet. when will he do the same for groundviews? i will accept bets :-)

cha reports and tro
anyway after the tro accounts in sri lanka were frozen its propaganda personnel used cha as a convenient backup. most reports issued by cha were done with the help and participation of tro and its current or former employees. for instance it is a cha team that discovered (?!) the bodies of the 15 aid workers (they inexplicably missed the other two bodies(!) hmmmm...- remember the aid worker's employer said only 15 were missing initially) in muttur on the day military recaptured the town when all other ppl were not in a position to visit (!).

and what do you know? peaceniks and groundviews regularly use and publish the same reports or posts based on them. in the same way they and moju published tro's statements, without raising the obvious questions

will they accuse me of calumny again as they did when i and others called tro a ltte front? let us hope so. it always feels great to be right before most ppl .

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

we should win the test matches against australia

equation is rather simple. without (quite unlikely) interruptions there will be two results in the two test matches. question is who will win?

because we have the better bowling attack we should. (for the same reason, in theory we should have better results from tests than one day matches during next year or two generally; longer the match format better results we should have) while our batting is not at its best and not quite up to the standard of australians (esp. without kumar sangakara) it has more than enough talent and experience to post the scores required to get australians out twice.

if we lose, it will be our fault, period. (yes luck plays a part, but that is why there are two innings, thus two dice rolls, in tests)

i personally don't agree with the way that marvan atapattu was included in the squad. he is a valuable and even necessary addition imo. but i shouldn't have any say on that decision, nor should the minister or the public at large. selectors and captain should have the final say and the responsibility. if they did not want to have atapattu (which i doubt) they should have had the freedom to leave him out.

as i have said before, cricket team is not a government and should not be a politically correct democracy or a popularity contest. if it is, we will end up with a team full of dull dependable mediocrities (a bit like the south african team or in another context american idol/sirasa super star) that always end up in the middle ranks of tournaments and league tables that actually test ability.

anyway i don't think it will have a big effect on these two matches since all the ppl involved in this instance are hopefully bigger than that.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

terrorist pussy roasted!

murderous smiling pussy otherwise called thamilchelvan was killed during a sri lankan air force air raid on a terrorist camp.

and now i cannot wipe the smile off my face :-)

just four months ago roasted one said, after they were kicked out of east, that "we will weaken the military capacity of the government of sri lanka, which will invariably end up hitting economic targets as well"

i along with great majority of sri lankans well aware of the sri lankan reality asked "so what?" what else have these terrorists been doing for so long? but as usual terrorist parroting peaceniks wanted sri lankans to give into threats and appease terrorists in order to get 'peace'

no doubt now peaceniks will predictably say that death of thamilchelvan is a blow to peace and such other crap, forgetting what he actually said and did.

in fact peacenik jehan perera from national peace council (aka sacrifice- millions- of -ppl- to terrorist- oppression- so- we- can- engage- in- missionary- activity- in- 'peace' council) as usual acting as terrorist's back up spin unit has already said "the ltte will try to retaliate to even the score,'' (again we have to ask, "so what?". were they not trying to kill and attack everyone not in ltte before?) `this will make peace talks harder to resume as tamilchelvan was the political face of the ltte ''

and another peacenik cum back up terrorist spokesman paikiasothy saravanamuttu of center for policy alternatives ( aka center - for- whitewashing- terrorist- atrocities- and- propagating- absurd- white- van- conspiracy -theories), said "that the assassination would vindicate the hard-liners on the rebel side...i would imagine the ltte . will want to hit back."(again so what? were they not doing so already?)

this peacenik criminal (btw he is not the peacenik accused of abusing his wife though that is exactly the sort of thing we can expect from him) who has a long record of excusing terrorist human right violations also said “they are now the mirror image of each other in every respect,” (meaning government and ltte) “they are both in zero-sum mode.” typical of this terrorist parrot to see a democratically elected government trying, as it is it is duty bound to do, to end the activities of a criminal gang, so long allowed to operate and violate human rights with impunity, and those criminals on an equal level. he has lost all sense of morality in his desire for terrorist money.

man do these hypocritical idiots live in a fantasy or what?

hope that big pussy will be dug out of his hole eventually. i am sure that like all cowardly bullies (saddam, wijeweera etc) he will surrender and give up his fellow pussies than get killed.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

no to censorship!

i was going to write a post denouncing a proposed censorship of military news, and suggest ways to get and publish such news without getting imprisoned when i heard the welcome news that after all there won't be a censorship. so i will keep this short and keep that draft in case some idiot decides to impose a censorship for real.

as i have pointed out before, so far there isn't any state censorship in sri lanka, as anyone who actually examines a sri lankan newsstand will know. all points of view (including that of terrorist pussies) are amply represented. both substantiated and unsubstantiated allegations and mud throwings are allowed free reign. this should continue unhampered. to put this freedom in perspective; you wouldn't find any other country allowing enemy terrorist statements to be published in full in national newspapers and electronic broadcast media. ever seen full speeches of osama bin laden in new york times? or bbc? but we see unedited full speeches and interviews of big pussy and rest of his thugs. that is a good thing imo. sri lankan public can judge intelligently .

