Monday, December 06, 2010

update: wikileaks on sri lanka -a lashkar-e-tayyiba facilitation team in sri lanka?

of the leaked 251,287 american diplomatic "cables " only 931 have been published so far. of that only 5 were on sri lanka (even though there are are reportedly 3,225 on sri lanka in total.) i have posted some thoughts earlier, on first 4 published.

this is on the 5th.

it is from 'diplomatic security daily' sent from american state department on june 19, 2009.

text relevant to sri lanka -
"¶19. (S//NF) DS/TIA/ITA notes earlier credible tearline suggests Khafa,s network is striving to stand up two teams in southern India that rely on the support of LT members based in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal. Although specific details of planned LT attacks remain unknown, late-May intelligence indicates Khafa,s cells were engaged in surveillance activities of potential targets, likely in southern India. Early-May reporting further suggests Kerala or Tamil Nadu may be used as a base of operations following the establishment of a facilitation team in Sri Lanka, with the estimated time of completion for setting up the facilitation route and camps to be two to three months. (Appendix sources 8-18)

shafiq khafa is a member of "india-based"(?) lashkar-e-tayyiba terrorist group operating mainly from pakistan aiming, it claims, to 'liberate' kashmir and to establish an 'islamic' state in south asia.

rest of the content is self explanatory.

hopefully we will get more info on what happened to this 'operation', since it seems to have zero public results. or is it still dormant?

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Thursday, December 02, 2010

update: wikileaks on sri lanka - american ambassador's report on 01/15/2010 on alleged war crimes accountability

of the leaked 251,287 american diplomatic "cables " only 553 have been published so far. of that only 4 were on sri lanka (even though there are are reportedly 3,225 on sri lanka in total.) i have posted some thoughts on first 2 published earlier.

i published another post based on the 3rd document earlier today. it is on how british foreign minister miliband was fishing for uk tamil votes when interfering in sri lanka just before the terrorists' defeat.
(curiously even after 3 hours it is not in kottu blog aggregator while it is in feed readers. other posts from other blogspot blogs published later are in kottu. whether intentional or technical it goes to show that blog aggregators are not the best way to get the all view points of sl bloggers. so kindly subscribe to my feed if you have not already done so, many thanks to those who already have ) .

this post will be about the 4th leak on sri lanka that came out last night sri lankan time.

btw wikileaks website was offline most of the evening sl time due to the fact that it was under a unprecedentedly massive (ie probably government sponsored ) cyber attack and its eurapean servers could not handle it. also servers rented from american based amazon were denied to them by that company yesterday due to u.s. government pressure. so much for american freedom of expression.

since it is possible that wikileaks can go offline again, i will soon post the full text of all sl related leaked documents elsewhere and provide links to them too when referring to them in posts. i will of course always link to the wikileaks site


now lets looks at the report titled "SRI LANKA WAR-CRIMES ACCOUNTABILITY: THE TAMIL PERSPECTIVE" authored by american ambassador to sri lanka patricia butenis. (new link to same from new wikileak site)

this was written on january 15, 2010. that is during final stages of presidential elections.

here is the summary in full
"There have been a few tentative steps on accountability for crimes allegedly committed by Sri Lankan troops and civilian officials during the war with the LTTE. President Rajapaksa named a committee to make recommendations to him on the U.S. incidents report by April, and candidate Fonseka has discussed privately the formation of some form of “truth and reconciliation” commission. Otherwise, accountability has not been a high-profile issue -- including for Tamils in Sri Lanka. While Tamils have told us they would like to see some form of accountability, they have been pragmatic in what they can expect and have focused instead on securing greater rights and freedoms, resolving the IDP question, and improving economic prospects in the war-ravaged and former LTTE-occupied areas. Indeed, while they wanted to keep the issue alive for possible future action, Tamil politicians with whom we spoke in Colombo, Jaffna, and elsewhere said now was not time and that pushing hard on the issue would make them “vulnerable.”"

its a good summary of the document and cover the main points made in main text of doc.

alleged war crimes
war crimes are correctly prefaced by word 'alleged'. good. because no kind of evidence is presented to say that any war crimes actually were committed by sri lankan government side. nor is there any indication in the document to say amercan diplomats have seen any evidence to that effect.

in fact nobody has seen any verifiable evidence of these alleged war crimes by "sri lankan troops and civilian officials" anywhere. those who continue to speak about them please let us, sri lankans, have the evidence.

ppl who continues to accuse us of war crimes and fails to produce the evidence, are slandering us and depriving us of our rights. such accusers by blindly following unsubstantiated allegations made by tamil tiger terrorist's remaining foreign based supporters have become tools of those murderers .

also if anyone is applying a double standard and is reluctant to use the same words "war crimes" in accusing american and other western governments and military and fail to call obama, bush, blair, etc etc. "war criminals" (in spite mountain of verifiable solid evidence of war crimes by them in iraq, afghanistan, and pakistan) they are also racists.

now there is some confusion with meaning of following para in this document.

"There are no examples we know of a regime undertaking wholesale investigations of its own troops or senior officials for war crimes while that regime or government remained in power. In Sri Lanka this is further complicated by the fact that responsibility for many of the alleged crimes rests with the country’s senior civilian and military leadership, including President Rajapaksa and his brothers and opposition candidate General Fonseka."
is the ambassador saying "sri lankan president responsible for "alleged war crimes"", in the sense they have personally committed war crimes?of course not. it clearly does not say that.

in fact it does not say what these alleged crimes were and their nature so we cannot say how anyone can be held responsible for them.

is it saying that ultimate responsibility for any war crimes even if committed by any military or government officials rest with rajapaksa brothers and fonseka in their then official capacity? maybe, but that would be true of any country. so why then the use of words "In sri lanka this is further complicated ... "

only the ambassador butenis can clarify this and she should.

