Thursday, January 22, 2009

international "human rights" ngo peacenik clarence dias arrested for child porn

clarence dias, 65, president of the international center for law in development, whose offices are located at the un, was arrested with child porn at jfk airport in new york while on his way to thailand.

when it comes sri lanka this hypocrite was a typical thorough going peacenik. as such, i (who think that only immoral sleazebags and/or naive idiots can be peaceniks) for one, am not surprised that he was a criminal just like other prominent ngo peaceniks.

he played a part in defeating election of sri lanka to human rights council. among other things, this moron signed an appeal to un members that urged rejection of sri lanka's bid. following slanderous quote is from that appeal.

Don’t vote for Sri Lanka: A vote for Sri Lanka is a vote for disappearances, widespread torture, extra-judicial killings and impunity. It is a vote to undermine the Human Rights Council and therefore a vote against victims of human rights the world over. We who work directly with victims urge you in the strongest possible terms to take this opportunity to show your government’s support for present and potential victims of human rights, as well as support for the Human Rights Council. The rejection of Sri Lanka’s bid would strengthen the Council, shielding it from those that seek to misuse it at the cost of many lives. Local, regional and international NGOs are united in calling on you to resoundingly reject this year’s worst candidate.
Don’t vote for Sri Lanka
of course he and his fellow signatories had no evidence to support his slander against sri lankan government. may be he was too absorbed in researching child porn ( his excuse when arrested) when he visited sri lanka (which he has done) to find the evidence.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

word cloud of obambi's inaugural speech

here is the word cloud of the obambi's flowery phrased, but bland in content, platitude ridden, but forcefully delivered (as usual), inaugural speech. created with the help of wordle.

you may also find the so called benevolent dictator ( you know the person who is prone to both diarrhea and dementia and is addicted to throwing excrement ) getting his sorry ass kicked yet again in comment section of my previous post( for previous examples of ass kicking and background on why he justly deserve them, you may follow the links to his own blog in this post)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

help obambi write his inaugural speech

as you may have heard, in a few hours, during the most expensive (as in $150m+) coronation, sorry inauguration, ceremony ever to be held, obambi is to be made the "leader of the free world". i am of course not celebrating for reasons already stated, though as i expected, i am sure to have lot of fun during next four years, at least.

anyway obambi, or barrack hussein obama, is once again mobilizing the internet, this time to write his inaugural speech.
(it seems he suddenly dropped objections to the use of his middle name and will use it today during his oath; btw imo he was pandering to racists by objecting to its use, as much as those who used it with that intent)

does he need internet's help?
indeed, regardless of content, his speech will be praised to the sky by the besotted and biased liberal media of the usa, as they did with his race speech.

but consider, only memorable parts of that race speech were
"i can no more disown him (rev. wright) than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother."
a day later he called his grandmother "a typical white person". two weeks later, he disowned wright.

he, or probably his handlers, recognizing ( unlike some of his fans in sri lanka ) that western media is no reliable judge, wants to avoid similar embarrassment in historical record, so wants help to write a truly bland but uplifting speech, you know a bit like a trashy romance novel.

go here and contribute.(no time to lose)

here is my contribution.

My fellow Americans, today is a great day. You have shown the world that "hope" is not just another word for despair, and that "change" is not only something we can believe in again, but something we can actually believe.

Today we celebrate, but let there be no mistake – America faces long and dark challenges like never before. Our economy is heavy. Americans can barely afford their mortgages, let alone have enough money left over for seats. Our healthcare system is lost. If your head is sick and you don't have insurance, you might as well call a lawyer. And America's image overseas is tarnished like a banana republic. But bating together we can right this ship, and set a course for Mars.

Finally, I must thank my small family, my blue campaign volunteers, but most of all, I want to thank McCain for making this historic occasion possible. Of course, I must also thank you, President Bush, for years of beating the American people. Without your long efforts, none of this would have been possible.