when it comes to freedom of expression only real compliant that can be made against the current administration is the temporary blocking of tamilnet. btw it is now freely accessible.

all other incidents usually cited by terrorist parrots like so called free media movement ( in fact nothing more than another pro terrorist peacenik ngo) when examined in detail do not stand up as censorship (not counting censorship imposed by local cultural/pc standards which can be found in every country; we ban fashion tv and on-air sex on radio, united states censor certain words and 'wardrobe malfunctions' etc.) . for instance in the recent case about abc radio network, abc clearly was irresponsible to report a false news story about an ltte attack. and if the remedy of canceling their license was too strong (as i personally think it is), abc has recourse to normal law. let the courts decide what the equitable remedy is in such cases. that is not censorship that is justice.

as for terrorist parroting peaceniks (who btw are not shy to censor any opposing views in places they control) let them cry themselves hoarse in the local media, as they have a perfect right to do, about an imaginary censorship. (however ppl who point out their hypocrisy and subservience to terrorists also have a similar right.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

best short article on climate change

climate change debate in public forums is full of silly crap, so it was a pleasure to read slate's save the earth in six hard questions -what al gore doesn't understand about climate change by steven e. landsburg.

it focuses in the real points at issue clearly and simply, without dumbing down, and in the process explains the skepticism felt by large number of people, including by myself, about the whole thing.

while the following are not the questions mentioned in the article, they are related; is climate change real? if so, do we humans contribute to it? if it is real, what are the exact effects? if we know that, do these effects matter? even if they matter, should we care? i am skeptical about the reliability and purported objectivity of the answers provided by climate change "evangelists" for each of these questions in spite of all their nobel prizes and films.

here is a link to stern review report on the economics of climate change referred at the end of that article.

Monday, October 15, 2007

four peacenik criminals quit human rights panel, good riddance!

it seems four prominent terrorist parroting peaceniks sunila abeysekera, nimalka fernando, rohan edirisinha and paikiasothy saravanamuttu, have quit a ten member human rights panel bc "their advice was not taken seriously".
these ppl who,
  • believe in the racist notion that ltte terrorists are fighting for tamils/tamils support terrorists,
  • believe that peace is worth any cost (even the cost of democracy, justice, human rights and freedom ),
  • and are willing to perpetuate the culture of impunity here by allowing convicted mass murderers and their cronies more political power( in the process accusing thousands of men and women in the sri lankan armed forces with horrible crimes based on nothing but terrorist propaganda)
had no business in a human rights panel in the first place.

their advice if followed will only lead to more human rights violations not less, as their actions so far have indicated. in fact their actions convict them of being willing apologists for convicted gross violators of human rights of sri lanka.

  • these terrorist arse-lickers or their connected ngos, willingly accepted the terrorist claim to be sole representative of tamils (a claim which violates human rights of tamils especially).
  • they stayed quiet or supported the government while it failed to protect rights of sri lankans which were violated again and again by the terrorists during so called ceasefire.
  • they stayed quiet when military was attacked almost daily from december'05 to april'06 unprovoked and without retaliation.
  • they stayed quiet and failed to stand up for human rights while civilians as well as military were attacked and killed, and war crimes like holding water hostage were committed.
  • they opposed and lobbied against naming of ltte as terrorists organization by eu and other countries.
  • several of them collaborated in an attempt to inflate a small riot in trinco into another '83 (in the process plagiarizing a report by terrorist propaganda sourced dbs jeyaraj, as a result of a non existant fact finding mission to trinco.)
  • they suddenly and predictably became active when military acted after mavil aru and tried (among numerous other such perfidious actions) to make the terrorist ltte's temporary capture and attempted ethnic cleansing of muttur permanent by calling to "stop the siege" at that moment (in fact on the same day that 17 acf workers were killed in muttur).
  • they and their cronies clamored to have terrorist front tro accepted as a member of umbrella ngo organizations to provide it with cover.
  • they continually make false accusations against whole of sri lankans armed forces based on either absurd white van conspiracy theories dreamed up by pussy spin office or actions of a criminal few ( who when there is evidence has been arrested), in an effort create a moral equalization between armed forces of a democracy and a bunch of criminal thugs.
  • they traitorously lobby for foreign intervention in sri lanka thus violating political rights of participants of sri lankan democracy through foreign coercion.
  • they always complain of censorship, when in fact a look at a newsstand full of all sorts of opinions( including terrorists' own), accusations, and mud-throwings, by all sides of the political spectrum, will convince anyone not so blinkered that there isn't and wasn't any censorship(except for a temporary blocking of tamilnet ). on the other hand their own cronies censor anyone who disagrees from places they have under their control .
  • ...
I can go on and on.