maybe she is lousy sloppy writer? possible. there is evidence of sloppiness even in this para. she refers to "President Rajapaksa and his brothers (sic)" now only one brother (defense secretary gotabaya rajapaksa in addition to president can be held responsible for any alleged war crimes if they were ever committed. other brothers were not directly involved in defeating terrorists with military means. so clearly a slip of the pen there.

so ms. butenis do explain your words!

it would be unwise to come to unjustified conclusions or second guess such vague and imprecise words.

this is esp vital since certain media organizations have intentionally mis-characterized her words. (more on that in another post)

accountability and reconciliation
what is said in this document about progress in establishing a mechanism for accountability is redundant. president rajapaksa has since then appointed 'the commission on lessons learnt and reconciliation' well past anything mentioned by ambassador butenis on that count.

she was right in her assessment that all these alleged war crimes and accountability not being a main issue of the election apart from president's promise to "personally to stand up to any international power or body that would try to prosecute sri lankan war heroes". which was a popular and morally correct stand to take on his part.

tamil diaspora vs sri lankan tamils
we already know that tamils in sri lanka and racist tamil activists in diaspora have different interests and butenis confirms this in this document..

sri lankan tamils are more focused "on current bread-and-butter issues". and imo government should stick to them too. bc racists in diaspora will not be satisfied until tamil tigers are revived and again start murdering sri lankans so that they can continue to claim asylum in west.

r sampanthan
tna leader r.sampanthan says he "would not discuss “war crimes” per se in parliament for fear of retaliation" !? this from a person who supported tamil tiger terrorist murderers and whose party acted as terrorists' proxies. we sri lankans have forgiven him for that vile crime without any 'retaliation' whatsoever. but he still slanders us. so much for any desire for reconciliation on his part. he is a liar. period.

sarath fonseka
it seems sarath fonseka made private promises to mano ganesan without disclosing them to public to get his support, of course this was suspected at time ( i and others said so. see my election posts) . given that ganesan supported ltte terrorists and is yet to regret that support, these promises could very well be harmful to sri lanka. ganesan and fonseka should explain themselves to sri lankan public .

mano ganesan
"On accountability, Ganesan told us that while the issue was significant XXXXXXXXXXXX accountability was a divisive issue and the focus now had to be on uniting to rid the country of the Rajapaksas."

now Xs seems to indicate a self censorship/redaction on wikileaks part ( they maybe mere noise in document formatting). they do that only if real danger can result from leaving it uncensored in wikileaks editors opinion. what dangerous thing did ganesan have to say on riding the country of the rajapaksas?
ganesan should explain.

international community "push"
[few unnamed tamil politicians] "have suggested to us that while they cannot address the issue[national reconciliation and creating a political system more equitable to all ethnic communities], they would like to see the international community push it. such an approach, however, would seem to play into the super-heated campaign rhetoric of Rajapaksa and his allies that there is an international conspiracy against sri lanka and its “war heroes.”"

ambassador butenis is right that so called "international community" pushing anything on sri lanka will not be welcomed by sri lankans. to call such a natural desire for freedom from interference a mere "super-heated campaign rhetoric" only point to limitations of her mind. maybe she has got used to working with willing slaves in other countries? then she better learn to change her attitude.

in conclusion ambassador butenis and some sri lankan politicians especially ganesan and fonseka should explain themselves.

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wikileaks on sri lanka update - david miliband interfered in sri lanka to get uk tamil votes

of the leaked 251,287 american diplomatic "cables " only 553 have been published so far. of that only 4 were on sri lanka (even though there are reportedly 3,225 on sri lanka in total.) i have posted some thoughts on first 2 published earlier.

this will be on 3rd and i will cover the 4th in another post after this .

this leak made happy reading for me bc it confirms what i ( and others of like mind) have said all along; certain leftish british politicians (esp from labour party then in power) desired to stop and impede sri lanka's fight against terrorist murderers bc they wanted votes of tamil diaspora in uk and they thought pandering to vocal tamil tiger terrorist supporting racists is the way go. (here is just one instance among many where i said this was happening)

the leaked memo is dated 05/07/2009 [new link to same from new wikileak site](11 days before end of tamil tigers) and reports on a meeting american diplomats from us london embassy had with british foreign office sri lanka team leader tim waite and desk officer sharon diaz on same day.

i will quote to the most interesting part first
"8. (C/NF) Waite said that much of HMG and ministerial attention to Sri Lanka is due to the “very vocal” Tamil Diaspora in the UK, numbering over 300,000 and who have been protesting in front of Parliament since April 6. He said that with UK elections on the horizon and many Tamils living in Labour constituencies with slim majorities, the Government is paying particular attention to Sri Lanka, with Miliband recently remarking to Waite that he was spending 60 percent of his time at the moment on Sri Lanka"
i think i don't have to elaborate on this.

remember miliband was uk foregn minister and he was spending 60% of his time on sri lanka. and this was may 2009, and uk elections were held on may 06, 2010, one year later(though they were initially expected earlier).

btw (C/NF) means confidential /no foreigners a level of secrecy higher than (C)-confidential . significantly only this part (8) of the memo and and summary which contain part of this are marked (C/NF) . other sections are marked (C) or lower.


"the civilians caught in the conflict zone remain the UK’s primary concern in Sri Lanka, followed by humanitarian access and addressing IDP needs."
this is pure spin for wider consumption. note how baser motives were not referred to in this less secret section. and btw sri lanka hardly got any kind of aid from uk then or now. they pledge, never disburse.

