Saturday, May 10, 2008

human right violating criminal monitors of cmev

several racist peacenik criminals and their ngos are supposedly "monitoring" the election under the label center for monitoring election violence (cmev). what can be more laughable?

the ngos involved with cmev are centre for policy alternatives (cpa), the free media movement (fmm), and inform human rights documentation centre.

lets look at some of the few things they have done to violate human and democratic rights sri lankans living in east .

these individuals and ngos opposed getting rid of ltte terrorists from east. and in fact advocated extending ltte's oppressive control of east as an effort at appeasement of terrorists.

they accepted and advocated accepting of ltte's murderous (literally) claim to be sole representative of tamils which is completely racist and undemocratic.

even though they claim to stand up for human rights and freedom of expression they have not stood up for human rights and freedom of expression of people under ltte oppression, or under threat from ltte.

they have never asked that gosl use its resources to bring ltte criminals to justice and stop the culture of impunity enjoyed by ltte .

when did criminal ass licker paikiasothy saravanamuttu, and cpa ask that gosl defeat the human right violating ltte and bring their leader to justice? or question the illegality of the ltte puppet tna mps elections ( where some of them got 90+% of the vote )? or unreservedly denounce the brutal preventing of people's right to vote in 2004 election? never.

when did so called free media movement and racists like sunanda deshapriya, stood up for freedom of expression of people under ltte? never! they in fact kept on supporting ltte terrorists' controls on media and had warm (perhaps even corrupt) personal relations with murderers like roasted smiling pussy and balasingham

the ngo inform ( in the person of sunila abeysekera) in conjunction with cpa were acting as straight ltte propaganda parrots when they passed off a dbs jeyaraj written (as is with him these days sourced with outright falsehoods from ltte terrorist spin office) report as results of a fact finding mission, after the small trinco riot on april 2006. detailed examination of plagiarism ( not that hard to detect this, since whole passages were copied word for word, see the post ) and bias of that report by me, initiated hysterical attacks on me by likes of peacenik underling sanjana hattotuwa conneted with cpa (who then ran since deleted moju blog) and presently run groundviews blog where dissenting opinions and corrections of facts are still arbitrarily censored.

given this history, any sensible sri lankan will know what to expect from seetha ranjani, udaya kalupathirana, and paikiasothy saravanamuttu, convener of cmev.

in fact this morning cmev propagated the easily verifiable falsehood that mobile phones will be shut off in east ( this is very similar to the false, and again easily verifiable as such, report fmm progated in januaray 2007. in conjunction with indi padashow's father) expect more such idiotic and murderous terrorist propaganda parroting from cmev in their efforts dig deep into the terrorist ass with their tongue, hand, and keyboards.

election results for eastern province

you will find online results of the eastern provincial council elections at department of elections site.

so far 60% + voter turnout. regardless of who wins, that turnout itself is a defeat for terrorists and their peacenik parrots.

more on so called cmev election monitors soon.