Monday, August 31, 2009

news - uk government freed lockerbie terrorist "for oil" - same hypocrites preach to us about justice & human rights?

leaked letters by british justice secretary jack straw published yesterday has revealed that it was in fact uk government (as opposed to merely the scottish one as was originally claimed) that agreed to release of the convicted lockerbie bomber, abdelbaset ali mohmed al megrahi. release was linked to finalization of a libyan oil deal for british oil company bp.

sri lankans who have their eyes and ears open are certainly not surprised that british did another despicable blood for money, anti justice, anti human rights, deal. it is what they have always done with regard to tamil tiger terrorist murderers. they let organized racists affiliated with ltte to collect money unhindered, they support terrorist parroting ngos, they have failed to prevent, investigate, prosecute, or even condemn, racists in britain for hate mongering and attacking sri lankans there, and we know what happened during last days of terrorist pussies, british foreign secretary david miliband rushed here to save the mass murderers and with others called for a ceasefire to let murderers breath again.

all this resulted in more death and suffering to us, sri lankans.

all this was done to pander to large tamil diaspora (in which racist voices, affiliated with terrorists and supported by violence, drown out others) there. some labour party politicians in particular are dependent on diaspora support to get elected, especially since polls point to a defeat for labour party in coming election. same motives, now in the form ratings and ads, drive some media there to publish unverified and unsubstantiated fables to slander sri lanka and inflame racist hate against sri lankans.

while this travesty of justice with regard to lockerbie bomber was rightly exposed, the same media will not expose british sheltering and financing of tamil tiger terrorist murderers. lockerbie victims, mostly americans, and their friends, have influence (thank god) to balance interests of some uk politicians and businesses, we sri lankans have no such influence and unlikely to have any, as long as that racist dominated tamil diaspora can command votes and sri lanka is still a developing country.

that is why we sri lankans will do well not to expect justice and fairness from united kingdom in the near future, we can only expect hate, harm, and injustice, whatever we do.

we should not pander to their politicians or media as some born slaves here sometimes recommend by giving them access or by giving supposedly independent foreigners to investigate and judge human right cases here. they will not be independent and we will not get justice.

instead we should aggressively and frankly confront them with facts and ask them to substantiate their claims. we should not hesitate to expose their real motives and hypocrisy.

we sri lankans should not let these shameless hypocritical british helpers of terrorist murderers to preach to us about justice and human rights, uncontested.

of course we should also aggressively confront and expose the slaves (sometimes paid slaves) of these foreigners here, from paikiasothy saravanamuttu to sunila abeysekera, from sanjana hattotuwa, to indi padshow. they should be asked (at the risk of censorship, and in spite of the fact that they will not dare reply in any place where freedom of expression prevail) to explain why their stances in various sri lankan issues always seem to flow harmoniously with those of racist terrorists and their foreign supporters, instead of with substantiated facts and principles of justice, human rights, democracy, and freedom.

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