after all that these criminals presume to speak for human rights and want their advice followed ? lol (yes only reaction to that can be laughter at them).

anyway thank god they have finally quit. (even tough they will continue with their criminal mischief elsewhere.)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

what if peacenik fantasy of u.n. intervention becomes true? more violence?


peaceniks, parroting terrorists pussies as usual, have been and are lobbying for foreign intervention ( with an un monitoring team as the tip of the wedge). however imo( indeed as i have been saying for sometime) their chances of success are very limited.

unlike corrupt or idiotic ( its either one or the other) peaceniks , decision makers that matter in foreign countries can see the clear difference between closed terrorist ltte and open democratically elected sri lankan government even if they don't like gosl for other reasons.

to anyone who evaluates the situation here from a pragmatic point of view as well as moral point of view, without prejudices (esp. racist ones like, "ltte is fighting for tamils", "tamils support terrorists"- positions all peaceniks adopt and when questioned try to avoid commenting on - ask them and see how they run from them ) there shouldn't be any doubt. foreign government who want to do 'the right thing' or act in their own own (rather limited as far as sl in concerned) interests, or both, will either support gosl, or stay out, or support gosl and pretend to stay out ( as is the case with indian one due domestic politics there).

but peacniks will day dream on and continue to live in their fantasy world.

all that is rather old, but here is something new. (for those who want to think about these things just in case.)

if this daydream ever comes true and foreigners coerce the gosl to accept a foreign intervention disregarding the democratic rights and will of sri lankans, or failing that engage in further acts of coercion such as sanctions to make gosl submit, resistance to that both passive and active (even violent), on the part of all sri lankans whether individually or collectively, is completely justified. and imo that resistance (even violent ones) should also justifiably target those who advocated and then in all probability will also collaborate with that intervention and coercion.

i will write on that in more detail later when i have the time. after all there is no hurry. bc imo this intervention is just another unrealistic daydream of the peaceniks. and everyone is free to day dream and even lobby . this argument will really matter only if it become reality.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

france and england through, what fun !

now we need only fiji and argentina (even scotland will do though) to get through to make this a truly upsetting but highly pleasurable rugby word cup.
if anyone wants to see nz, aus, or sa, win, go watch a match any other day.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

susanthika to get an olympic silver?

marion jones winner of sydney olympics 200m sprint has pleaded guilty (just a hour or two ago) to steroid use in 2000. she is likely to lose her gold medal for that event along with her other 2 gold medals and 2 bronze medals. our own susanthika jayasinghe won the bronze medal in 2000. so her medal is likely to get upgraded to silver.


as always past catches up with frauds and hypocrites.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

kumar sangakkara, time to let the bat do the talking

before the world cup i said in another blog that all the members of sri lankan cricket team, especially mahela jayawardene who was going through what is called a "bad patch" at that time, must perform if we are to go all the way. and they did. champion teams shouldn't have "passengers". this is especially true when it comes to twenty20 cricket.

unfortunately, in spite of my great respect for kumar sangakkara, i have to say he is looking like a passenger at the moment.

here are his stats for current icc world twenty20 tournament
Kenya v Sri Lanka - 30(18)
New Zealand v Sri Lanka - 14(19)
Pakistan v Sri Lanka - 18(10)
Bangladesh v Sri Lanka - 20(29)

overall strike rate (sr) is 107.89%. all the other sri lankan batsmen have 125+ srs for this tournament. without the kenya match he would have a below 100 sr.

in t20 it is unacceptable for a batsman to have a below 100% strike rate whatever the conditions. in fact preferably they should have a 150+ rate. in the last game against Bangladesh sangakkara ate 9 balls (one and half overs, 7.5% of the innings) for nothing and most of that in the first 6 over power play. this also creates pressure on other batsmen, especially on his on field partner. after 3 dot balls and a single other batsman will feel the need for a boundary in the next ball, to get the team through. at the end of tenth over during which he got out, sri lanka were 61/3 (at 101 sr) but if we deduct his 9 dots the rate is 120. we scored 86 runs (at 140+ sr) for 2 wickets in the next 10 overs

so it is time he lives up to his (well deserved) reputation and perform. otherwise we won' go all the way even if we get through tomorrow.

hope we meet pakistan at the final (and south africans or indians at the semi final) if we go through.

some observations on t20
sour grapes?
australians are are already coming out with lukewarm statements about twenty20 cricket. hope we do not follow them down that sour grape path if we get kicked out. yes test cricket is the best, but t20 is good, as is 50 over cricket. more the better imo.

momentum index?
presentation of stats has to be updated for t20. runs per over (rpo) and required rpo rates are meaningless here. (for example, if a team scores 20 runs in the tenth over, run rate goes up by 2, and required rate goes down by 2; an index with that kind of volatility cannot mean anything). same goes for crude projections they currently use.

