Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ye Shiwen and american/british unsportsmanlike behavior

i have long pointed out the total absence of civilized values among modern westerners, in particular among british and americans.

they provided further proof of this when they attacked 16-year-old swimmer, gold medal winner, and world record breaker, Ye Shiwen, of "doping", yesterday (you can find more western viciousness here, and many other western media outlets)

on what grounds? nothing at all! she in fact has a completely clean record. nor is her improvement in performance extra special. holder of record she broke (by just 1sec), stephanie rice, displayed much bigger improvement when she established the record. so have others. iow there are no grounds for any accusation.

other than westerners finding her achievements "astonishing"! 
yes, westerners find great performances from non westerners, a crime

esp so if they are the ones losing out due to the performance concerned. contrast that despicable attitude with west's justifiable adulation of their own teenage and/or extraordinary performances from likes of missy franklin this year, michael phelps in 2008, and others through the years.  
this is true not just in sports, but with regard to achievements in art, science, technology, business, war, etc, etc..

[btw when it comes to substantiated cases, west leads the world, both in number and in profile, of athletes concerned, in doping.]

all excuses advanced by westerners for raising questions about Ye can be raised about many western sportsmen/women. so questioners should answer why they did not raise them before with regard to ppl like rice, phelps, etc. 

while west will get temporary relief for their bitter frustrations from such claims of sour grapes, they are of course not going to get real lasting benefits, if their targets, and world at large, stand their ground and expose the baseness of western attempts.

i think the target here, Ye Shiwen, in spite of her youth, will prove herself during this olympic games as well as during a long and successful career. 

in addition we as observers should not stay silent in this case and at other times when vile western character displays itself.

as i have said here before, while keeping solid records of their filthy behavior for future, we must also expose and confront the racist scum aggressively, in whatever capacity we have, however small or ineffective at present. 

civilization was/is/will be maintained by individuals doing the decent thing in face of baseness and barbarity.

while free ppl will do the decent thing, slavish ppl will obey and parrot western masters. sort of ass licker who found the insipid uninspired joke of an opening ceremony "impressive", will no doubt find it congenial to enjoy the attempted public rape a 16 year old. look no further than political sleazebag rohan samarajiva's son indi samarajiva, of many blogs like indi.ca and padashow, for a good example of this kind of slave.   

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Friday, July 27, 2012

shame! bloody elizabeth and genocidal britain to defecate on olympics today

shame! shame! shame! on the world! on us!

vulgar scumbag elizabeth II, willing symbol and head of still bloody united kingdom (= remnant of genocidal british empire) and her subject slaves, will stink up the olymics today.

british (every last one of them), are parasitic hypocrites who lecture the rest of the world on human rights, while living off the resources murderously looted from others, then and now.

it is a shame that such a barbarous country is allowed to hold olympics. blood of children and innocents killed/being killed by the british (which will be more than enough to completely fill up olympic stadium several times over) is crying for justice in vain. 
note how western funded racist ngo tools like amnesty international and human right watch are silent on this compared to their very loud protests in 2008.

let us make sure that this is the last time when this most despicable of western countries, is allowed to hold olympics. 

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