Friday, January 16, 2009

wall street journal opinion piece on sri lanka

read this wall street journal article on sri lanka entitled
"defeating terrorists - sri lanka is beating the tigers through military force, not negotiation".
it displays excellent grasp of reality and history of sri lanka's fight against terrorists and the lessons that other governments can draw from it .
that grasp of details is unlike most of foreign coverage which are either superficial, or downright biased towards ltte terrorist pussies, or both ( esp when it comes to media institutions like bbc that hava an ingrained leftist (or as they say in america "liberal") bias.)

contrast 4- spidey and american politicos - comic indeed!

who will it be in 2013?

at least sarah palin doesn't need superhero backing, bc of the little known fact that she is a superhero.

previous contrast posts
1, 2, 3.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

sunday post - amazing dance video

via chinese cctv and godtube (surprising combination there too).

if you fail to cry watching this, you are an inhuman moron, like and peaceniks.

btw last part of above sentence and what follows(while true) were especially added, in true sunday spirit, to stoke the rather deficient self worth of excrement throwing limp dic...sorry benevolent dictator. it aims to validate his superficial stylistic critique of my last post (he of course cannot attempt a substantive critique given the factual accuracy and honesty of my post).

my blog is open and uncensored esp to criticism and rely solely on written word to articulate my opinions, unlike benevolent dictator's, and almost all peacenik blogs, which in true dictatorial fashion, try to close off opposing opinions through not providing links to source, not publishing or censoring comments, and variety of dirty tactics.

that is why you find the link to his critique here, while you will not find a link to my post there even though it is the basis of that critique. (warning to those who click on his link: his post stinks due to all the excrement throwing he indulges in. so much so indi (and one or two of his cronies) went sniffing, as usual attracted to the smell . myself forced to defend, had to hold the nose while there).

Friday, January 09, 2009

lasantha wickramatunga- a dirty politician pretending to be a journalist, murdered

lasantha wickramatunga was murdered yesterday.

did he deserve to die? of course not.

nor did countless innocents, military personnel, politicians, and others that were killed by ltte terrorist pussies deserve to die.

(btw it is too early to jump to conclusions as to who killed wickramatunga as some ppl are doing according to one absurd conspiracy theory or other)

but all the anti government/peacenik/terrorist parroting blogs (these blogs do not necessarily fall into all the categories mentioned, but some do and in most cases differences between them are academic) are in a hysterical mood as if a great man has died. (for instance just look at posts and comments at run by the same corrupt individual who also ran padahow.wordpress).
in contrast, these blogs hardly make a move in response to the latest terrorist atrocity . and if they do, express flippant (with such literary devices like puns, expletives, etc ) posts expressing merest token sympathy (for instance again look at posts and comments at ...).

anyway was wickramatunga a great man? hmmmmm ... i will just say that late minister lakshman kadirgamar was a great man.

hysterical ones may object "wickramatunga was a journalist! journalists are sacred and protectors of our freedoms!"
hmmmmm ...

but let us forget for a moment dubious validity of this statement about journalists (esp when applied to a certain type of journalist peculiar to sri lankan english language newspapers catering to colombo's cocooned pseudo elite; who are, for instance, deeply concerned about their right to travel on roads unhindered by road blocks)

was wickramatunga a journalist?
he did publish some newspapers, and edited them, and wrote in them.
but he was more than that. he was political player. he was close friend and collaborator of politicians (esp of ranil wickremasinghe though not exclusively. btw i cannot confirm the widespread rumor that he was once a lover of ranil). he engineered (or tried to engineer) political coups.

he did not hesitate to use blackmail to achieve his ends. does anyone forget the incident involving rauf hakeem and certain lady. while hakeem again became a political friend of wickramatunga, fate of lady concerned who has outlived her usefulness to both hakeem and wickramatunga was terrible). newspapers were just one of wickramatunga's instruments of political manipulation nothing more.

he was in other words, a politician, of the worst kind (only difference was that he did not ask for the vote directly)
( i repeat, all that does not mean he deserved to get killed, i am just stating the facts )

anyway this is how i am feeling at his death; a dirty politician was killed. nothing more.
maybe even less. some of the murdered politicians like jeyaraj fernandopulle after all did some good (while benefiting from corruption of course) while this person has nothing at all to show.