what is required, in addition to balls and runs comparison, is a momentum (thus volatility) indicator. while run rate for last 5 (or less) overs may do, for a really valid one, we need calculus (duckworth-lewis already uses calculus). anybody wants to create one? fans do not need to understand how it is calculated as long as it works and informs.

blue vs silver
whose bright idea was it to change sri lankan colors? new uniform sucks imo, though australians fared worse. back to royal blue please. (btw imo new sl grey/silver and indian light blue are quite different though most ppl will not realize that until they see the two teams together).

ads and sirasa/shakthi/mtv
problems with maharaja broadcast of t20 matches to sri lanka continue. as theena reminded me, it is true that others had similar problems (especially with regard to screen crowding advertisements) but this is by far the worst. others usually miss only the first ball of the over and sometimes they did interrupt the ad midway if it was eating into the ball. however at sirasa, in addition to the first ball, they cut to the ad, before the last ball of the over is fielded (so we do not know see the runs, the fielding, and sometimes the wicket). we miss the last ball completely in case of a wide or a no ball, or if the idiot on duty at sirasa do not know how to count beyond 5. so far not one ad was interrupted.

as a result of all that, we are forced to watch cricketers talking about insurance in place of their performance on the field. sri lanka insurance (among other advertisers) should be mindful about how their ads are presented.

if we go to the final and this continues, we should publish a list of brands that deprived sri lankan cricket fans of their full enjoyment during that match. only problem with that plan at the moment is that i would probably use some other method to watch it ad free

talking of ads; most of them are for cement, insurance, and other financial services. did anyone say we are in an economic crisis? may be such ppl should observes the reality.

Friday, September 14, 2007

england, pl send australia home!

request to english tewenty20 team;
in the name of cricket, please please kick the "rusty" (! as if that is an excuse) australians, in their ridiculous figure hugging dresses, out of the tournament.

hope unprofessional idiots at mtv/sirasa/shakthi can show at least few matches without losing several balls due to ads and screen blackouts. today during a 5 over period of english innings against zim, during which i kept count, they managed to lose at least 5 balls including one wicket and one chance. then again that should be expected, they are habitually unreliable (look at their so called "news"!). we better figure out how to get mobile cable tv.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


navy sinks 3 terrorist pussy ships. read more about it here.

peaceniks like sanjana hattotuwa would have to wear their now habitual morose faces for longer (hopefully till the end of their miserable lives).

btw i am not dead, just busy :-)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

to hrw and brad adams; brown skin does not mean barbarian murderers

(this highly misleading cover photo of hrw report is amply indicative of the sloppy standards of its writers and content.)

if you want to convict sri lankans and their armed forces of murder, do a proper investigation and come up with evidence. human rights watch's latest report is, starting from the misleading photo in the cover, short on real evidence and long on unsubstantiated allegations. same allegations were repeated today to media by its director brad adams.

it seems that to mr adams and hrw any barbaric allegation against a brown skinned person is equivalent to a conviction. they seem to think that unlike with white skinned 'civilized' beings brown skinned people are guilty until proven innocent. on that premise they convict large number of sri lankans of horrendous crimes based on ...nothing.

for instance not a single credible evidence for armed forces involvement in abductions is in the report. anonymous allegations are the best they can do. in addition to that, mere newspaper reports referring to more anonymous allegations, opposition mudslinging, snippets from terrorist propaganda, and pity inducing photos; that is all. it seems that is enough to convict thousands in sri lankans armed force of atrocities. read it(pdf 2.13mb). it is an example of racist prejudices of self appointed "do gooders" like brad adams (a hypocritical human leftover from 'missionary' past)

brown skinned man with gun = murderer
it seems these racist cannot stand the sight of brown skinned people successfully fighting to protect their basic human rights against terrorists, as sri lankan armed forces are doing. on the other hand they did nothing to counter the violation of our human rights by terrorists when we did not fight

and no doubt local ngo peaceniks like paikiasothy saravanamuttu, jehan perera, jayadeva uyangoda, sunila abeysekera, sunanda deshapriya, and their ilk (and their underlings like sanjana hattotuwa the censor) who make their living (literally see the donors to their ngos) by licking white assholes will find the report sweet to their tongues. to them as long as their masters excrete the disgusting rewards, sri lankans' right to justice and proper procedure has never been important. that is why they have long parroted the ltte terrorist propaganda

sri lankans should stand up and fight against violation of their basic human rights by such foreign racists and their local ass lickers, in the same way as they are presently fighting against violation of their rights by ltte terrorists.

i believe that we should specifically expose and name anyone who is connected to such racist reports in the same way we expose journalists doing similar things (1,2,3,). this may explain one reason why we should do that. people responsible for this sloppy racist report; brad adams, charu lata hogg, fred abraham, james ross, ian gorvin, andrea cottom, fitzroy hepkins, andrea holley, grace choi.

