Wednesday, November 13, 2013

channel 4's callum macrae tweets insults at protester victims of tamil tigers

maker of channels' 4 ridiculously biased anti sri lanka movies callum macrae committed a fresh atrocity as only inborn racists can.

victims of tamil tiger terrorist violence (lot of them people who either had their children killed or are living with children maimed by tamil tiger terrorists) protested his presence in sri lanka. they are justly angry at his movies, which based on unauthenticated or unsubstantiated evidence portray a wildly distorted image of sri lanka and defeat of tigers.

[some of many problems with channel 4's coverage of sri lanka was pointed out in great detail in a new book (25M pdf) available here. even though same issues and others were raised by variety of individuals and institutions both in sri lanka and elsewhere (including uk) for a long time, channel 4 is yet to make  any worthwhile response to any of the grave problems raised about its now very detailed corrupt bias. ]

when faced with peaceful protests he insults these protesting victims as "orchestrated" through twitter.

photo of funeral of kebithigollewa massacre victims (over 15 school children and several pregnant women going to a clinic, died on this tiger bomb attack on a bus.) just one of many such attacks

he is in effect saying they had their children killed and maimed through ltte so that they can be used in a protest against him. same to victims who lost their parents, relatives, and friends. and those who lost their property, livelihoods, and economic opportunities, due to terror.

this is how these filthy western racists think. and their paid slaves in sri lanka parrot (and retweet) them. they think our suffering does not matter. and we can be insulted and our human rights can be violated with impunity.

time we repay western racist scum like this and their local slaves in the same coin.

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