do you feel more ? too bad.

hysterical peaceniki readers who may want to comment on my attitude, may want to remember how they reacted to's post after jeyaraj' fernandopulle's murder or ravana's post after d.m. dassanayaka's murder to take two examples.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

macbook wheel. the wheel. reinvented

while corrupt hypocritical bloggers like (same as padashow.wordpress) talk about media freedom while not publishing comments (as he has a right to do) that point out verifiable errors in his latest deranged post called "media war" (don't worry disgusting sleazebags like him will continue to be exposed elsewhere), here is some good news for all those who "dick around" with their computers and queue up to "buy the latest shiny thing" from steve jobs. :-)

video 2.37 min

apple introduces revolutionary new laptop with no keyboard

Monday, January 05, 2009

ravi karunanayake's idiocy on video.

watch this (30 sec) from sinhahada's youtube channel. check comments there and rate it.

when will unp learn that denigrating military action against a bunch of murderous criminals ( and that is all ltte pussy terrorists are) is immoral, and naive, and thus in any democracy will lead to electoral disaster?
not yet it seems.

but the time is running out. it wont do to change unp's mind after ltte has lost all its territories. there would be plenty of videos like this to use in campaign ads. and they should be used.

peacenik position as advocated by such criminals as paikiasothy saravanamuttu, jehan perera, jayadeva uyangoda, sunila abeysekera, sunanda deshapriya, sunila abeysekera, nimalka fernando, rohan edirisinha, jeevan thiagarajaha, and their ilk (and their underlings like sanjana hattotuwa) is that "peace" with ltte is worth any cost even the cost of justice, freedom , human rights and democracy.
that position is not justifiable on neither moral grounds nor realistic grounds. sri lankan voters know this. unp better learn it quick.

unp if it wants to win elections must denounce peacnik position in no uncertain terms (this would only be credible under a new leader). for effect, it should make a public example of next ngo peacenik who opens his or her mouth on behalf of peace with ltte.

too bad! that is not likely to happen.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 sri lankan holiday calendar

below i give the sri lankan holidays for year 2009 according to the calendar published by department of government printing.

if you want the holidays in ical, csv, or html, formats you can download the files from this drop.

i blogged about what think about the number of sri lankan holidays sometime ago (basically imo holidays are good for economy as long as they encourage people to spend. so i want less poyaday holidays and more secular holidays and long weekends)

btw check out the 6 day long weekend in april 2009.

january 10 saturday – duruthu full moon poya day*†
january 14 wednesday – tamil thai pongal day*†‡
february 04 wednesday – national day*†‡
february 09 monday – navam full moon poya day*†
february 23 monday – maha sivarathri day*†
march 10 tuesday – medin full moon poya day*†
march 10 tuesday – milad-un-nabi (holy prophet’s birthday) *†‡
april 09 thursday – bak full moon poya day*†
april 10 friday – good friday*†
april 13 monday – day prior to sinhala and tamil new year day*†‡
april 14 tuesday – sinhala and tamil new year day*†‡
may 01 friday – may day*†‡
may 08 friday – wesak full moon poya day*†
may 09 saturday – day following wesak full moon poya day*†‡
june 07 sunday – poson full moon poya day*†
july 06 monday – esala full moon poya day*†
august 05 wednesday – nikini full moon poya day*†
september 04 friday – binara full moon poya day*†
september 21 monday – id-ul-fitr (ramazan festival day)*†
october 03 saturday – vap full moon poya day*†
october 17 saturday – deepavali festival day*†
november 02 monday – il full moon poya day*†
november 28 saturday – id-ul-alha (hadji festival day)*†
december 01 tuesday – unduvap full moon poya day*†
december 25 friday – christmas day*†‡
december 31 thursday – duruthu full moon poya day*†

* public holiday
† bank holiday
‡ mercantile holiday