Sunday, March 06, 2011

world should oppose britain's fishing for oil in troubled libyan waters

it seems that despicable remnant of genocidal british empire wants to keep and expand its libyan oil holdings taking advantage of unrest there. so called united kingdom (which is almost broke) has put its armed forces (renowned for their undisciplined brutish treatment of natives in iraq and afghanistan) on alert. here are some headlines from papers in uk. france seems to be doing the same.

britain and qaddfi in recent past
remember britain in 2009 released the libyan terrorist who bombed an airliner over lockerbie killing hundreds, british ministers (including prime ministers and royals) were regular visitors of crazy dictator qaddafi, english education institutions gave degrees to qaddafi's son, etc., etc..
all this for what?
primarily to get oil deals for british oil companies like bp (formerly british petroleum). this blog, among many other commentators, pointed out the 'blood for money' nature of what was going on when the terrorist was released and several wikilaeks documents have tended to confirm it further. don't forget all those british engineers who had to be rescued from libya.

(btw for the record, lots of political leaders from around the world visited quddafi in recent years to get something, but british were very successful in getting concrete results, in contrast to most of others, including sri lankan president)

fishing in troubled waters
now that their chum qaddafi is battling for survival, british leaders have decided, it is a great time to dig their snouts further by employing the time tested imperial technique of exploiting quarrels among natives.

hard pressed anti-qaddafi rebels have an unknown, inexperienced, and disorganized leadership. legitimacy of their claim to represent libyans is doubtful and needs recognition from libyans and foreigners. by mere fact of dealing with them, western countries can and will give part of that recognition to those among rebel leaders who are willing to obey west. in other words, rebels are hardly in a position to safeguard libyan interests in such dealings. at this stage, they will be concerned more with establishing their position against qaddafi and within movement. result - rebels almost certainly will agree to oil agreements that will mostly benefit british. no wonder western eagerness to get involved.

that is why, rest of the world should send a clear message to british and west -

hands off!

let libyans fight it out without foreign help if that is what libyans want.

if world (including west) want to help libyans, they should confine themselves to sending aid (food, medical supplies, etc.,) nothing more.

don't allow united nations to be manipulated in to legitimatizing this oil grab.

if a western "coalition of the willing" go ahead without even u.n. sanction , they should be condemned and exposed as the neo imperialists they are. anyone in non-west who support such an attempt and refuse to condemn it should be branded as a slave of west.

one of the methods by which these western nations will try to legitimize their attempt to devour libayan assets is to exaggerate the alleged violence and resultant chaos in libya. to this end they will use all tools available including western media and western funded ngos. rest of the world should not be fooled. they should check the sources of news reports and follow the money before believing anything.

even if such chaos is true, that does not justify military intervention from west. iraq and afghanistan are suffering from much larger humanitarian disasters as a result of western occupation. given that fact, western military intervention is definitely not the solution to a humanitarian crisis in libya.

if britain and west commence a military intervention in libya, westerners in libya should be and will be legitimate targets, and all honest ppl should support libyans who want westerners out of libya.

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