Friday, January 16, 2009

wall street journal opinion piece on sri lanka

read this wall street journal article on sri lanka entitled
"defeating terrorists - sri lanka is beating the tigers through military force, not negotiation".
it displays excellent grasp of reality and history of sri lanka's fight against terrorists and the lessons that other governments can draw from it .
that grasp of details is unlike most of foreign coverage which are either superficial, or downright biased towards ltte terrorist pussies, or both ( esp when it comes to media institutions like bbc that hava an ingrained leftist (or as they say in america "liberal") bias.)


Anonymous said...


Voice in Colombo said...

The truth our "Kottu-sphere" have never wanted to accept, until a western media re-emphasis like this!

///We recount this history at length to make a simple point: Colombo's military strategy against Tamil terrorists has worked. Negotiations haven't. That's an important reminder as Israel faces its own terrorism problem and as the U.S. works to foster stability and political progress in Iraq. Take note, Barack Obama.\\

Take Note Sanjana Hattotuwa!

Maharajah of Bad said...

If they're 'pussies' we wonder why you've been fighting them for so long? pull your pants up and go out into the sun a bit. moronism is taking over the world we fear...

sittingnut said...

anon at 1/16/2009 10:53 am:
you are welcome

voice in colombo :
agree with you

maharajah of bad:
they are pussies bc they deliberately target civilians , and thus are cowardly tigers.
that should be apparent to anyone who is not a moron or a corrupt sympathizer of the pussies. which of the two are you ?

ape logic said...

Just waiting to hear what those NGO lackies got to say.
To name a few
Ajith P Perera
Denidu De Alwis

ape logic said...

Sorry missed the boss

The Benevolent Dictator said...

For once, I agree with you. Excellent article.

Anonymous said...

Who said the end of the conventional war was the end of the LTTE? Even if the LTTE is finished, who's to say another outfit won't rise up again if Tamil's continue to be treated like dirt in Sri Lanka?

Don't get ahead of yourself.

sittingnut said...

as i have said before in this blog ( read) ltte will continue to murder and bomb even when they are a handful. but that that does not take away the fact ltte is defeated. just like with any other serial murderer that a group murderers continuing to kill should have no political weight ( except as a law and order issue). but terrorists controlling and oppressing people is another thing.

"who's to say another outfit won't rise up again if Tamil's continue to be treated like dirt in Sri Lanka?"
that is perverted logic only ppl with no moral backbone make

ltte is not fighting for tamils and do not represent tamils. to say so is racist. only terrorist, peaceniks and few sinhala chauvinists say so. are you one?

even if north east tamils were "treated like dirt" that does not excuse them or group claiming to represent them from murdering anyone. murders should be treated like murderers . and bought to justice using violence if needs be
grievances (real or imagined) do not cause terrorism, anymore than poverty cause theft
thieves and terrorists should not be tolerated bc of grievances or poverty.

as i have said before, if tamils have grievances ( and i admit they do have some) they should work through the sri lankan (imperfect as elsewhere)democratic system to address them with other interest groups that comprise that polity, under the leadership of their democratically chosen representatives . others ( from rural poor , to muslims, to upcoutry tamils)too have grievances ( and imo greater ones in some cases) . it will be give and take and hard bargaining . inability of one group to get what they want should not be made in to an excuse for violence. see 2

Liberal Lanka said...

What is so impressive in there? A war mongering media has at last found something to cling to. When the next country is been invaded we might here two words, 'Sri Lanka'.