Saturday, December 01, 2012

hear the firecrackers of prosperity?

i was awakened at midnight last night by the loud and continuous explosions of firecrackers heralding the Christmas month.  noise continued in the morning and even now there there are few occasional bursts.

fact that during last few years, this noise, indicator of people's happy expectations for Christmas, has grown louder and louder, in line with the actual increased spending during year end holiday season, is yet another unofficial testament to sri lanka's continued healthy economic growth rate; 6%+ this year in spite of global slowdown, currency depreciation, and contractions in some of sl's western export markets.

i would be very worried if i was in the opposition. thankfully i am not!

happy spending season for all! 

don't forget to spread the spirit to those who fail to take the opportunities opened up by peace and get left behind. hopefully spreading the cheer will get them motivated to take responsibility for their own well being in future.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2012


this is a test post. 
will resume blogging soon.

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Saturday, August 04, 2012

british/western cheating & unsportsmanlike conduct continues at london 2012 olympics

just imagine what would have happened if a chinese (or any other non western) athlete has said the following after winning a gold medal:
this was said to bbc by great britain track cyclist for men's team sprint, philip hindes (others in same team are sir(!) chris hoy and jason kenny). they won the gold.

now observe how the same authorities treated four pairs (2 south korean,1 chinese,1 indonesian) of women's doubles at badminton when they tried to lose some games in group stage so that they can get less intimidating opponents in quarterfinals. all 4 pairs were disqualified and sent home. 

what these women attempted to do (lose a game to be better placed to win the tournament) is a common tactic in sports where the tournament format has a group stage. and it is the same  sporting authorities who have discarded the knockout format used in previous olympic games and in table tennis, and introduced a group format, disregarding advice about the consequences.     

imo what these women did was against the spirit of olympics, and i am not going to defend them (nor have chinese and indonesian authorities defended them). but they were not cheaters.

british track cyclists were cheaters, in addition to being against the spirit of olympics.

western media
notice how there is hardly a mention of the british cheating incident in western media. in most of what there is, they falsely claim british were "cleared" when in fact no inquiry was held.

Ye Shiwen
compare that with furor over Ye Shiwen, world record breaking swimmer, who was hounded by western media with completely baseless allegations of doping even after the it became clear that she has passed all dope tests. all the major western media outlets with despicable uk guardian newspaper leading the rapists, with clare balding and bob costas at main british and american broadcasters of games (bbc & nbc) assisting, piled on top of the 16 year old. 

in order to justify their vile claims against the girl, they made up silly excuses. such as the false comparison between ye's faster last 50m in 400m medley and ryan lochte's last 50m in men's 400m medley. (in the process deliberately forgetting that locte was slower than 3 other swimmers in his event in that last 50m, even though he won it). 

katie ledecky
they continued to claim Ye was a complete unknown when in fact she has participated in world championships and asian games and won. in contrast, when a real unknown katie ledecky, who has no winning record, win the 800m freestyle close to world record time there is no questioning from western media . why? bc ledecky is american. 

what better way to illustrate the barbarous western racism than this clear double standard.

to be fair some media outlets have tried to back track.(see here, here and here, esp for their debunking of false claims.) but its too little, too late.

will it get uglier?
given the western preference for winning at any cost it will certainly stay ugly. 

i have not even mentioned how amercan swimmers phelps, lochte, and missy franklin, were given preferential treatment to warm up in diving pool next to racing pool in full view of media, while other athletes had make do with some back pool, corridors away.

or how brazil's women football team was stranded on some roadside for 5 hours before a crucial game with great britain. was that sabotage as brazilians claim, or your average british incompetence in organizing?

that well known incompetence was in full evidence at the games; empty seats fiasco, starter machines that go off before athletes are given 'get set' signal, same athletes scheduled at the same time in two events (in tennis, etc), creaky website with elementary errors(one cannot get to full list schedule through links bc instead putting '04-august' in url link it is '4-august'), leader to follower time splits displayed in road cycling and rowing going bonkers, incomprehensible scoring at boxing, etc, etc,

yes! in spite of many excellent performances by athletes from world over, these london 2012 games are certainly solidifying their reputation as the ugliest and most racist olympic games ever.

but then what did ioc expect when giving the games to genocidal britain? fair play!? lol.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ye Shiwen and american/british unsportsmanlike behavior

i have long pointed out the total absence of civilized values among modern westerners, in particular among british and americans.

they provided further proof of this when they attacked 16-year-old swimmer, gold medal winner, and world record breaker, Ye Shiwen, of "doping", yesterday (you can find more western viciousness here, and many other western media outlets)

on what grounds? nothing at all! she in fact has a completely clean record. nor is her improvement in performance extra special. holder of record she broke (by just 1sec), stephanie rice, displayed much bigger improvement when she established the record. so have others. iow there are no grounds for any accusation.

other than westerners finding her achievements "astonishing"! 
yes, westerners find great performances from non westerners, a crime

esp so if they are the ones losing out due to the performance concerned. contrast that despicable attitude with west's justifiable adulation of their own teenage and/or extraordinary performances from likes of missy franklin this year, michael phelps in 2008, and others through the years.  
this is true not just in sports, but with regard to achievements in art, science, technology, business, war, etc, etc..

