Monday, February 09, 2009

ltte terrorist homicide bomber kills refugees

a so called suicide bomber of ltte killed people escaping from terrorist control today.

expect more such attacks
against "soft" targets from the terrorist pussies.
but don't expect people who mourned the dirty politician lasantha wickramatunga so extravagantly, to mourn about this (beyond token tears). or even to care much about the event or what it reveals (once again) about tiger terrorists. even their token condemnations will be used as a tool to call for 'peace' with terrorists and to create a disgusting moral equalization between sl military and terrorists.

these peacenik criminals and their corrupt fellow travelers still continue to call for ceasefires. they will continue to oppose use of military violence against ltte ( under the excuse of protecting civilians).

when will they ever understand that ltte does not care for tamils and is only using them as human shields both literally and in propaganda? when will they understand that civilians will never be safe as long as they are under the ltte, ceasefire or no ceasefire, safe zone or no safe zone? that anyone under ltte will be used either as a shield or a weapon?

in fact these peaceniks (except for few idiots, in literal sense) already understand that well enough. they just ignore it and parrot the terrorist propaganda by deliberate choice.
why? because you have to be throughly rotten inside and out to be a peacenik. hypocrisy is the least of their crimes

that is why they, their statements, and their actions, should be exposed to daylight now and as long as they live. these people are no better than nazi collaborators. and should suffer the same fate imo

by peaceniks i mean people who think peace is worth any cost (even cost of human rights, justice, democracy, and freedom ). that is people like paikiasothy saravanamuttu, jehan perera, jayadeva uyangoda, sunila abeysekera, sunanda deshapriya, nimalka fernando, rohan edirisinha, jeevan thiagarajaha, and their ilk (and their underlings like sanjana hattotuwa). and their fellow travelers in the sl blogosphere like hypocrite (son and tool of a corrupt political appointee) and his cronies.

busy. i will back to 'normal' blogging routine soon

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

independence day

as readers know i don't refer much to patriotism in this blog. for instance my arguments for defeating terrorist pussies (with violence if needs be) are based not on patriotism but on preserving human rights, freedom, justice, and democracy. ( in contrast , peaceniks believe peace is worth any cost, even cost of human rights, freedom, justice, and democracy.)

however that does not mean i oppose patriotism.

we should and can be justly proud of our country especially after what happened during last year in the fight against terrorists. so let us fly the flag and give thanks to the military today.

was working hard and traveling last few days so sort of lost touch with sl blogosphere. will be back to blogging soon (hopefully tomorrow)