Thursday, January 28, 2010

told you so! summary of my election posts

mahinda rajapaksa's massive election victory was long foretold by this blog and anyone else who is living in real sri lanka (including few other bloggers).

most kottu cocoon blogs chose to live in sf fantasy or run away from all reality, responsibility, and voting, (what a surprise huh?). though no longer dominant as they once were in sl blogosphere, such blogs still occupy a lot of space there.

anyway while sore loser sarath fonseka and his minions are turning themselves in to clowns ( by among other things, going in and out of hotels freely while claiming they are under 'seige') for the benefit of unrepentant terrorist supporters and foreign racists who never miss even an half an opportunity to denigrate sri lanka and its vigorous democracy [update stormcrow has written an excellent post about after election shenanigans now going on. read it], i thought i will write one smug post boasting about my election posts.

btw don't depend on summary or quotes too much,they tend to be lengthy for a reason. please read the posts in full if interested .

here they are ,

november 08 2009
sarath fonseka fantasy of unp and real reasons behind it

'politics in sri lanka, real story'
why ranil wickremasinghe for 'very short term and very selfish reasons' wants fonseka to run, 'general should wait and position himself both within upfa and outside instead of falling for the trap.' 'running against a ... popular incumbent ..., with no control over ones' own campaign, losing, and ruining his chances forever'

november 08 2009
sarath fonseka's biggest political problem

his supporters; 'active appeasers and/or supporters of the tamil tiger terrorist pussies'
'if general tries to win elections with support of ppl like those he will deserve derision and will lose'.

december 06 2009
degenerate bloodless shell of unp

' for what does unp stand for?' 'can no longer be considered a center right party','drifting without ideas or a vision'.
'function purely as a political vehicle for its leader'
'bad for the country, upfa or its leader will not face any credible check on its/his power'
'to revive the beast more direct and drastic action is needed'. 'get rid of ranil, ...stand for something that public wants'.

january 2, 2010
biggest problem facing sri lanka - sms spam

'kottu cocoon has decided that biggest problem facing sri lanka is sms spam' lol
'some questions and answers to clarify things.'

january 9, 2010
who to vote for? a guide

'we have to decide between individuals who make promises to act according to a package of policies.'
'how to evaluate a package of policies.'
'by giving a big margin of victory for mahinda rajapaksa, sri lankans will send a clear message of unacceptability of anyone who welcomes and works to further, the agendas of unrepentant peaceniks and terrorists supporters.'
opposition 'will have nothing to build on after fonseka's inevitable defeat.'

january 13, 2010
massive mahinda victory to close election? how sunday leader columnist indi.padashow twisted election projection

by who, for what and why, about an election projection published by clueless cocooned sarath propagandist indi.padashow.
detailed 'look at data' and 'manipulations'
'it is safe to say even numbers of sarath foneska's devoted supporter indi.padashow, stripped of obvious manipulations, indicate that sf is in for a trashing'

january 15, 2010
sarath fonseka the man - vicious, vindictive, control freak

'voters should ... look at the character of persons offering to hold the highest and most powerful job'
'we don't know much about sarath foneska, but following videos will help'
'they are real people with names and histories. they have also sought redress from courts. iow, they are not mere allegations'
'personality traits .... not be all that good in a president of a democratic country, where ppl are and should be allowed to act freely, and must be persuaded rather than be commanded'

january 24, 2010
election myths - 'sinhala' votes will split, 'tamil' votes will decide

'we will examine this claim closely, and show it to be a result of pure imagination with no basis in reality; a myth. in fact a racist myth..'
'who is making this claim'?
'due to all these reasons, and contrary to above myth, mahinda will win, by a big margin. my prediction as before. '

january 26, 2010, election day

today the good will unite to defeat the evil; vote and contribute
'evil men have combined in an unholy alliance, will the good unite to defeat them? imo they will. resoundingly'
'election results should and would make it clear that anyone who belong to, or accepts the support of, unrepentant evil doers, peacenik appeasers, or cowardly do nothings, will not be tolerated by sri lankans in position of political power.'

hypocrisy of indi.padashow's election spam and 'illegal' campaigning for sarath fonseka
'indi of and padashow blogs ... is presently sitting in unp office and spewing out pro sarath fonseka propaganda'
'hypocritical indignation'. 'spreading unsubstantiated dangerous irresponsible rumors '
'perhaps he was ordered by his bosses to use online propaganda to start creating the impression that election was rigged; always the default position of losers in sri lanka '

sarath fonseka still not voted! why?
'with only 1 1/2 hours to go, it seems sarath fonseka has not yet voted. why? is he not registered to vote?'
'why this secrecy and non transparency?'
'if he is not registered he is cheating the voters! he is concealing facts .'

questions to be asked from sarath fonseka & supporting media about non voting, non registration, and non transparency
'when did he know he was not eligible to vote? why did he not disclose teh fact publicly as soon as he knew? what did he do in southern provincial council elections held in october 2009?'
'the lame excuse ... about postal vote getting canceled is not valid.' 'claim ... to have gone to a polling station is not substantiated'
'journalists who were giving excuses ... must disclose when they knew ... and why there was a delay ... in publishing it ?'

sri lanka 2010 presidential election results online

according to tradition. i will publish the results of 2010 presidential election held today on one page (updated as results are received).

these posts literally got 70k+ visitors by 27th alone. :-)

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Magerata said...

You are cool Dood, You know your politics! I never thought anything about SF, other than a political contender. But now I know he is a moron and a sore loser. I hear he is coming to US now, so much for the love of the motherland.
I like to know what those 40% were thinking?

Raju said...

Excellent analysis AND predicitions.

My fears of an "iran" were unfounded, as where fears of 50/50 split. As you said JVP/UNP would not protest becuase they would know it was over and the people would out right reject them.

You were right on the mark SN.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for Sri Lanka that Mahinda won!!!! Ela ela ela ela!!! I'm also glad that the TNA/JVP/SLMC/Mano Ganeshan cabal were defeated as well.

Check this article out too:


Sri Lanka’s economy onwards and upwards

By R M Cutler

MONTREAL - The continuity inherent in incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa's election victory, based on early returns, is likely to further strengthen confidence in Sri Lanka's economic revival after decades of civil war.

Indeed, such is the present strength of the economy, which is forecast to grow as much as 6% this year, that few observers believed even a surprise victory by his chief rival, former army chief Sarath Fonseka, would have had a significant negative impact on the present boom.