Friday, July 13, 2007

"tamil tigers vow retaliation"- so what?

some of the western corespondents here are highlighting smiling pussy's aka tamilselvan's statement; "(we will) weaken the military capacity of the government of sri lanka, which will invariably end up hitting economic targets as well". this ap report in washington's post is typical, it starts; "separatist rebels vowed thursday to hit military and economic targets across the country in retaliation for the army's capture of eastern sri lanka, ..." (btw so called 'rebels' may have forgotten that they said only the day before that army did not capture east). meanwhile the racists at afp say "tamil tigers threaten guerrilla warfare after conventional defeat". others of similar ilk also did likewise. peaceniks are parroting ltte spokesman as usual.

it is a pity (and typical) that these so called journalists forgot to ask; what is new in that ? have the terrorist pussies done anything but "hit military and economic targets across the country " before? (militarily speaking of course, that they engage in all kinds of other atrocities goes without saying.)

fact is the people in the east feel much safer now. occasional terrorist attacks on military and civilian targets in east (which will happen and will be unavoidable even when ltte is reduced to a handful) is not perfect, but that is certainly better than living under terrorist oppression or imminent threat of terrorist invasion or artillery attack. anyone who belittles recent military victories in east should ask themselves why they considered colombo and its suburbs with their own occasional terrorist attacks safer than east and north.

as i have said before "victory in this war will not be determined by the attacks carried out by terrorists but rather how many or how few people will be forced live and act in terror day in and day out."

don't they want the people in the east to be free of ltte's direct oppression or threat of direct oppression?

and don't they want people in the north to be likewise? or do they want an unsustainable 'peace' in colombo at any cost (at the cost of human rights, justice, freedom and democracy. especially of the people in north and east provinces of sri lanka)?

did not blog recently. same old story; was busy and traveling, including to trinco. but will be relatively free soon .

Saturday, June 30, 2007

more racist reporting by western media's sri lankan corespondents

one more example of racist reporting by westerns media can be seen below. the headline reads “Tamils kill seven civilians" (this time the culprits are 'afp correspondents'). this equating of tamils with terrorists is inexcusable. being journalists should not excuse anyone. they are free to be racists and slander sri lankans if they want, but we should expose their racism and unprofessional conduct.

this equating of tamils with terrorists is exactly what ltte terrorist pussies promote. their propaganda is always full of that. anyone who parrot that is doing terrorists' work for them.

we should continue to name and shame such terrorist parrots and racists whenever we can. i have already pointed out the examples of habitual racism by simon gardner the reuters correspondent here and bbc's sri lankan section. that they change the headline later does not take away the enormity of the crime or the damage caused by the slander (see the number of australian sunday newspapers this was published in).

in fact that they write this kind of headline in a hurry (though this was certainly not in a hurry) indicate how their minds perceive the tamils. as the sinhala saying goes, tongue doesn't lie even if mouth does.

hypocrisy of fmm and peaceniks

sri lanka's so called free media movement of sunanda deshapriya has always been quick to defend such racists and terrorist biased journalists. they call exposing of some journalist's terrorist parroting and racism, a threat to freedom of expression. in fact such exposure is part of freedom of expression. by trying to stop such exposure it is the fmm that is trying to curtail freedom of expression. in other words they find nothing wrong with tamils being equated to terrorists, but condemn anyone who point out (with evidence) that some journalists are repeating ltte propaganda.

sri lankan peaceniks, who also regularly parrot terrorist propaganda, believe this sort of racist stuff over usually more balanced local mainstream media, which says a lot about their level of intelligence, bias, and attitude. people like sanjana hattotuwa of groundviews swear by this kind of reporting; if it is foreign, it is god given truth to them. they will censor (and have censored) anyone who points this error in their writing or their sources. as i have said what else can you expect from people who think peace is worth any cost (including the cost of human rights, justice, freedom, and democracy). only immoral racists can hold such a postion. how many of those people who went into hysterical exaggerations about the 'eviction' incident will condemn this kind of blatant examples of real racism?

that is why we must continue to expose the hypocrisy of all those people in whatever small way we can.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

a test match and a spanish woman

finally a test match! yes it is only bangladesh, but so what?
after 2 weeks of almost non stop work i decided to take a (temporary) break and watch the match last afternoon. then went to sleep. just got up.
btw any comments about russel arnold's commentary?


there is a lot i want to blog about, but cannot be bothered at the moment. so i will quote a passage that struck me before going to sleep yesterday. it’s from that strange book "on love" (de l'amour) by stendhal (his the red and the black, and the charterhouse of parma are two of my all time favorites) with its 'interesting' theories on love and assorted thoughts and anecdotes (real and invented)

The prettiest woman in Narbonne is a young Spanish girl, barely twenty, who lives in seclusion with her husband, an officer on half pay. Some time ago the latter was obliged to slap the face of a certain coxcomb; the following day the coxcomb saw the young Spanish woman arrive at the place appointed for the duel; he burst out with a new torrent of affectation: 'But really, this is scandalous! How could you have admitted to your wife ... I suppose Madame has come to prevent us fighting?' 'I have come to bury you,' replied the young Spanish woman.