"Waite described Miliband and French Foreign Secretary Kouchner’s April 29 visit as “good,”"
here they were not being honest, and amercans clearly knew that, hence the quotation marks on "good". they and others wanted sri lanka to declare a ceasefire and stop military operations. visit failed.

the 5 public demands made by these politicians from what remains of genocidal british empire indicate their still colonial racist mindset
  • "visas to be issued swiftly to international humanitarian staff" [sure we should stop everything and issue visas to westerners so they can come here and judge and control us as they want],
  • "travel permits" [ditto],
  • "full access to IDPs as soon as they have crossed the front line and the monitoring of all stages of screening" [oh boy they wanted to run their own civil service here to supervise us 'natives', including how we separate those who were killing us and our children from innocent tamils. i have been reluctant to believe that uk directly helped the terrorist murderers but this demand to control screening for terrorists may indicate that they wanted to guard some of their own employees ],
  • "commitment to have 80 percent of IDPs resettled by the year’s end" [we and they don't even know how many ppl were displaced at that point and the condition of their homes and infrastructure but our royal master miliband order us to promise him NOW! in fact we did settle 80-90% of those idps(300,000+) within 1 year with the help of real foreign friends with genuine goodwill for our and idp welfare].
  • "allow the distribution of sufficient food and medicine to meet the needs of civilians" [ yes these racist scumbags assume that we intentionally starve ppl. in fact for years on end sri lanka sent food and medicine to areas controlled by tigers, most of it was kept by the facist ltte. we paid the teachers and doctors too. and nobody died of starvation, no epidemics took place. we did that without orders from miliband or his majesty vulgar queen ]

"The UK also supports a special Human Rights Council session on Sri Lanka"
we know how that turned out, uk got soundly defeated and sri lanka was commended by human rights council for defeating terrorism and conducting a humanitarian operation to rescue civilians from ltte. fact.

"HMT has decided to support the USG position on delaying Sri Lanka’s proposed Stand-By Arrangement with the IMF"
so much for IMF's economic only conditions and no political interference in its decisions. we got the thing after dealy but no crisis resulted from delay due to prudent management.

anyway that is enough we now know what kind of monsters were dealing such obsessively with sri lanka and with what motives; petty uk politics and ingrained colonial racism.

racist idiot miliband and his party lost the election deservedly. though i suspect he and others in uk will continue to play with lives and blood of innocent sri lankans (to racist like him we are not human) for petty political gains. how many lives were lost while blood suckers like miliband and gordon brown his prime minister spend their time and resources elongating murderous tigers' bloody carnage. how many dead children are cursing miliband the racist now?

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

what of sri lanka in wikileak's latest doc dump? who will they embarrass in sl?

[this post will be updated at bottom with new items as they are published in wikileaks until i write another post on the same subject. ]

so far wikileaks has published only 278 (243 yesterdays and rest today) out of the 251,287 documents it acquired without authorization from american state department.

they have resulted in severe embarrassment to usa, once again exposing the big disconnect between what americans (from obama down) say and what they do. as usual it appears that american state is run by arrogant hypocrites who care nothing for ethics and morality when they want to dominate others and force them to act in american interest; war, war crimes, crimes, assassination, spying, corruption, deception, etc., etc.. all seem to be fair. what's new? [one has to be a fool not to have realized this already. there are few such fools in sri lanka including in sl blogosphere.]

usa is doing exactly what all other dominant countries have done from beginning of history;
"the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must" - thucydides
hubristic amercans' ultimate fate will be the same too.

sri lanka docs
however what of documents about sri lanka? what do they reveal about american diplomats' view of our country.

the few media outlets that were given pre release access to the documents by wikileaks have not reported on content of any mainly sri lanka related document (as far as i can see).

there is a mention of sri lanka in one document [new link from new wikileak site] that is already notorious for revealing that hillary clinton, u.s. secretary of state, ordered american diplomats at united nations to spy on other un diplomats and gather data including biometric data, "internet and intranet "handles", internet e-mail addresses, web site identification-urls; credit card account numbers; frequent flyer account numbers ....".

in addition to all that illegal stuff, state department wanted info on various things about lots of countries including with regard to sri lanka,

Views and intentions of UNSC, UN human rights entities, and members regarding Sri Lankan government policies on human rights and humanitarian assistance; UN views about appointing a Special Envoy for Sri Lanka.
this was in july 31,2009. of course no envoy was appointed (nor was one needed).

however there are other sri lankan documents in the leak. lots of them.

3,325 in fact.

here (click to enlarge) is the info-graphic in spiegel online (one of the media that got pre-access), as you can see sri lanka has a relatively big dot over it in the map, corresponding to no of documents to be leaked. time line indicate the date of origin of those documents; color the level of secrecy.

leaks also indicate that u.s embassy in sri lanka has been busy. as the following graphic from wikileaks website indicate colombo embassy is the 11th biggest originator of these documents.

it will be interesting to know whether all docs originating from
colombo concern sri lanka. esp given certain conspiracy theories that went round when voice of america installed a broadcasting facility here.

anyway we will wait for the publication of documents

who will be embarrassed?
i have a feeling (and i may be wrong ) that those who will be most embarrassed in sri lanka when these 'cables' come to light in full, will be certain opposition figures. given their pronounced tendency to lick western ass, i wont be surprised if they opened their mouths way too much when err.... talking to american diplomats. several blabber mouthed pro americans (esp in arab countries) have already been embarrassed from the few released documents. also most of the docs seems to cover the so called ceasefire period when opposition was in power. there is also sarath fonseka's alleged contacts with americans in 2009 and during election.

in contrast, we already know that present sl government leaders are not given to ass lick west, so no favorites with usa. americans expressing their resulting prejudices will not surprise anyone. revelations will only make it more difficult for individual american diplomats who wrote them to have a working relationship here.

on the other hand, if it is revealed that those american diplomats have been intelligent enough to look past their prejudices and narrow world view to understand sri lankan reality and mindset, and recommended engagement with sri lanka, there will corresponding benefits to all.

another group that may be embarrassed are non american western diplomats and their sl tools, the ngos. to give them credit, americans were never much in to interfering in sri lanka's effort to defeat terrorist tamil tiger murderers, but other western countries were. these documents may report on actions of those others during and after the ceasefire.

whatever they contain, they will be interesting to read. cheers to wikileaks!

