Thursday, July 22, 2010

well done and thanks, sir.

i will leave others to write lengthy tributes to muttiah muralitharan. i will just say as i have done before here;

very well done and thanks.

thanks also for the example you set by retiring from test cricket with your powers still undiminished. an example ppl in all walks of life may do well to emulate.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

nice guys finish first?

"nice guys finish last, i should know."
says bit character betty finn in 1989 cult classic "heathers".

i don't know, and not just because i am not a nice guy.

it seems fifa has sort of invalided the popular 'wisdom'; spain, which came first in the recent world cup, also got the 'nice guys' award (known as fair play ward) for getting least amount of red and yellow cards of teams that got through to 2nd stage.


makes one wonder whether it is still true that "real life suck losers dry" or whether we "have to learn to fly", "to fuck with the eagles"? were my flying lessons a total waste?


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