Tuesday, January 08, 2008

american elections - my selections

long term readers of this blog will know that i have expressed a preference for john mccain as 2008 american presidential election winner for some time. i have not changed my opinion .

however given the complex absurdity of american election process he may or may not succeed. so here is a list of current and potential candidates listed in order of my preference.

my assessment (as of now, before new hampashire primary results ) of their ultimate success in getting elected (which is a completely different thing from my preference) is expressed in brackets as "x"s (out of maximum 5)

my order of preference
1 john mccain (xxx 1/2)
2 rudy giuliani (xxx 1/2)
3 mike huckabee (xxx 1/2)
4 mitt_romney (xxx)
5 ron paul (1/2)
6 michael_bloomberg (x)
7 bill richardson (x)
8 barack obama (xxx 1/2)
9 hillary rodham clinton (xxx)
10 john edwards (xx 1/2)

i don't care about those not mentioned

reasons for preference based on policies and personal qualities, would take too much time explain and unfortunately i don't have that at the moment. but there is no hurry, i am sure i will get to reasons soon enough.

anyway what is your preferences ( if you care enough to have some)?


nsharp said...

McCain? Huckabee? Giuliani?

good grief, you can't be serious!

any reason why you support those guys? they are evil personified.

I would have assumed Ron paul to be more closer to your ideals?

nsharp said...

my error.. I see you are discussing their electability..

I think Obama will be no 1 in NH also.

sittingnut said...

totally confused are you ?:-) better clear you head before making a decision
anyway to repeat,
the list give my preferences in order (1 most preferred, no 10 least preferred )
the 'x's give my assessment of their success in getting elected as president.(more 'x's more probability )

and evil ? lol why ?

Aravinda said...

I thought this guy sittingnut does not know head or tail about local politics.

I was wrong.

He does not know head or tail about US politics too.

Deane said...

I'd prefer Paul. Of course he has no chance in hell, especially now. But the campaign is fun, especially since most of the organizing is online.

After Paul I'd go, McCain, Rudy, Obama, Romney, Richardson, Huck, Clinton, Edwards.

If you want a republican in the White house then i think you'd better hope for a Clinton nomination, if Obama becomes the nominee its going to be heard to beat.

nsharp said...

well aint this weird, Clinton is in the lead.. just when people were writing off her campaign.

looks like those tamper proof diebold machines may need some calibrating after all

Theena said...

For a libertarian I am surprised that you are not going with Ron Paul.

TropicalStorm said...


I completely agree with your choices for the first three at least.

Forget the politics, looking at the unfolding economic realities of the US, the dems will be the most disastrous thing to happen to the country at the moment. We are heading for a possible depression, if the present situation is not corrected. And the answer definitely is not more taxes or social programs at tax payer cost as the democrats are urging. It'll have to be McCain and Republican politics or a dem who practices them.