updates on 11/30/2010

another doc on sri lanka [new link from new wikileak site] reports on a discussion americans had with with amitav banerji, director, political affairs division of commonwealth secretariat on 06/11/2009.
(C) Banerji said that the human rights situation in Sri Lanka during and after the recent military offensive had been raised “informally and off the record” by the UK during the last CMAG meeting, forcing a difficult conversation with the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister, as Sri Lanka is currently a member of CMAG. Banerji said the Commonwealth continues to watch the situation in Sri Lanka and noted that Sri Lanka’s offer to host the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) had been turned down over concerns about lending international credibility to the Government’s actions.
no new revelations there; local media contemporaneously reported pretty much everything there.

btw who cares about the commonwealth? only thing it seems to do is parade the hopelessly vulgar british royals and hold games. (btw at 2010 edition of commonwealth games sri lankan president was the guest of honor at closing ceremony). idea that such a rickety old skeleton of genocidal british empire can lend any kind of credibility can only be entertained by westerners and their paid slaves with mental clocks stopped in 1930s, if not 1800s.

updates on 12/01/2010
nothing so far. altogether 471 out of 251,287 documents released. only 2 (referred above) on sri lanka out of 3,225.

updates on 12/02/2010
two leaks on sri lanka
separate posts on them were published in this blog
wikileaks on sri lanka update - david miliband interfered in sri lanka to get uk tamil votes .
update: wikileaks on sri lanka - american ambassador's report on 01/15/2010 on alleged war crimes accountability

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

will be back soon :-)

almost 2 months without blogging here. :-(

will be posting soon..

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

evidence of racist pro terrorist bias in the associated press(ap) 'reporter' bharatha mallwarachchi's latest hack job

in sri lanka's there are certain paid western and/or pro tamil tiger terrorist tools. esp so in ngo and so called journalistic community writing in english. some of them are so deeply committed to their racist and slavish agenda, that they go so far are as to deliberately forget standard professional practices and ethics in order to parrot and exaggerate unsubstantiated terrorist propaganda, and try their best to slander sri lanka, sri lankans and its institutions (ranging from government to buddhism).

bharatha mallwarachchi currently working for associated press is one such. in this post i will examine his latest hack job for its racist pro terrorist bias.

following image is a screen-shot of the ap report authored by this tool (click to enlarge). it was published within last 24 hours.

first there is the title "sri lanka evicts some war refugees from villages".
really ?
note that title is not enclosed in quotation marks.

this 'eviction' turns out to be a mere allegation by tamil national alliance (tna aka itak), in particular tna mp suresh premachandran. so far reporter has not produced any other evidence to back this beyond tna statement. he has not verified this from independent sources.

maybe tna and mr premachandran are independent sources? only a totally sloppy reporter who has not done his homework, or a deliberately biased one, would think that. tna was tamil tiger terrorists' proxy political party when they were still undefeated. they obtained 90%+ of votes in areas under the murderous terrorists then, while other political parties were completely suppressed. party has not regretted this association and still indulges in most racist rhetoric possible. all of this and more about tna is easily verifiable.

but for bharatha mallwarachchi all that does not matter. to him, if tna said something, that is no longer a mere statement but a fact.

btw i am not saying he should not report on tna statement; he should do it like professionals do reporting it as a mere statement by tna (providing tna's background).

contrast his treatment of tna statement with his treatment of governments' (old) statements about refugees. "The government said ...", "government says... ", "Officials say ..."etc., ; in every (note every) sentence referring to them the fact that government's statements were not verified were emphasized. that is right, if reporter cannot verify them. but he fails to make similar qualifications to that degree with tna statements in the report and title.

now why doesn't mallwarachchi verify any of these statements before writing?

for instance camps housing 'refugees' are funded and run to a great degree by united nation's agencies. why was this reporter unable to find the truth(or not) of government statistics from those u.n. agencies? it should be easy for a real reporter looking for truth.

then why doesn't he? pro terrorist propagandists were implying from the 1st moment of their existence that the camps were there for a sinister purpose (concentration camps perhaps?). reporting the easily verifiable fact that u.n. is funding and helping to run the camps certainly destroys any such conspiracy theory. now guess the reasons of mallwarachchi's studied total silence on easily verifiable u.n. presence!

that is not all .

he does not seems to have asked for a government response to tna statement as any professional reporter would have done before writing.

instead he quotes "the party sought government clarification, but there has been no response". but that is again a mere tna statement about alleged government non response to tna statement. a real reporter would have tried to contact government directly and have reported the results directly instead of relying solely on tna's word .

he also resorts to distortion and unwarranted speculation. he selectively quotes from remarks 'government spokesman' (actually cabinet spokesman, and minister) keheliya rambukwella made before these allegations from tna, during a press conference last week, as if his statements about landmines were a reply to them when they may not be. is mallwarachchi preemptively speculating and creating government response before government has even said a word? that is not his job! but such a hack probably does not know the meaning of professional ethics.

there is still more,
it seems mallwarachchi's politically correct wording is not correct at all and totally one sided.
"The Tamil rebels fought for a separate state, claiming decades of discrimination by the Sinhalese majority."

they certainly claimed to be acting for tamils but were they? this is an important distinction.
tigers are not equal to tamils (only racists equalize them). making the tiger murderers representative of tamils as they claimed to be (and enforced by killing and terrorizing all other tamil leaders) is a mark of a racist pro terrorist.

mallwarachchi takes their claims as as pure truth.
unbiased person would have said "tamil tigers claimed to be ..."

and were they "fighting' (implying fighting against military only)? a real reporter would have referred to their actual methods (deliberate targeting of civilians even children and places of religious worship etc, use of suicide bombers etc ) and consequences (their inclusion in lists of terrorist organizations including those in usa, eu, etc) even if he does not prefer to not use the word 'terrorist' directly to them. all these are well documented.

unbiased person would have said "tamil tigers (listed as a terrorist organization by several countries due to their actions) claimed to be fighting for a separate state on behalf of tamils, alleging decades of discrimination ....etc ".

but for mallwarachchi they are 'tamil rebels' merely 'fighting'.

