Thursday, December 27, 2007

peacenik thug mervin silva's photo after he has got his due at rupavahini

that is mostly ink btw (not blood) that journalists at rupavahini threw on him.

may all peaceniks who betray their fellow sri lankans to murderous terrorists in the name of "peace" get their just deserts ! (through more legitimate channels hopefully )

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Anonymous said...

Police should arrest and take action against all those in that picture who hit a minister. This is crazy. Some bloggers here think they can write anything without knowing who Mervin is and the service he has done to our country. I tell them all to puck-off..

Anonymous said...

Is that you Mervin? heh heh. BROADCASTERS RULE!

Anonymous said...

Mervin the magnificent? My foot!

Sam said...

Stop crying Mervin. I think this is karma coming back to bite you in the ass. You assault other folk, including Buddhist monks, and now you get your comuppence.

Anonymous said...

This is an outrage, people have no right to dis-respect leaders of a nation let alone their own nation. The only victim I see as of this incident is Mr Mervin, people respect your leaders and maybe they will work harder for your betterment.

Anonymous said...


What our 'leaders' have been working for is not 'betterment' but 'belittlement' as this particular sorry episode shows.

It is true that the present govt has taken the correct stance viz-a-viz the LTTE, but they are certainly lacking in refinement which makes us a non-entity and a pain in the ass to the larger world.

Let is hope the judiciary will be able to twist some police balls and get them to do a reasoably impartial job and at least have this animal's behaviour documented for future reference. In the meanwhile someone should get the pictures and video out to the world.