part of fragment 98, "various fragments", book two
translation by gilbert and suzanne sale

of course the book is full of 'more' quotable quotes (for instance, the fragment 1 says “Everything can be acquired in solicitude, except character.") but above struck me.

anyway that is all for now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

tamilnet ban, bad show - how to bypass

tamilnet is not accessible from inside sri lanka at the moment. tamilnet is without doubt a ltte terrorist propaganda website. however banning accessibility to it is unacceptable. it is also stupid. it amounts to what i consider censorship and should be resisted.

for quick and easy methods to bypass the ban see below.

the ban is not limited to slt but affects other isps as well.

this is reminiscent of the indian government's blocking of several websites in july, 2006. as i said then, "we in sri lanka may learn a thing or two from their experience if same thing happens here in the future"

btw one has has to admit that unlike indian government which as a result initially blocked whole domains (all blogspot /blogger blogs for instance were blocked) sri lankan one was more specific.

a voice in colombo is right, we have peaceniks like sanjana hattotuwa's groundviews who unquestioningly parrot what terrorists pussies say ( and arbitrarily censors opposing views and questions. ironically some of my comments they censored concerned the free media movement's fake claims about a internet blocking in jaffna in january this year. that is yetanother example of peaceniks inability to distinguish fake from real).

however parrots are parrots however obedient, it is best that we have the original. and as a voice in colombo says "what benefit can the government expect by blocking TamilNet from here? Nothing at all."

in spite of all the claims of peaceniks this is the only example any censorship by government in sri lanka. as i always say go to the nearest newsstand to see all the political views amply reflected without censorship. that openness must continue.

bypassing the ban

one way to visit a blocked site is through another site, generally called a proxy site or proxy server. is that illegal? no. even if it is so, we should risk it.

separate comprehensive blog on how to bypass the ban will be created as soon as i have some more free time.

for present you can use these quick and easy web based proxies. (some may display ads) you type in the url "" in the box on these pages, click the button, and blocked website will load. no need to edit proxy settings in your browser. (wide choice of proxies and instructions)

ps at 7.10 pm 06/20/07
i forgot to write this earlier, the first site to report on the ban was the defencenet blog, showing again its relative reliability in comparison to overt terrorist propaganda sites like tamilnet itself and trashy parrots like groundviews which cannot distinguish reality from fakes (and then censors anyone who points out the fakes) as i mentioned above.

Monday, June 18, 2007

moral standards and hypocrisy

many of the bloggers who indulged in hysterical exaggerations about the 'eviction' incident, when confronted with the fact of their near total silence during rights violations committed by ltte (they were so confronted in this post by voice in colombo and in other forums) are taking cover behind the argument that government should be judged by higher moral standards, in contrast to terrorists who operate outside the moral domain.

in other words they are saying, "you expect terrorists to kill innocents, you do not expect government even to harass the innocent. as such we were right to condemn the government while remaining silent about ltte atrocities"

i totally agree that government should be held to higher moral standards. however their use the this argument smacks of hypocrisy.

let us examine why. (btw nothing excuses exaggerations with claims of ethnic cleansing etc. they indulged in, parroting ltte propaganda, but let us put that aside for a minute)

simply put if you bring morality into discussion, there is only one way available with regard to sri lankan conflict; defeat of terrorist pussies. a moral person would not even consider allowing terrorists to rule a section of the country, letting them oppress millions of people. morality and peace at any cost (cost of human rights, justice, democracy, and freedom) are simply not compatible. there may be spurious 'pragmatic' arguments for buying peace at such a cost but there are no moral arguments. if you have one let me know.

that is why these bloggers stink of hypocrisy. if you check their blogs you see that their level of hysterical outrage at eviction incident is proportional to their level of support to peace with ltte. more peacenik the blogger, more 'outraged' they were and more hysterical and exaggerated were their claims. main peaceniks in the blogosphere like groundviews blog totally went overboard. of course sanjana hattotuwa is perennially given to believing in conspiracy theories and plucking imaginary things out of thin air instead of basing his claims on facts, but even without his antics this relationship seem to be true. (btw it seems sanjana fooled a reporter of sunday times recently, falsely claiming, yet again, that there are 500 'visitors' a day to groundviews. he probably thinks that imaginary 500 appearing in a newspaper will be more impressive than the reality of less than 50 to his donors)

if you support peace with ltte terrorists, when they are armed and unreformed, you are giving up your moral standards. you are buying security in colombo at the cost of other's oppression. you are making the very real ethnic cleansing of non tamils from north permanent. you are denying justice to those and other victims of ltte. you are justifying repulsive and totally unjustified terrorist claims to be representative of tamils. you are denying democracy and freedom to people of north and east provinces. by advocating peace with ltte, you are in fact doing a thing far worse than what government was accused of doing with regard to eviction incident.

if they are going to hold the democratic sri lankan government to higher moral standards they should urge the government to defeat the ltte (using legitimate violence if needs be). instead they are doing the exact opposite.

thankfully sri lanka is a democracy and hypocrites always get exposed.

i was busy (in fact still is) during most of last week; so did not reply to some comments here (and elsewhere); will do so as soon as i get some time.

