Wednesday, January 28, 2015

removing chief justice mohan peiris without due process amount to a coup

ranil's backdoor government's alleged removal of mohan peiris as chief justice without due precess prescribed in constitution, amount to a coup.

as such all citizens of sri lanka are free to resist the illegal coup government with whatever means available. traitors who take power through such illegal and violent means can be resisted. even use of violence in such resistance is legal.

resistance begins!

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

yaha palanaya! backdoor politicos & police raid upfa office

degradation of "yaha palanaya" continues at furious pace.

why is communication equipment (or in sinhala video version of report, mere "audio broadcast equipment") in an election office "suspicious"? quite normal one would think. was there even a search warrant?

no, this was no police investigating a crime, but abuse of police by two corrupt politicos, in an attempt to deprive opposition ability to communicate

perhaps they were frustrated, and this is confirmed by their remarks in video, that all those fabulous riches they claimed rajapaksas have amassed, turned out to be a mirage? let's show a few loud speakers for election work, as an example of corruption! in another similar incident they showed a rusty plane without wings as ill gotten gains. lol.

is anyone fooled by this? is this any different from attacking an election rally stage? a poltico under mahinda who did that, was arrested before election. will ranil allow arrest of rathana & ravi? don't count on that. failure to arrest them for this violence and abuse of power, will again indicate, who was and is, acting more democratically. 

all, except willing fools like, paid to forget reality and parrot propaganda from ranil's media, know that for ranil and cohort, "good governance", is a mere slogan.


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 good governance indeed! 

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

yaha palanaya! a backdoor government established in uva

newly established "good governance" government, keeps on redefining those terms.

unp's harin fernando, who barely got 40% of vote in recent uva provincial elections, showing utter contempt for people's wishes, has weaseled his way into chief minister's office through backroom maneuvering, ousting upfa government of shamindra rajapakse, who go 51%+.

all this with active support and blessings of ranil's backdoor government in colombo.

btw, shamindra's vote share was same as maithree's, while harin got much less than mahinda's 48%-. same mahinda, slandered as a power mad dictator, who in fact bowed to people's wishes and left office, while harin who was one of those slanderers, now shows his true nature.

who is behaving democratically here? 
who conducted free and fair elections? who respected people's wishes? who respected freedom of expression? who respected due process?

everyone can see, what is what (except unthinking, ignorant, idiotic, propagandists of ranil, online or off) as each day passes. 

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Monday, January 12, 2015

yaha palanaya! ravi k. and mangala in cabinet

ranil's backdoor government, which promised an end to corruption, has sworn in, with other stinkers, ravi karunanayake as finance minister, and mangala samaraweera as foreign minister.  

enough said

unlike hypocritical online hacks like, this blog was never an anti corruption crusader.

as i have said many times before, "only way to cure the political system of corruption (and attendant criminality) here or anywhere in the world (most of world is no better than here, west just conceal it it better), is to reduce the power of politicians/state over other ppls' assets/freedoms; be it by cutting government spending/welfare, removing regulations and pols' control over regulations, etc., etc.."
however if you make a big deal of alleged corruption to win votes, it is but right to point out perceived corruption of those two new ministers alone (and they are not the only ones) would match perceived corruption of any administration world over, including the previous administration here.


yaha palanaya score card:
 good governance indeed!  

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yaha palanaya! political thug upul jayasuriya threatens chief justice

so much for rule of law, and due process, promised by the new government! 

today, president of bar association of sri lanka (basl), upul jayasuriya, and his henchmen, are openly threatening chief justice of sri lanka, mohan peiris, to make him resign, with encouragement from ranil's backdoor government.

this comes soon after ranil's gov, threatened to illegally prosecute those exercising right to freedom of expression.

corrupt thug jayasuriya, who got elected as basl president through violence, seemingly ignorant of constitutional law, claimed that "the association has unanimously decided to re-elect impeached dr. shirani bandaranayake for the cj post."

bar association, which is far from unanimity on anything, does not elect justices of supreme court, with good reason. president of the country appoints them when there is a vacancy. justices can only be removed through impeachment. 

bandaranayake was removed through an impeachment, due to to her corruption. charges against her were originally made by ranil's close associates in unp, such as harsha de silva. new president, maithrepala sirisena, and probably a majority of soon to be appointed cabinet, voted for the impeachment.  

