Sunday, June 10, 2012

no fair hearing from west - sl prez denied freedom of speech in britain, again

once again west confirmed that it will not give a fair hearing to sri lanka by cancelling a speech to be given by sri lankan president in united kingdom (aka despicable rump of genocidal british empire) citing protests by tamil tiger terrorist supporters. racist western media went to absurd lengths to portray this denial of free speech as some sort of victory for human rights, and repeated, already thoroughly debunked, allegations of atrocities in sri lanka, as facts.   

wonder how west's ass lickers in sri lanka will justify their slavish parroting of western demand that sri lanka submit to western judgement (ie. judgement of western controlled international institutions) on human rights, when sri lanka is continuously denied the right to put its case

as i have said before, west does not care about human rights or justice, it wants to control and exploit us, as it does large (though thank god, reducing) part of the world. that is why west funded and armed the tamil tigers to kill and maim our children. that is why west (brutish british in particular) tried to prevent us from defeating the terrorist murderers. that is why west wants to condemn sri lankans who contributed most to defeating west's paid slaves. etc., etc.. 

that is why those sri lankans (including some in government) who sincerely believe in west's good  faith and try to work towards a mutually beneficent relationship with west by being open and compliant to western demands, and try to explain the real facts about how we defeated of terrorists, will always be disappointed

instead of being conciliatory to (now tottering and declining) west, we should stand up for our rights; expose the hypocrisy of west; its habitual barbarity as a perpetrator and supporter of,  child killings and other atrocities here and elsewhere; make friends with nations of the future that already do all that.  

if west try to coerce us, as they will try (though under international law they can't do much), we should retaliate in proportion against their filthy paid agents here. no pardons.

if west want us to cooperate with them, they should be the ones who make conciliatory gestures

unfortunately government is not consistent on its policy towards west.  it will learn the hard way that accommodating west will not work.

however, sri lanka is a democracy, and ultimately it is we, sri lankans, who will make our own destiny. as such there is every reason to believe that justice will win and we will prevail in the end against western  efforts to control us.   

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