"rights groups have accused the government and rebel forces of deliberately targeting civilians."
again his desire to follow the pro terrorist propagandist agenda of creating moral equality between government and ltte is clear. yes rights groups have accused the government of targeting civilians, but so far without any proof whatsoever. in contrast what mallwarachchi calls 'rebel forces' have admitted, documented, and convicted, of hundreds of deliberate bombings of civilian buses, trains, airports, banks , places of religious worship etc etc killing thousands. now can he explain why he stops at mere 'accusation' when verifiable facts are available to all?

are his colleagues at ap going to say al-qaeda is merely accused of 9/11? really?

"according to U.N documents, more than 7,000 civilians died in the last five months of the conflict "
as pointed out above mallwarachchi seems to be totally unaware of u.n. agencies working in refugees camps but has no problem finding non existent positive statements from u.n. that 7000 civilians died. in fact there are no such documents with such concrete statements from u.n., only allegations (clearly so indicated) at third hand. a professional (if he/she wants this at all in his report ) would have said." according to u.n. documents, more than 7,000 civilians may have died in the last five months of the conflict though the figure was never verified by u.n. "

does anybody still think bharatha mallwarachchi is a professional reporter? isn't he rather a willing tool of racist pro terrorists? if you think he is not such a tool let me know why below.

it is a pity and a shame that once respected news organizations like the associated press are employing ppl such as this racist with his pro terrorist agenda .

will they employ a committed 9/11 "truther" conspiracy theorist as a reporter? they won't. but we in sri lanka are poor and powerless in world, so maybe ap thinks we would suffer the slanders of this hack without protest.

we wont stay silent. this protest and exposure may not have any effect just now, but as i have said before these things count in the long run. truth and sunlight always triumphs. we should continue to document these despicable biased reporters and expose them to the world and future in detail. we should choose aggressive confrontation over silent suffering in the face of dirt bags like bharatha mallwarachchi.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

well done and thanks, sir.

i will leave others to write lengthy tributes to muttiah muralitharan. i will just say as i have done before here;

very well done and thanks.

thanks also for the example you set by retiring from test cricket with your powers still undiminished. an example ppl in all walks of life may do well to emulate.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

nice guys finish first?

"nice guys finish last, i should know."
says bit character betty finn in 1989 cult classic "heathers".

i don't know, and not just because i am not a nice guy.

it seems fifa has sort of invalided the popular 'wisdom'; spain, which came first in the recent world cup, also got the 'nice guys' award (known as fair play ward) for getting least amount of red and yellow cards of teams that got through to 2nd stage.


makes one wonder whether it is still true that "real life suck losers dry" or whether we "have to learn to fly", "to fuck with the eagles"? were my flying lessons a total waste?


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Monday, May 10, 2010

after one month break ...

i took an 1 month long break from almost everything (including blogging).

after new year holidays went on a packaged business cum religious retreat abroad (yes i know!). after that had 2 weeks to myself in an out of the way corner of sri lanka i own.

i wanted to think over and review my life and activities without any interference. i came to certain decisions which i hope to carry out.

(btw while my review included my blogging, i found no reasons to change anything in that regard).

on the whole had a very satisfying month. (so much so even my waistline seems to have increased for the first time in my adult life. lol.)

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

few quick thoughts on election results

i have been updating my election result post (where everything one needs to know is presented in one page) as results come in. remaining results will be updated as they become available. hopefully thousands of visitors there, both yesterday and today so far, did find it useful.

as of now according to reasonable speculation (find the full calculation here) upfa is going to get 143+ seats.

results are in line with what i expected before the polls.

ppl have spoken, in a turnout that is high relative to any other democracy (unsupported claims of low turnout comes from losers and/or ppl with pro terrorist agendas). it is now up to all those who respect democracy to accept it and work accordingly.

results are yet another indication that sri lankans are embracing and endorsing the new independent, proud, confident, sri lankan identity and mindset which started to assert itself felt few years ago, with enthusiasm.

they are definitely rejecting, appeasement driven peacenik, dependent on west , subservient attitudes of born slaves here.

as i said several times before, if unp (which did not win even one district) wants to be credible, it has to embrace the new sri lakan reality and attitudes instead of attitudes of a few ppl in colombo. it must publicly dump both policies and ppl who advocated appeasement of terrorists (note both). with a new leadership, it must show that it is sincerely appreciative of glorious victory over terrorists which ensured human rights, freedom, democracy and justice (not to mention physical safety) for all sri lankans. it can differentiate itself from, vaguely left of center upfa, through economic policies, if unp start advocating free markets and private enterprise.

meanwhile the results of the outraged 'aesthetic' senses of that fringe of sri lankan society, the narrow minded slavish english thinking pseudo elite of colombo (which however provide a large number, and until recently constituted a majority,of sl bloggers) will be entertaining to read and watch. sanjana hattotuwa's groundviews for example, has already started vomiting. lol.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

sri lanka 2010 parliamentary general election results online

according to tradition of this blog, and for future reference, i will publish the results of sri lankan 2010 parliamentary general election held today on one page (updated as results are received).

they will be presented as before in a simple one page format .

the confirmed results of current election will be linked to election department website.

last updated 0130hrs 04/21/2010.

latest results -
results of 04/20/10 re-poll in trinco and kandy will be updated as they come in.
all results out (except kandy and trinco preferance votes). see below.
note that no of national list mps was not officially released at the time of this update

earlier (04/10/2010)-
[see below for district and national results.
elected candidates' preference votes for all districts (except kandy, trinco, batti, and jaffna) added. see below. rest will be added as soon as they are available ]

electoral division level

imo the contrast that would be useful on electoral division level would be with presidential election 2010 rather than 2004 general election (when political situation and party alliances were very different). as such below, for each division, i am giving 2 pairs of percentages (top one is the votes that mahinda rajapaksa and sarath fonseka got in january 2010 for that division . second one is the percentages of leading vote taking parties for that division during this election ( if not mentioned esp the figures are in format upfa/unp/dna) . i will fill the second one as results come in.