ranil's primary real objection to current cj, is probably his constitutional ruling on land and police powers of provincial councils. ranil having some understanding with racist tna to give tna run northern provincial council more power in return for their support in election, has to get rid of cj and this ruling.

if ranil and his fixers, want the chief justice removed, they should impeach him and follow the due process of law. but since there is no credible allegations of any corruption against current cj, they have no case. hence the use of filthy tool jayasuriya. 

it should be noted that american embassy has been indirectly subsidizing basl, after jayasuriya came in to office, by renting from basl, premises for united states agency for international development (usaid), a controversial agency accused world over for subverting governments. usaid in sri lanka was barely budgeted $15mil for 2014, and most of it was spent to pay foreign staff here and these premises.  

but quite apart from what looks like dangerous foreign interference in sri lankan courts, and despicable back room maneuvering by deviant ranil, one thing is certain

rule of the law is in the process of being violated by these ranil sanctioned threats by jayasuriya. and all who love good governance should condemn them

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

yaha palanaya! new government tries to illegally suppress news from north

instead of letting media full freedom to report, so that truth or falseness can be independently verified, or instead of arresting, if illegal, the anti police/military stones throwing, tiger flag hoisting, ltte supporting racist scum in jaffna, ranil's back door government is using every resource of state to suppress and censor news from north

even to the point of threatening prosecution of those who report the news.

under what law? in fact, since mahinda removed emergency laws, there is no law under which such a threatened persecution could be conducted, even if the news is false. (news is in fact true).

this very illegal panic response only confirm the truth of these incidents even to skeptics, and inflate their significance. when in fact, incidents in themselves, carried out by few idiotic tamil racists, were of little importance.

so much for yaha palanaya, freedom of information, good governance, etc, etc.

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Friday, January 09, 2015

sri lankans made a big mistake today

by kicking out mahinda and bringing in maithree puppet, we, sri lankans, made a big mistake. 

it may very well turn out to be the biggest mistake, some of my fellow citizens, will make in their lives. 

nor should sri lankan voters be allowed to say they were deceived or misled into voting for maipuppet. plenty of people saw what is happening and warned before the vote. voters freely chose this outcome with their eyes and minds open. now they will reap.

this being a democracy, lot of us who tried to prevent this mistake, will be dragged along with idiots to disaster. saying, "we told you so", wont be much help then. though i intend to rub noses, of plenty of  people, on those words soon enough. lol.

as said in my pre-vote post, with mahinda we looked forward to a stable continuation of growth and secure peace. but maipuppet's backers alleged mahinda was incompatible with democracy, good governance, rule of law, and clean hands. (you see that is why, he did not interfere with this election, or past elections, and quickly handed over power! at least one slander against him, that he is some kind of a violent power mad dictator, should now be laid to rest). but as i asked, even if this was true, does opening a back door to power to incompetent tainted nepotistic scum like ranil, and chandrika, a solution? is someone, willing to suck up to every sort of fringe party racist low life, going to deliver security and stability, especially if they abolish executive presidency and make him even more dependent? rather he will deliver up those who fought for peace and security to terrorist judges.

the immediate future
we will soon see how maipuppet's masters will publicly squabble and divide the spoils that mahinda built up, after they ruined the country between them last time. we will see almost all of their promises not implemented. we will see current anti corruption, good governance, rule of law, crusaders, in media, ngos, and web, keeping their mouths firmly shut, in return for scraps that fall from table.

all this will come to pass, soon enough. at some point, after lots of damage to country, they will get pushed out, like last time. but unlike mahinda, they will violently resist.

so what to do?  
if we are lucky, maipuppet will actually develop a back bone and not obey his masters. act like another mahinda if you will, and be a successful president. there are even purely selfish immediate motives for this; to get mahinda voters, and even mahinda's brothers and officials, behind him. but that is unlikely, since maipuppet seems to be a born puppet.

other solution is to hope for , and do everything in our power if we can, to accelerate and exasperate  their infighting over spoils and contradictory polices. they will be pushed out all the more sooner. their absurd 100 day program, which will not be implemented, will be good hook on which to attack and press them. 
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