Wednesday, January 16, 2008

terrorist pussies murder innocents yet again

terrorists murdered civilians including school children through a claymore mine yet again today. details here.

as i have said before this is not something new; this what ltte pussies do. they have done it at all times (warning: graphic photos) during ceasefire periods, during periods when government was not conducting military operations, and during periods of military operations.

will peaceniks and ltte parrots stupidly connect this with the unlamented ceasefire agreement(cfa)'s official end today? probably. see here for what they did after another recent bombing forgetting what went before. that was typical. i have no doubt they will repeat that performance today yet again. let us bloggers see which peacenik blog is first to blame everyone but the terrorist pussies for this murder.

all other sri lankans, with eyes to see reality and not beholden to terrorists, know what terrorists really are, and that this kind crime is to be expected from them at all times, cfa or no cfa .

existence of ltte terrorists are not compatible with principles of justice, freedom, human rights, or democracy. only peacenik criminals who have no regard these principles( in spite of their public lip service ) will advocate peace with these murderers.

even without moral reasons, peace with fascist ltte through appeasement will not succeed pragmatically. it will end in failure like all other such attempts at appeasement (with them and with other fascists all over the world throughout history)

all those who respect those principles mentioned above and are not in denial about reality, will support any effort to defeat terrorists including use of legitimate military force.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

sunanda deshapriya and fmm win ltte contract

after nth assassination attempt on minister douglas devananda failed last month, ltte terrorist pussies were mightily pissed. so they called for fresh bids for the contract to assassinate his character. ltte cannot stand democratic tamil leaders and wants to eliminate them in anyway they can.

only people and organizations that have unquestioningly accepted the racist and anti-democratic ltte claim to be tamils' sole representative were eligible.

accordingly several peacenik ngos submitted bids.

big pussy after going through them decided in favor of sunanda deshapriya's free media movement (fmm). reasons are known only to the murderous megalomaniac but believed to be two fold, according a soon to be roasted underling of the coward.

fmm was dirt cheap as usual. they would do any dirty work for terrorists for almost nothing. after all clueless ifj or reporters without borders pays the fmm bills.

in contrast peaceniks jehan perera and kumar rupasinghe, wanted lots (in cash too). (rupasinghe’s bid included an anti devananda speech by peacenk thug mervin silva, similar to the one he delivered in rupasinghe's peacenik rally last year). unfortunately ltte is rather hard up these days, what with all the crackdowns on terrorist fund raising and the ban on tro. so they did not win, but will attack mr devananda as token goodwill gestures to ltte this time, hoping for better luck next time.

meanwhile even though sunila abeysekera was believed to have put in an even cheaper bid than fmm, pussies were wary of accepting it. they wanted original attacks on devananda not plagiarisms (taken from their own propaganda fronts dbs jeyaraj or tamilnet) that ms abeysekera is known for.

other peaceniks like nimalka fernando, jayadeva uyangoda, jeevan thiagarajaha were also believed to have submitted bids but details are not known.

second reason for fmm's success is the extras included in the bid. sunanda deshapriya promised free (and unchallenged) publicity to attacks against devananda through sanjana hattotuwa's groundviews and vikalpa blogs and support of center for policy alternatives of paikiasothy saravanamuttu. they put in exaggerated visitor numbers for those blogs. a new blog (since gone live) for free media movement was also promised for the purpose.

imo pussies should not have given weight to this. after all sanjana hattotuwa would do anything for terrorists for free, out of sheer love, (as long as he get paid by some naive foreigners who believe is ict4peace or some such otherworldly crap)

anyway fmm won.

rumors ( spread probably by disappointed bidders) to the effect that sunanda deshapriya bribed some prominent pussies known for their "love" of children (prabhakaran after all cannot live without children to do his every bidding ) with some orphan children, to get the contract are probably false. but then we never know.

now you know why there is a sudden increase in media attacks against minister douglas devananda of epdp.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

american elections - my selections

long term readers of this blog will know that i have expressed a preference for john mccain as 2008 american presidential election winner for some time. i have not changed my opinion .

however given the complex absurdity of american election process he may or may not succeed. so here is a list of current and potential candidates listed in order of my preference.

my assessment (as of now, before new hampashire primary results ) of their ultimate success in getting elected (which is a completely different thing from my preference) is expressed in brackets as "x"s (out of maximum 5)

my order of preference
1 john mccain (xxx 1/2)
2 rudy giuliani (xxx 1/2)
3 mike huckabee (xxx 1/2)
4 mitt_romney (xxx)
5 ron paul (1/2)
6 michael_bloomberg (x)
7 bill richardson (x)
8 barack obama (xxx 1/2)
9 hillary rodham clinton (xxx)
10 john edwards (xx 1/2)

i don't care about those not mentioned

reasons for preference based on policies and personal qualities, would take too much time explain and unfortunately i don't have that at the moment. but there is no hurry, i am sure i will get to reasons soon enough.

anyway what is your preferences ( if you care enough to have some)?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

government to withdraw from cfa

sri lankan cabinet decided to withdraw from the ceasefire agreement (cfa) with ltte, just few minutes ago


cfa became a license for murder to terrorists, almost from the moment it was signed, with the impotent and biased sri lanka monitoring mission (slmm) doing nothing to stop the intentional ceasefire violations by ltte pussies (several fold greater in quantity and "quality" than unintentional violations by sl military). this in spite of slmm not counting several bombs and assassinations as ceasefire violations, while counting sl police entering so called ltte territory to arrest a pedophile as a ceasefire violation. btw by the example of slmm, we can have a fairly good idea why the peacenik promoted (and as usual with ideas promoted by them, unrealistic) un monitoring mission will fail and should be opposed, .

in light of events, it soon became clear that cfa was useful to sri lankan democracy only as a spin to gain moral high ground or as a tactical device in the road to defeating of ltte

but cfa's usefulness as such began to wane when ltte started attacking the sl military and civilians unprovoked in december 2005. in spite of that sl military only engaged in limited retaliation after april 06 when there was an attempt to assassinate the army commander. gosl began to engage in focused military operations after mavil aru, even later

all that time certain slmm heads acted in a biased and criminal manner ( it goes without saying that terrorist parroting peacenik ngos and criminals as usual sucked up to ltte and were blind to ltte atrocities.)

anyway it became evident to anyone who is not blind to sri lankan reality and ltte's continuing murderousness that cfa's usefulness to gain moral high ground against ltte was no longer needed. even a buffalo fighting ltte will have a higher moral standing than ltte pussies or their paecenik suckers.

in any case given the fact that government is duty bound to provide security and to protect the human rights of all sri lankans and that requires fighting ltte, and cfa is no longer useful in that fight it is time to withdraw.

ltte ban?
what is more, if this withdrawal is accompanied by banning of ltte, certain activities of some helpers of terrorists (especially peaceniks' ) can become legally liable for prosecution. similarly certain foreigners will not be able to lend support (moral or otherwise) to, or to deal directly with ltte. (if peaceniks continue with certain things mevin silva won't be the only peacenik who will get their just deserts)

so i hope this will be followed by a ban on ltte.

am busy. so was unable to reply to comments in earlier threads but will do so soon, within the week hopefully.