on district level
i will give percentages and no of seats of all seat winning parties of that district; 2004 general election, and current election. in addition i will calculate and give the seats that would have been allocated to upfa and all others if votes were similar to presidential election.

since imo it is quite possible to predict no of seats that would be won for most districts, using few electoral divisions, i might also publish a speculative seat allocation for each district once sufficient data is available.

on national level
i will give a national summary in line with what i provide at district one, with national list mp nos added.

preference votes for elected candidates will be published, when available.

full results with national list seats
2004 general (party, no of seats , percentage)
upfa 105(46%), unp 82(38%), itak 22(7%), jhu 9(6%), slmc 5(2%), ucpf 1(1%), epdp(>.5%)

2010 presidential (calculated as a parliamentary election, taking account of bonus seats and national list) ( there may be unp-1 and upfa +1 based on exact nos) .
upfa 131(58%), others 94 (40%)

2010 general
elected seats from districts -
upfa 127(60%), unp 51(29%), dna 5(5%), itak 13(3%)

see below for district and electoral div break downs and names of and preferences of elected candidates

national list (not official as of last update )
upfa 17, unp 9, dna 2, itak 1

upfa 144, unp 60, dna 7, itak 14

my speculative projection ( note - this section was not changed after 04/09/10. it is there for record purposes only . for detailed results see below this)

needs more data for a full projection

partial projections -

by taking 2010 presidential vote's corresponding 131 seats for upfa as a base, we will calculate the difference between that vote and current one and thus no. of seats of each district. we can thus speculate on possible number of upfa seats.

as of now upfa is likely to get at least (131+8+4-1+1) + = 143+ seats

no change
from - matara, galle, moneragala, hambantota, kalutara, polonnaruwa, gampaha, batticaloa, kurunegala
increase of 1 upfa seat from - badulla, matale, ratnapura, puttalam, anuradhapura, jaffna, vanni, diggamadulla : 8
increase of 2 upfa seats from - kegalle, n'eliya, : 4
decrease in 1 upfa seat from - colombo : (-1)
increase in upfa national list allocation : 1 +
all in relation to 2010
presidential, not 2004 general election
national level speculation above is based on latest figures from 20 districts and not my earlier separate district level speculations.
kandy and trinco results are not available so they are counted as no change )


district results

colombo district
2004 general -upfa 8(39%), unp 9(42%), jhu 3(18%).
2010 presidential - upfa 11(53%), others 8(46%)
2010 general- upfa 10(51%), unp 7(36%), dna 2(12%).
my speculative projection - upfa 10, unp 7, dna 2. -correct

elected candidates' preference votes

wimal weerawansa - 280,672
duminda silva - 146,336
patali champika ranawaka - 120,336
dinesh gunawardana - 116,860
bandula gunawardana - 64,654
thilanga sumathipala - 60,846
susil premjayantha - 54,702
a h m fowzie - 51,641
jeewan kumarathunga - 51,080
gamini lokuge - 49,750

ranil wickremasinghe - 232,957
ravi karunanayake - 70,328
mohan lal greru - 68,008
rosy senanayake - 66,357
wijedasa rajapaksha - 60,030
sujeewa senasinghe - 52,559
praba ganeshan - 42,851

sarath fonseka - 98,456
sunil handunneththi - 78,126

colombo north, colombo central, borella, colombo east, colombo west, dehiwala
ratmalana, kolonnawa, kotte, kaduwela,avissawella, homagama
maharagama,kesbewa, moratuwa, postal







gampaha district
2004 general -upfa 9(52%), unp 6(37%), jhu 2(10%).
2010 presidential - upfa 12(62%), others 6(37%).
2010 general- upfa 12 (63%), unp 5 (29%), dna 1(8%)
my speculative projection - upfa 13, unp 4, dna 1. -oops over count upfa by 1

elected candidates' preference votes

basil rajapaksa - 425,861
sudarshani fernandopulle - 186,140
mervin silva - 151,085
athuraliye rathana - 112,010
felix perera - 69,938
ruvan ranathunga - 66,488
lasantha alagiyavanna - 65,939
sarana gunawardana - 61,150
dulip wijesekara - 51,469
vasantha senanayaka - 51,124
pandu bandaranayaka - 49,613
sarath kumara gunarathna - 46,040

ruwan wijewardena - 88,850
upeksha swarnamalee - 81,350
karu jayasuriya- 60,310
jayalath jayawardana - 58,302
john amarathunga - 52,331

wijitha herath- 50,967

wattala,negombo, katana, divulapitiya,mirigama, minuwangoda,
attanagalla, gampaha, ja-ela, mahara, dompe, biyagama,
, postal


kalutara district
2004 general -upfa 6(52%), unp 3(38%), jhu 1(10%).
2010 presidential - upfa 7(63%), others 3(35%)
2010 general- upfa 7 (64%), unp 2 (28%), dna 1(7%)
my speculative projection - upfa 7, unp 2, dna 1.- correct

elected candidates' preference votes

kumara welgama -124,766
mahinda samarasingha -97,778
nirmala kotalawala - 82,044
rohitha abewardana - 77,205
rajitha senarathna - 66,701
rejinold cooray - 60,196
vidura wickramanayaka 50,114

palitha theverapperuma - 51,153
ajith padmashantha perera - 48,588

arjuna ranathunga - 27,796

panadura, bandaragama, horana,bulathsinhala, matugama, kalutara,


kandy district
2004 general -upfa 5(43 %), unp 6(50%), jhu 1(7%).
2010 presidential - upfa 7(54%), others 5(44%).
2010 general-upfa -8(61%),unp 4(34%),
my speculative projection - uncertain

galagedara, harispattuwa, patha-dumbara, uda-dumbara, teldeniya, kundasale,
hewaheta, senkadagala, mahanuwara, yatinuwara, udunuwara, gampola
nawalapitiya, postal



matale district
2004 general -upfa 3(49%), unp 2(46%).
2010 presidential - upfa 3(60%), others 2(38%)
2010 general- upfa 4(67%) , unp 1(28%), dna 0(4%)
my speculative projection
- upfa 4, unp 1, dna 0. - correct