Friday, June 08, 2007

supreme court interim order proves the falseness of exaggerated claims of peaceniks

police as a security measure evicted 376 people from colombo on thursday (7th). today supreme court issued an interim order preventing evictions from colombo because they do not have identification or a reason for their stay after a fundamental right petition was filed. a hearing on petition will be held on a later date. all this happened as they should, when everyone has the best intentions.

meanwhile all sorts of exaggerated claims were made by peaceniks (as usual parroting ltte propaganda) and even some racist journalists. this extended to completely unwarranted claims of ethnic cleansing.

in the end sri lanka proved itself a country ruled by law proving the falseness of all those claims. in such a country if anyone has a grievance correct way to go is to seek redress through law, or if law is unsatisfactory lobby to change the law democratically , as i have repeatedly said. similar instances happened in u.s. with regard to some security measures of bush administration. only difference was that there people are knowledgeable enough not to make exaggerated claims as peaceniks and others did here.

we should extend to rule of law to all sri lanka.
in any case this illustrates why we should extend that rule of law to all areas of the country, through legitimate violence if needs be. a peace that gives up that ability to seek justice is not a sustainable peace, that is why i have repeatedly made the case that 'peace at any cost' is morally wrong. a 'peace' without justice, democracy, human rights, and freedom, is not a peace.
all the more reason to regret that paikiasothy saravanamuttu, who filed the fundamental rights petition, advocates a peace obtained through appeasement of terrorists. he does not want justice to the people who were ethnically cleansed for real(no exaggerations there) by ltte terrorists from northern province. he wants a peace that will cut off similar access to justice completely from millions of sri lankans of in north and east provinces. shame!

racist reuters reporter simon gardner equates tamils with terrorists yet again

as if in a hurry to fill the shoes of racist dumeetha luthra (btw i like the fact one of my posts detailing her racist reporting comes on top in google search for her name. serves a racist like her right, don't you think?) reuters correspondent in sri lanka simon gardner has posted a racist report equating tamils with ltte terrorists this is not the first time he has let slip his disgusting racist prejudices.

his headline originally read "Sri Lanka fights and evicts Tamils from capital". in other words sri lanka fights tamils not terrorists, according to this so called journalist. (original report with that title was withdrawn after about two hours though most of the content remained the same. see below for the original report). even the modified titles retains a version of inaccurate ethnic cleansing sounding "tamils evicted from colombo ".

may be reuters will soon report that americans and british are fighting against 'muslims'.

this racist also quotes an (as in one) unnamed(!) analyst saying that eviction of 376 tamils without identification and without any reason to be in colombo, is equivalent to ethnic cleansing. nowhere does he mention the fact that hundreds of thousands of tamils live in colombo. and that only real case of ethnic cleansing in sri lanka was carried out by ltte terrorists in north where presently almost 100% of the population is tamil.

he ignores the fact that most tamils do not support ltte and its terrorism.

he also ignores that most of the tamils in sri lanka live under areas under government control. the largest group of tamils the upcountry tamils are democratically represented in sri lankan government and the areas they live in are not affected by war. he also forgets to mention the fact that most of the northeast tamils (who are numerically smaller than upcountry tamils) also live in area under government control.

my opinion
i do not approve this move by police, precisely because it gives an opportunity for racists like simon gardner to make exaggerated claims about ethnic cleansing, though such claims can be easily refuted.

peacenik parroting expected
no doubt sl peaceniks (who also never mention the ltte's ethnic cleansing of northern province) will also claim that this eviction of 376 tamils is equivalent to ethnic cleansing. after all they always parrot absurd theories and exaggerations dreamed up by terrorist propaganda office as a matter of course.

remember how they claimed that there is a plan to ethnically cleanse trinco after the small riot there in april 2006. peacenik ngo, centre of policy alternatives, allegedly sent a fact finding mission led by sunila abeysekera to investigate and then issued a statement purporting to be its results. only it turned out that the statement was a word for word plagiarism from a post by pro ltte writer dbs jeyaraj who was not mentioned. most of the claims made in that statement including allegation of ethnic cleansing have proved false. one can verify that by going to trinco (and i regularly do) and observing how ethnically mixed a city it is, and how wrong cpa and other peacenisk were.

as always leading the peacenik pack in parroting terrorists, is the free media movement (yes the same group that protested against arrest of ltte related sinhala terrorists who were plotting to blow up buses in colombo). it seems that sunanda deshapriya of fmm wants nothing better than to see bombed civilian buses in colombo.

holding racists to account

best way to fight racists (especially racists like simon gardner who pretend to be journalists) is to expose and point out their racist attitudes to the public scrutiny.

it is up to sri lankan public to hold people who make such claims about ethnic cleaning to account. we must record their statements during the next few days and ask them in a week, a month, or a year later, to explain themselves when it becomes evident that there was no such ethnic cleansing and hundreds of thousands of tamils continue to live in colombo.

i will personally keep tabs on sri lankan bloggers who fall for this and parrot exaggerations about ethnic cleansing and i will remind them of their statements in the future.

original report

Sri Lanka fights and evicts Tamils from capital

By Simon Gardner

COLOMBO (Reuters) - Sri Lanka evicted hundreds of ethnic Tamils from the capital on Thursday citing security concerns, as troops battled Tamil Tiger rebels in jungles in the island's restive east.

