Friday, August 21, 2009

paikiasothy saravanamuttu a "consistent, courageous, anti-racist voice"? facts say otherwise

in fact his public and substantiated actions indicate that he is on the contrary a consistent craven racist. and in accordance with those characteristics he acted as a lobbyist and apologist for ltte terrorist murderers.

i consider him a contemptible criminal; if anyone disagrees, they are free to read this post and dispute the reality and meaning of his actions i will highlight below. unlike others i do not censor anyone here.

sanjana hattotuwa's (cpa affiliated) groundviews blog which has been spouting out racist hate in one post after another with nothing to back their assertions, claims in its latest post that ngo centre of policy alternatives' (cpa) executive director, pakiasothy saravanamuttu, is "one of sri lanka’s most consistent, courageous, anti-racist voices". lol. btw the post is by one qadri ismail "associate professor of english at the university of minnesota." as usual with that site most of its approved writers and readers who are allowed to comment tend to be sri lankans living aboard.

[note- pakiasothy saravanamuttu recently alleged that he has received death threats. i do not approve any kind of illegitimate violence and condemn these threats, if real. however i remain highly skeptical about these threats. more like an attempt to get some attention and undeserved sympathy and money now that the racist cause he championed so consistently has lost.
i also condemn any effort by cpa, saravanamuttu,and others to link those peacefully but forcefully opposing their racist contemptible stands on many issues to these alleged threats.]

bebunking groundviews' claims with facts
in opposition to grundviews' claim i will list only a few of his many, many, many, racist, anti-democratic, anti- justice, anti human rights, anti-freedom, actions here bc even those few will be enough to justify my first statements here.

  • paikiasothy saravanamuttu consistently favored appeasement of terrorist tamil tigers, advocating giving these violent murderous racist pussies political power over millions, instead of supporting efforts to defeat them, with violence if needs be. is that courageous? is that anti racist?
  • paikiasothy saravanamuttu wanted sri lanka to accept terrorist ltte as the sole representative of tamils in order for appeasement talks to begin, and spoke against those who opposed such a pre-condition for talks. nothing can be more racist and more anti-democratic, anti-justice, anti human rights, anti-freedom, than this claim of sole representatives status of murderers. but he wanted sri lanka to accept it. is that courageous and anti racist? is that anything but down right contemptible?
  • he lobbied here and abroad on behalf of terrorist ltte. among many such lobbying efforts i will point to his opposition and attempts to prevent european union ban on tamil tigers. among other things ban made it a crime to collect money on behalf of ltte, which money was used by the terrorists to kill, oppress, and terrorize, sri lankans regardless of their ethnicity, and to fight sri lankan government's military. but he opposed the ban and gave blatantly spurious reasons for his stand on the issue. isn't that criminal for a sri lankan? is that anything but down right contemptible?

as i said before there are many many more such actions by him and his other ngo peacenik colleagues. and like those listed above they too are substantiated by public record during periods of their occurrence. but those posted above will be quite enough to oppose groundviews claims.

he of course has a right to engage in any non violent advocacy he wants. others similarly have a right to point out that what he advocates is racist and contemptible.

does anyone dispute the facts? they are free to do that here, if they can.

or will his defenders run from truth? and attack me for restating well known public facts that they cannot dispute?

let us see.

i am not providing direct link to groundviews bc of two things,
1/ my comments are consistently and arbitrarily censored there regardless of content.
2/ sanjana hattotuwa deleted his old blog moju when it became clear that his posting of ltte propaganda and other falsehood by ltte fronts such as tro, could well make him and his ngo infoshare criminally liable, not to mention embarrassing and indefensible when challenged. i would not be surprised if groundviews follows suit. to avoid links from getting stranded like my old moju links, i link to a google search. readers can then at least read the google cache or similar.

here is the comment i posted to groundviews post i referred above. it remains censored at the time of this posting.

paikiasothy saravanamuttu he is a consistent craven racist.
he was a lobbyist and apologist for ltte terrorist murderers.
here are just 3 of his many crimes against human rights of us sri lankans .
he wanted sri lanka to appease terrorists
he wanted sri lanka to accept terrorist ltte as sole representative of tamils in order for appeasement talks to begin, and spoke against those who opposed such a condition
he lobbied against eu banning terrorist ltte . so that it can continue to collect funds there to kill sri lankans

of course there are more but will stop now bc that is enough to justify my first statement. evidence all these things are publicly documented.

nothing can be more racist , nothing can be more anti-democratic , anti- justice , anti human rights, anti-freedom, etc .

will substantiated truth be censored again here from challenging falsehoods of racist ?


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Anonymous said...

ground views is desperately looking for something to live off now the war is over. shameful!

Anonymous said...

Machan, thank you for been so brave. No one else is able to tell these NGO mafia the truth about them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but sittingnut sometimes you deliberately avoid responding to things that you don't have an answer to. You also at other times go on and on and on attacking Anonymous comments.

You have not put out anything that even remotely deals with the suffering of Tamils in the camps.

Are you racist too? I mean do you have any Tamil friends. Given you live with more of them than any of us "Diaspora" who you're always bloody bagging too.


sittingnut said...

as i predicted in the post, the ashanthi above is attacking me personally ( at least trying , bc her attempt fails miserably see below) bc she doesn't have answers to the factual points i made about pakiasothy saravanamuttu

"deliberately avoid responding to things that (i) don't have an answer to " - to what ?
you say that but fail to specify bc i do respond to all known things that need a response . justify your accusation if you can.

as for racism, your assumptions on the subject are silly
you say i don't have tamil friends and say that makes me a racist . !?
you say. anyone not writing about tamil suffering make that person a racist . how?
only a racist will make such silly assumptions

in contrast when i make the accusations of racism i provide clear examples of that . as in case of pakiasothy saravanamuttu ; his equalization of tamils with ltte terrorists, in his actions such as those highlighted in post - that is racism by definition.
in addition to your silliness about racism you also assume things about me. you seem to know nothing or very little about my ethnicity or who my friends are. so don't assume.
and i have written about tamil suffering here esp about their suffering under ltte . while these peaceniks were keeping silent . on the other hand i do not exaggerate as about the camps (of which i don't approve) which is common fate in such circumstances here and elsewhere, ex. after the tsunami. i have not seen anything beyond that in idp camps. i have said what think of them before .

Anonymous said...

Hmmm .. silly huh?

Do the words "government agent" mean anything to you?

sittingnut said...

why not elaborate. :-)
you have space to say anything here

as i said in the post if anything i said here is false say it .

fact is all the things i said here are true and substantiated .

your calling me names wont change that.