elected candidates' preference votes

lakshman wasantha perera - 65,077
janaka bandara thennakon - 47,133
nandimithra ekanayaka - 35,754
rohana kumara dissanayaka -32,803

wasantha aluvihare - 31,529

dambulla, laggala, matale, rattota, postal

nuwara-eliya district
2004 general -upfa 2(25%), unp 4(54%), ucpf 1(15%).
2010 presidential - upfa 3(43%), others 4(52%).
2010 general- upfa 5(56%), unp 2(39%)
my speculative projection - upfa 4, unp 2 - under by 1

armugam thondaman - 60,997
s radakrishnan - 54,083
perumal rajadorai - 49,228
navin dissanayake - 43,514
s b rathnayake - 41,345

a p digabaram - 39,499
shri ranga jeyaratnam - 33,948

n'eliya-maskeliya,kotmale, hanguranketa, walapane,postal
2010 parties upfa/unp/ucpf

galle district
2004 general -upfa 6(57%), unp 4(39%).
2010 presidential - upfa 7(64%), others 3(35%)
2010 general- upfa 7(66%), unp 2(26%), dna 1(7%).
my speculative projection - upfa 7, unp 2(?), dna 1(?). correct

elected candidates' preference votes

nishantha muthuhettigama - 125,760
ramesh pathirana - 94,317
gunarathna weerakon - 67,895
chandima weerakkody - 66,190
piyasena gamage - 66.301
sajin de vas gunawardana - 53,620
mohan priyadharshana de silva - 48,756

gayantha karunathilaka - 49,945
manusha nanayakkara - 49,690

ajith kumara - 15,872

balapitya,ambalangoda,karandeniya,bentara-elpitiya, hiniduma,baddegama
ratgama,galle,akmeemana,habaraduwa, postal


matara district
2004 general -upfa 5(60%), unp 3(35%).
2010 presidential - upfa 6(66%), others 2(33%)
2010 general- upfa 6(65%), unp 2(28%) dna 0(6%).
my speculative projection - upfa 6, unp 2, dna 0. -correct :-)

elected candidates' preference votes

sanath jayasuriya - 74,352
mahinda yapa - 70,439
lakshman yapa abeywardena - 67,510
chandrasiri gajadeera - 51,042
hemal gunasekara - 51,013
wije dahanayaka 44,463

buddhika pathirana - 62,499
mangala samaraweera - 59,836

deniyaya, hakmana, akuressa, kamburupitiya, devinuwara, matara
weligama, postal


hambantota district
2004 general -upfa 5(64%), unp 2(35%).
2010 presidential - upfa 5(67%), others 2(31%).
2010 general- upfa 5(63%), unp 2(30%), dna 0(7%).
my speculative projection - had not time to speculate before results

elected candidates' preference votes

namal rajapaksa - 147, 566
mahinda amaraweera - 105,414
chamal rajapaksa - 79,648
nirupama rajapaksa - 39,025
v k indika - 37,626

sajith premadasa - 74,467
dulip vedarachi - 47,160

mulkirigala, beliatta, tangalle, tissamaharama, postal

jaffna district
2004 general -itak 8(91%), epdp 1(7%).
2010 presidential - upfa 2(25%), others 7(64%).
2010 general- itak 5(44%), upfa 3(32%), unp 1(9%)
my speculative projection - too complex to speculate

kayts, vaddukkoddai, kankesanturai, manipay, kopay, udupiddy,
point pedro, chavakachcheri, nallur, jaffna, kilinochchi,
2010 parties upfa/itak/unp/aitc
tulf 5% in k'nochchi

vanni district
2004 general -itak 5(65%), unp 1(24%).
2010 presidential - upfa 1(29%),others 5(70%).
2010 general- itak 3(39%), upfa 2(35%), unp1(12%)
my speculative projection - not enough data

elected candidates' preference votes

selvam addokalanadan - 17,366
s n lingam - 12,120
anamalai nadesu shivasakthi - 11,674

abdul reshard badurdeen - 27,461
unais farook - 10,861

noordeen mashoor -9,518

mannar, vavuniya, mullativu, postal, displaced
2010 partise upfa/itak /unp/epdp/dplf

batticaloa district
2004 general -itak 4(67)%, slmc 1(18%).
2010 presidential - upfa 1(26%), others 4(69%)
2010 general-itak 3(37%), upfa 1 (34%),unp 1,
my speculative projection - upfa 2,unp 1, itak 2 - wrong by 1

kalkudah, batticaloa, padiruppu, postal

2010 parties upfa/unp/itak/tmvp
tulf 7% in padiruppu

diggamudulla district
2004 general -upfa 3(38%), slmc 2(26%), itak 1(19%), unp 1(15%).
2010 presidential - upfa 3(48%), others 4(50%).
2010 general- upfa 4(51%), unp 2(35%), itak 1(10%)
my speculative projection - not done

elected candidates' preference votes

sarath priyananda wijesekera - 54,373
a l m athaulla - 36,943
shriyani wijewickrema - 33,810
p dayarathna - 32,915

habib mohamed - 44,755
mohamed kasim - 41,852

p m p piyasena - 11,139

ampara, sammanturai, kalmunai, potuvil, postal, displaced

2010 parties upfa/unp/itak

trincomalee district
2004 general -itak 2(38%), slmc 1(36%), upfa 1(17%).
2010 presidential - upfa 1(43%), others 3(54%).
2010 general- upfa 2 (43%), unp 1 (28%), itak 1 (24%),
my speculative projection - not enough data

seruwila, trincomalee, mutur, postal, displaced

2010partise upfa/unp/itak

kurunegala district
2004 general -upfa 9(52%), unp 7(43%).
2010 presidential - upfa 10(63%), others 5(35%).
2010 general- upfa 10(64%), unp 5(32%), dna 0(4%)
my speculative projection - upfa 11, unp 4, dna 0. -oops wrong by 1