Military spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe said the army killed five insurgents overnight in a jungle area called Thoppigala in the eastern district of Batticaloa, and that fighting continued on Thursday as Japan's special peace envoy visited camps for war-displaced families in the area.

"We are continuing with our operation in Thoppigala and neutralising their positions," Samarasinghe said. He said four soldiers were injured during Wednesday's clash, the latest in a series of land and sea battles amid renewed civil war.

Back in Colombo, police packed 376 minority Tamils deemed without valid reasons to be in the capital into buses, most of them headed towards the northern district of Vavuniya - which is now the front line of the renewed civil war.

Rohan Abeywardene, Inspector General of Police for Colombo, said the ethnic Tamils were being sent back to their own villages for their own safety amid a rash of abductions blamed on state security services and Tamil Tiger rebels, and to avoid insurgents infiltrating the capital.

"Some people who had no valid reasons to be in Colombo and are just hanging around, they have been requested to leave and told they had better get back to their own villages," he said. "It is for their own good. You all have been complaining about people being abducted and arrested and detained."

"There is also a possibility that LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) cadres are among them also," he added.

Officials said most of those evicted would cross over into Tamil Tiger-held territory to return to their villages and that the Tigers had agreed to let them cross defence lines. The Tigers were not immediately available for comment.


Analysts decried the eviction as a shocking violation of human rights, with one likening it to a form of ethnic cleansing.

The move comes after a series of suspected Tamil Tiger bomb attacks in the capital in recent months as a conflict that has killed nearly 70,000 people since 1983 deepens.

Japanese envoy Yasushi Akashi, who is on a 5-day visit to try and find ways to salvage a battered peace process visited an elite police commando base and camps housing internally displaced in Batticaloa on Thursday, an aide said.

The camps are located far away from the jungles where the fighting is taking place.

Akashi was also due to visit the former rebel stronghold of Vakarai further north, which troops captured in January along with a vast swathe of eastern territory the rebels controlled under the terms of a tattered 2002 truce.

Japan has played down expectations of any breakthrough from the visit, but says the envoy will try to push forward an initiative to create a devolution proposal to end the conflict.

Reuters (IDS)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

missing the concrete for the garbage

this is a screenshot (click to enlarge) of google news for term 'sri lanka' sorted for 'relevance' at around 1 am june 5 sri lankan time. anyone really interested in news about sri lanka will notice straight away what is missing here; heavy fighting north of vauniya. imo that is the most newsworthy event taking place in sri lanka. however one has to search hard to find a news story about that in any major international news source.

it is missing in spite of the fact that stories about the fighting were in sri lankan news sites (sri lankan sites are in google news but for other stories) of all persuasions.

this is not the fault of google news; it merely reflects and grades news as reported in the web. (btw i am not complaining about the normal neglect of sri lanka in international media. that sort of bias is to be expected given their market audience, as i have said before. i am pointing out what is missing in what they do report about sri lanka)

all this is typical of international coverage of sri lanka in general and sri lankan conflict in particular. they miss the concrete forest for the garbage. by garbage i mean the completely false manufactured stories like 'expelling' (peaceniks going far as to say 'ethnic cleansing') of tamils from colombo.

but some cocooned people in colombo (especially those with peacenik sympathies) swear by international news sources. (a recent post in peacenik sanjana hattotuwa's groudviews blog erroneously comparing news about darfur and sri lanka is a good example of this warped mentality. as usual the loser censored my comments pointing out the errors in the post. i will write a more detailed post on that later as soon as i have some free time).

same sort of people believe local sri lankan news to be censored even though they can easily realize their error by visiting the nearest newspaper stand ( if they are even in sri lanka, most of them aren't for most of the time) . if they do they will be able to read all points of view (even terrorist pussy point of view not to mention peacenik parrots of terrorists) uncensored (which is as it should be, this being a democracy).

typical peacenik response when their errors are pointed out is to ask us to mind our own business and not read them (see this thread). in other words, they want us to lock ourselves into a news and opinion cocoon as they have done. fat chance!

let them live in their self generated cocoons if they want, while we remain open to all news sources. let us also point out and expose their errors and their cocoons.

did not write for a while bc i was busy (with business, traveling, esp to east, and attending sick relative etc.). thanks for the emails.