[btw when it comes to substantiated cases, west leads the world, both in number and in profile, of athletes concerned, in doping.]

all excuses advanced by westerners for raising questions about Ye can be raised about many western sportsmen/women. so questioners should answer why they did not raise them before with regard to ppl like rice, phelps, etc. 

while west will get temporary relief for their bitter frustrations from such claims of sour grapes, they are of course not going to get real lasting benefits, if their targets, and world at large, stand their ground and expose the baseness of western attempts.

i think the target here, Ye Shiwen, in spite of her youth, will prove herself during this olympic games as well as during a long and successful career. 

in addition we as observers should not stay silent in this case and at other times when vile western character displays itself.

as i have said here before, while keeping solid records of their filthy behavior for future, we must also expose and confront the racist scum aggressively, in whatever capacity we have, however small or ineffective at present. 

civilization was/is/will be maintained by individuals doing the decent thing in face of baseness and barbarity.

while free ppl will do the decent thing, slavish ppl will obey and parrot western masters. sort of ass licker who found the insipid uninspired joke of an opening ceremony "impressive", will no doubt find it congenial to enjoy the attempted public rape a 16 year old. look no further than political sleazebag rohan samarajiva's son indi samarajiva, of many blogs like and padashow, for a good example of this kind of slave.   

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Friday, July 27, 2012

shame! bloody elizabeth and genocidal britain to defecate on olympics today

shame! shame! shame! on the world! on us!

vulgar scumbag elizabeth II, willing symbol and head of still bloody united kingdom (= remnant of genocidal british empire) and her subject slaves, will stink up the olymics today.

british (every last one of them), are parasitic hypocrites who lecture the rest of the world on human rights, while living off the resources murderously looted from others, then and now.

it is a shame that such a barbarous country is allowed to hold olympics. blood of children and innocents killed/being killed by the british (which will be more than enough to completely fill up olympic stadium several times over) is crying for justice in vain. 
note how western funded racist ngo tools like amnesty international and human right watch are silent on this compared to their very loud protests in 2008.

let us make sure that this is the last time when this most despicable of western countries, is allowed to hold olympics. 

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

no fair hearing from west - sl prez denied freedom of speech in britain, again

once again west confirmed that it will not give a fair hearing to sri lanka by cancelling a speech to be given by sri lankan president in united kingdom (aka despicable rump of genocidal british empire) citing protests by tamil tiger terrorist supporters. racist western media went to absurd lengths to portray this denial of free speech as some sort of victory for human rights, and repeated, already thoroughly debunked, allegations of atrocities in sri lanka, as facts.   

wonder how west's ass lickers in sri lanka will justify their slavish parroting of western demand that sri lanka submit to western judgement (ie. judgement of western controlled international institutions) on human rights, when sri lanka is continuously denied the right to put its case

as i have said before, west does not care about human rights or justice, it wants to control and exploit us, as it does large (though thank god, reducing) part of the world. that is why west funded and armed the tamil tigers to kill and maim our children. that is why west (brutish british in particular) tried to prevent us from defeating the terrorist murderers. that is why west wants to condemn sri lankans who contributed most to defeating west's paid slaves. etc., etc.. 

that is why those sri lankans (including some in government) who sincerely believe in west's good  faith and try to work towards a mutually beneficent relationship with west by being open and compliant to western demands, and try to explain the real facts about how we defeated of terrorists, will always be disappointed

instead of being conciliatory to (now tottering and declining) west, we should stand up for our rights; expose the hypocrisy of west; its habitual barbarity as a perpetrator and supporter of,  child killings and other atrocities here and elsewhere; make friends with nations of the future that already do all that.  

if west try to coerce us, as they will try (though under international law they can't do much), we should retaliate in proportion against their filthy paid agents here. no pardons.

if west want us to cooperate with them, they should be the ones who make conciliatory gestures

unfortunately government is not consistent on its policy towards west.  it will learn the hard way that accommodating west will not work.

however, sri lanka is a democracy, and ultimately it is we, sri lankans, who will make our own destiny. as such there is every reason to believe that justice will win and we will prevail in the end against western  efforts to control us.   