elected candidates' preference votes

johnston fernando - 136,943
t b ekanayaka - 112,420
anura priyadarshana yapa - 98,880
h m shantha bandara - 86,353
s b navinna - 77,976
jayarathna herath - 64,605
salinda dissanayaka - 56,842
niranjan wickramasingha - 54,572
indika bandaranayaka - 48,665
tharanath basnayaka - 46,079

dayasiri jayasekara - 132,449
akila viraj kariyavasam - 66,477
gamini jayawickrama perera - 44,131
ashoka ranjan abesinghe - 32,990
nimal senerath wijesingha - 30,687

galgamuwa, nikaweratiya, yapahuwa, hiriyala, wariyapola
panduwasnuwara , bingiriya, katugampola, kuliyapitiya,dambadeniya
polgahawela, kurunegala, mawathagama, dodangaslanda, postal




puttalam district
2004 general -upfa 5(49%), unp 3(46%).
2010 presidential - upfa 5(59%), others 3(40%).
2010 general- upfa 6 (65%), unp 2 (31%), dna 0(3%)
my speculative projection - upfa 6, unp 2 -correct

elected candidates' preference votes

priyankara jayarathna -56,098
arundika fernando -55,889
dayashitha tissera -38,704
victor anthony - 35,259
nyomal perera - 32,781
milroy fernando - 31,509

palitha range bandara - 36,867
niroshan perera - 28,078

puttalam, anamaduwa, chilaw, nattandiya, wennappuwa, postal


anuradhapura district
2004 general -upfa 5(57%), unp 3(40%).
2010 presidential - upfa 6(63%), 3(32%)
2010 general- upfa 7 (67%), unp 2 (24%), dna 0(5%)
my speculative projection - difficult to speculate due to a 4th party smbp getting sizable vote percentages in some divisions.

elected candidates' preference votes

samarakoon mudiyanselage chndrasena 112,644
duminda dissanayake 101,384
tissa wijyarathna karaliyadde 55,017
asanka shehan semasinghe 46,115
sarath chandrasiri muthukumarana 44,646
ekanayke wifred bandara 40,634
weerakumra dissanayake 27,102

chandrani bandara 29,884
palisge harrrison 24,675

medawachchiya, horowupotana,anuradhapura east, anuradhapura west, kalawewa,
mihintale, kekirawa, postal



smbp got 26% vote in kekirawa

polonnaruwa district
2004 general -upfa 3(57%), unp 2(41%).
2010 presidential - upfa 4(65%), others 1(34%).
2010 general- upfa 4(69%), unp 1(27%)
my speculative projection - upfa 4, unp 1, dna 0.

elected candidates' preference votes

maithripala sirisena - 90,118
roshan ranasinghe - 56,223
siripala gamlath - 53,973
chandrasiri suriyarachchi - 44,356

earl gunasekara - 26,925

minneriya, medirigiriya, polonnaruwa, postal

badulla district
2004 general -upfa 3(48%), unp 5(49%).
2010 presidential - upfa 5(53%),others 3(45%).
2010 general- upfa 6(58%), unp 2(32%), dna 0(5%).
my speculative projection - upfa 6, unp 2, dna 0. -correct again :-)

elected candidates' preference votes

nimal siripala de silva - 141,990
dilan perera - 69,610
lil chamika buddadasa - 42,856
udith sanjaya lokubandara 38,124
rohana pushpakumara 36,080
amith thenuka vidanagamage 34,742

harin fernando - 49,073
lakshman seneviratne - 31,560

mahiyangane, wiyaluwa, passara, badulla, hali-ela
uva-paranagama, welimada, bandarawela,
haputale, postal


2010 parties upfa/unp/dna/ind group
also ucpf had 6% in passara, 5%in b'wela, 11% haputale and sig but >5% votes in other div.

moneragala district
2004 general -upfa 3(61%), unp 2(67%).
2010 presidential - upfa 4(69%), others 1(29%).
2010 general- upfa 4(76%), unp 1(18%), dna 0(6%)
my speculative projection - upfa 4, unp 1, dna 0. -correct :-)

elected candidates' preference votes

jagath pushpakumara - 67,903
gamini vijith wijithamuni soysa - 54,515
sumedha p jayasena - 45,837
vijitha berugoda - 43,001

ranjith maddumabandara - 15,105

bibile, moneragala, wellawaya, postal

ratnapura district
2004 general -upfa 6(53%), unp 4(42%).
2010 presidential - upfa 6(64%) others 4(34%).
2010 general- upfa 7 (69%), unp 3 (28%), dna 0(2%)
my speculative projection - upfa 7, unp 3, dna 0. right again :-)

elected candidates' preference votes

john senevirathne - 125,816
pavithra wanniarachchi - 110,220
premalal jayasekara - 73,175
janaka wakkumbura - 70,473
wasudeva nanayakkara - 56,493
ranjith de soysa - 47,147
sunny rohana - 37,902

thalatha athukorala - 64,592
ranjan ramanayake - 59,318
dunesh gankanda - 34,219

eheliyagoda, ratnapura, pelmadulla, balangoda, rakwana, nivitigala,
kalawana, kolonna, postal

kegalle district
2004 general -upfa 5(51%), unp 4(44%).
2010 presidential - upfa 5(62%), others 4(36%).
2010 general- upfa 7 (67%), unp 2 (29%), dna 0(3%)
my speculative projection - upfa 6, unp 3, dna 0. - under counted 1 upfa

elected candidates' preference votes

ranjith siyabalapitiya - 141,435
atauda senevirathna - 67,719
kanaka herath - 63,136
y p pathmasiri - 61,582
lalith dissanayaka - 49,221
jagath balasooriya - 47,294
h r mithrapala- 37,745

kabir hassim - 48,344
champika premadasa - 40,914

dedigama, galigamuwa, kegalle, rambukkana, mawanella, aranayake,
yatiyantota, ruwanwella, deraniyagala, postal


i have not indicated displaced figures if they are too small to mean anything

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