Wednesday, November 13, 2013

channel 4's callum macrae tweets insults at protester victims of tamil tigers

maker of channels' 4 ridiculously biased anti sri lanka movies callum macrae committed a fresh atrocity as only inborn racists can.

victims of tamil tiger terrorist violence (lot of them people who either had their children killed or are living with children maimed by tamil tiger terrorists) protested his presence in sri lanka. they are justly angry at his movies, which based on unauthenticated or unsubstantiated evidence portray a wildly distorted image of sri lanka and defeat of tigers.

[some of many problems with channel 4's coverage of sri lanka was pointed out in great detail in a new book (25M pdf) available here. even though same issues and others were raised by variety of individuals and institutions both in sri lanka and elsewhere (including uk) for a long time, channel 4 is yet to make  any worthwhile response to any of the grave problems raised about its now very detailed corrupt bias. ]

when faced with peaceful protests he insults these protesting victims as "orchestrated" through twitter.

photo of funeral of kebithigollewa massacre victims (over 15 school children and several pregnant women going to a clinic, died on this tiger bomb attack on a bus.) just one of many such attacks

he is in effect saying they had their children killed and maimed through ltte so that they can be used in a protest against him. same to victims who lost their parents, relatives, and friends. and those who lost their property, livelihoods, and economic opportunities, due to terror.

this is how these filthy western racists think. and their paid slaves in sri lanka parrot (and retweet) them. they think our suffering does not matter. and we can be insulted and our human rights can be violated with impunity.

time we repay western racist scum like this and their local slaves in the same coin.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

will tamil nationalists and their western backers face facts?

yesterday's elections for northern provincial council resulted in the expected victory for ilankai tamil arasu kadchi(itak) also called tamil national alliance(tna). it is a mixed group of tamil nationalist politicians  from moderates to despicable extremely violent racists including those who were allied to now defeated tiger terrorists.

question that matter is not the results, but what happens now.

will the tamil nationalists have the courage and pragmatism to face facts below(as almost all other sri lankans have already done);

that so called 'oppressors' and 'prosecutors' of tamils(that is sri lankans in general as represented by government) were not bent of oppression. but were perfectly willing to and did hold a truly free and fair election. 

that such an election was only possible after the military defeat of tamil tigers(ltte).

that in contrast, tigers, when they had power, insisted on being the sole representative of tamils, and killed and oppressed and prosecuted fellow tamils who even hinted at independent opinion(not to mention other sri lankans). 

that defeat of tigers and holding of free elections was a great and praiseworthy leap for human rights and reconciliation in sri lanka.  

that way forward in any direction requires, not confrontation and slander, but pragmatic engagement with sri lanka's democratic government.
will tamil nationalists face these facts and acknowledge them? 
will they have the courage to push aside the extreme racists who prefer to remain blind to them (and prefer violence)?

will western hypocrites preaching to sri lanka about human rights and reconciliation face these facts, and acknowledge and support sri lanka's solid progress instead of prejudging us based on  unsubstantiated allegations spread by racists(both tamil and western)?

we, sri lankans, have acted to secure democracy and human rights by defeating tigers and holding free elections. as always we will continue to do everything to foster democracy and human rights without prompting.
it up to all, including tamil nationalists, to join this effort in peace, and renounce violence and slanders. 
it is in the interest of west and other foreign governments, to help us continue in the same road,  renouncing hypocritical preaching and counter productive attempts at coercion.

whatever happens we will remain a democratic free society. and anyone who tries to undermine it with violence and coercion should be and would be defeated, as tiger scum were.

in elections held in north western and central provinces governing upfa is winning handsomely, as expected, even without some of its coalition partners. those coalition parties also got seats and will rejoin in administration if upfa will let them. unp is in a pathetic state as usual. jvp is finished.
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Sunday, June 02, 2013

life vs blog

i have posted very little here recently, even though i desired to reengage with blogging and my mind is full of blog posts and ideas. but life is great and full that one unconsciously delays.

in addition, the fact that sri lanka is at peace and prospering, while terrorists, racists, and western paid ngo slave scum, are either dead or failing, reduce the need for political posts in both reader and writer.

but i will try.

thanks to all who inquired.

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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

an old joke - how do you make god laugh?

this joke is pretty old, and very good.

here is the version from noah baumbach's 1995 movie 'kicking and screaming' (great movie btw; and not to be confused with awful 2005 will ferrell movie with same name).
joke starts at 1.45m mark.

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Monday, February 04, 2013

proud to be a citizen of free prospering peaceful Sri Lanka

while being proud, we should remember and cherish those who sacrificed and contributed to make sri lanka free, peaceful, and prospering.

we should also keep our eyes open for those who tried to keep sri lanka enslaved, violent, and stagnant, for 30 years; local and foreign racists, and especially ngo slave scum funded by hypocritical west

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

a slave ship and western hypocrisy

this is the plan of 'stowage of the british slave ship 'brookes' under the regulated slave trade, act of 1788'. 
feel free to click on the image and zoom in to observe the horrible conditions under which slaves were transported to america. 

under the named act it could lawfully carry 454 slaves. before that in a 1782 trip it carried 609 slaves(351 men, 127 women, 90 boys, and 41 girls) in the same space.

this continued even as washington, jefferson, adams, franklin, and others(some of them slave owners) were declaring in 1776, "we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"

in 1789, constitution of the united states with similar high sounding phrases went in to effect. slave trade and slave labor continued. 

in other words, usa was founded by hypocrites with hypocrisy as its guiding principle. same can be said of other western states.

usa has not changed, 220+ years on.

usa is invading, occupying, imposing, interfering, in other countries. under mass murdering leaders like obama, bush, clintons, and others, it is looting other people's resources in every possible way to satisfy and keep intact the empty lifestyles and parasitic welfare needs of its increasingly lazy, ignorant, and barbaric, population. to do so they are callously drone killing the innocents, torturing the unarmed, violently suppressing dissent & resistance in occupied countries, and committing all sorts of other atrocities and human rights violations.

usa's brutish slavedog countries, like britain, follow in its wake feeding on mangled corpses of raped innocents.

in spite of all that horror, they shamelessly preach to us, sri lankans, about human rights, democracy, and reconciliation. they, through their tools in united nations and various ngos, try to punish people who by defeating an armed gang of murderers, called tamil tigers, ensured freedom to exercise basic human rights here.

west's real aim is probably establishment of a slavish government here that act in western interests rather than sri lankan interests.    

whether they will succeed is a different question, i will deal with later in detail. for now, i will say they will not, if government here acts shrewdly and with courage. thanks god west is no longer as powerful as it once was.

the point i am making here is that nobody with any brains, in sri lanka or elsewhere, can be under any illusion that usa means what it says about rights, democracy, justice, etc..

when usa's bloody functionaries say those things, they are merely practicing their country's fundamental ingrained hypocrisy. 

we, individual sri lankans, who are not slaves (unlike the filth who work in western funded ngos) should aggressively challenge those statements whenever we can. we can still do that. we are not in a slave ship but a free country. let us keep it that way, by exposing the hypocrisy of americans, and their slaves, local or foreign.

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