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Monday, May 21, 2012

heat & sri lankan working hours

it is time that we, sri lankans, reconsider the 9 to 5 working hours for regular jobs, a leftover from genocidal british empire.
esp in these months when the heat experienced by the ppl in south western part of the island (most populous part)is at height. while i am not now employed in such a job, i was for a time about a decade ago. i remember it was impossible to do anything with energy during afternoon.

working for more or less 8+ hours continuously midday was never a norm here or elsewhere. more to the point, nor is it the most productive.

it was not the way with sri lankans employed in agriculture. nor in mediterranean region (where ppl have siestas) and many other places. even now many independent professional ppl, (and lots of shop keepers too) take time off in afternoon making up the lost time through a later closing time.

current working hours are suited to northern europe and similar regions. not to us.

i am well aware of practical difficulties in changing this. nor do i advocate government trying to do so through regulation. government may change its hours and remove any regulations that enforce current hours, but it should not impose new ones on private firms and individuals.

in any case sri lankans, as individuals and institutions, should start to think about this more seriously.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

how to treat usa and west’s unjust cannibalistic demands

not satisfied with gorging themselves on innocent blood and resources around the world, america and west (and their slaves) demand that we obey their unjust and oppressive demands. hypocrites prefer to disguise these demands as concern for human rights (tell such lies to children burnt alive by american drones in pakistan or being tortured by western military and intelligence, but not to ppl like us who still have a brain to think freely).

if we resist, usa and west threaten to feast on our and our children’s blood and flesh, in stages. no idle threat this, they did so feast when they funded tamil tiger terrorists,  and during genocidal british empire. cannibal west so feast in other parts of the world now. 

well they will not get any obedience or blood from us, if we have anything to with it.

instead of treating these filthy cannibals (from obama, clinton, blake, etc, down) and their their hypocritical and unsupported claims about human rights with diplomatic tact and respect, peaceful protests, etc, as the government has foolishly tried to do, we have to wise up and realize that these scum will not be satisfied with anything less than our total obedience to their oppressive and exploitative  demands (and if we resist, our blood).

so what to do?
sri lankan government cannot fight or oppose them directly, alone; west is too powerful, and opponents of west too scattered and timid. for now. however government must remember that world will be a very different place politically and economically in 1 or 2 decades (in our active lifetime) if present trends hold up, as even the westerners acknowledge. government must plan its resistance to western coercion accordingly.

for present, sl government will have to be content with resisting western injustice diplomatically (but with less respect) at each step, giving in only when western racist coercion is too much.
however individuals are not governments. 

we are free. let use our present freedom to resist western injustice. 

as i have always advocated here, do not be afraid to aggressively confront the western filth who try to impose or parrot unjust demands (whether they be individuals connected with western governments, western funded and dominated institutions who apply racist double standards (eg amnesty international, human rights watch, etc), western media and media ppl deliberately lowering journalistic standards so that they can attack sri lankans, or private individuals). confront them with facts and truth. expose them and their hypocrisy and racism to world. and keep a public record their actions. 

do not be discouraged if there is no immediate effect from such confrontations (though in most cases there is enough to encourage one). do not be discouraged if they in desperation attack you about the form of confrontation (usually about our  imperfect english). history, the way it is trending, will help the triumph of truth and justice, sooner rather than later. if you stand by justice and truth now, at some point in future, exposed individual western filth would have nowhere to run and wont be able to cover up (or claim ignorance) of their present unjust and racist actions. you, and others who may want to use the material, will have enough then; these racists will get their noses rubbed in their own scum.

but there are others here in sri lanka who must be forced to face justice, now.

we must treat local willing slaves in western funded ngos and tamil tiger proxies (and their dependents) same way their paymasters are treating us and others around the world. coercion is been used and more attempted against us by west. let us not be hesitant to use the same, in proportion. we must expose their criminality and demand that law be used against all the tamil tiger terrorist collaborators (esp in western funded ngos). evidence of their collaboration is verifiable and publicly available. as such when they are in prison let us demand that government refrain from pardoning them as it has done before. and if authorities fail to act against these asslickers of west we may have to take direct action, same way some ppl took direct action when police were late to arrest some murderers recently.  

by these methods we may perhaps make it clear to western cannibal hypocrites that their barbaric demands will be hard to realize in sri lanka. but even if they prefer to persist with racist injustice, we will prevail in the end. if we stand fast, truth and justice will win. 

we defeated racist cannibalism of prabhakaran and tamil tigers.
we will defeat the racist cannibalism of obama and west.
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Monday, February 27, 2012

ocars 2012


i love movies and i usually write a post on oscars before the ceremony. 
in them i tell who should win, who will win (see last year's post) and tend to be right about the winners for the most part. but that is no great achievement bc most others and prediction markets also get it right. 

that is the problem. oscars are boring and predictable. it would not be if the movies are evaluated on their artistic and technical merit, since ppl can never agree on those.

so instead of repeating what everyone interested knew beforehand, i skipped this year.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

to hell and back!

or perhaps to nothingness and back. 

anyway i almost died in real life due to illness. unfortunately devil refused to meet me.

so i am still here.

more later ...

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