Sunday, September 22, 2013

will tamil nationalists and their western backers face facts?

yesterday's elections for northern provincial council resulted in the expected victory for ilankai tamil arasu kadchi(itak) also called tamil national alliance(tna). it is a mixed group of tamil nationalist politicians  from moderates to despicable extremely violent racists including those who were allied to now defeated tiger terrorists.

question that matter is not the results, but what happens now.

will the tamil nationalists have the courage and pragmatism to face facts below(as almost all other sri lankans have already done);

that so called 'oppressors' and 'prosecutors' of tamils(that is sri lankans in general as represented by government) were not bent of oppression. but were perfectly willing to and did hold a truly free and fair election. 

that such an election was only possible after the military defeat of tamil tigers(ltte).

that in contrast, tigers, when they had power, insisted on being the sole representative of tamils, and killed and oppressed and prosecuted fellow tamils who even hinted at independent opinion(not to mention other sri lankans). 

that defeat of tigers and holding of free elections was a great and praiseworthy leap for human rights and reconciliation in sri lanka.  

that way forward in any direction requires, not confrontation and slander, but pragmatic engagement with sri lanka's democratic government.
will tamil nationalists face these facts and acknowledge them? 
will they have the courage to push aside the extreme racists who prefer to remain blind to them (and prefer violence)?

will western hypocrites preaching to sri lanka about human rights and reconciliation face these facts, and acknowledge and support sri lanka's solid progress instead of prejudging us based on  unsubstantiated allegations spread by racists(both tamil and western)?

we, sri lankans, have acted to secure democracy and human rights by defeating tigers and holding free elections. as always we will continue to do everything to foster democracy and human rights without prompting.
it up to all, including tamil nationalists, to join this effort in peace, and renounce violence and slanders. 
it is in the interest of west and other foreign governments, to help us continue in the same road,  renouncing hypocritical preaching and counter productive attempts at coercion.

whatever happens we will remain a democratic free society. and anyone who tries to undermine it with violence and coercion should be and would be defeated, as tiger scum were.

in elections held in north western and central provinces governing upfa is winning handsomely, as expected, even without some of its coalition partners. those coalition parties also got seats and will rejoin in administration if upfa will let them. unp is in a pathetic state as usual. jvp is finished.
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