Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sarath fonseka still not voted! why?

with only 1 1/2 hours to go, it seems sarath fonseka has not yet voted. why? is he not registered to vote?

mahinda rajapaksa friendly state media has now started making various allegations.

private news source adaderana says his "joint spokesman jvp mp anura kumara dissanayake said that the general is eligible to vote however due to security reasons the footage of him casting his vote will be sent to the media by his office".

if so why this secrecy and non transparency?
if he could campaign openly, if president mahinda rajapaksa can campaign openly, and vote in front of media, why can't sarath fonseka?

curious that his propagandists at unp offices spreading rumors about 'noises' at third hand have nothing to say about this ? where is the so called independent media?

if he is not registered he is cheating the voters! he is concealing facts .

update :
even if his delay is genuine (and still no proof of that ), he is stupid to delay this long.

update 2:
sf admits he does no have vote with only 30min to go .
questions :when did he know? what did he do in southern provincial elections . not vote?

fake excuse put forward by some supporters about postal vote registration lapsing is not valid. you have to request postal vote especially every time. and only ppl already registered to vote normally can request postal votes.

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Anonymous said...

shame on mahinda rajapaksa for cheap anti sarath fonseka propaganda whilst votingis going on this should not be legal

Anonymous said...

What a joke!

sittingnut said...

it is legitimate story . he could be putting it off fooling and misleading ppl when he does not have the vote .

even if he has the vote and delaying for some other purely personal reason, it is still stupid

Anonymous said...

Apparently Sarath is not registered to vote....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
shame on mahinda rajapaksa for cheap anti sarath fonseka propaganda whilst votingis going on this should not be legal

1/26/2010 2:59 PM

What happened to your mighty free media?? Or is it only reserved for you and whenever something pops up that is in favour of you lot and your pseudo-elite class?

Anonymous said...

Even though they say Jaffna/North turn out is 20% it is infact 50% because they are still using the old list from the 80s, i.e. Tamil population numbers are INFLATED.

It also means everything is INFLATED - represenation in Parliament, allocation of resources, univercity placements.

Anonymous said...

Sarath Fonseka is a pure idiot with arogent character. This bastered should be taken in to courts for all the wrong thingss he did. Ranil knew sarath did not have vote and used him

Anonymous said...

Sittingnut there are thing your pea brain cant understand. But dont worry, even tube lights will glow after some time.

Polls Chief says Fonseka eligible

Elections Commissioner Dayananada Dissanayaka released a statement a short while ago stating that a candidate need not be a registered voter nor cast his vote in order to be eligible to run for office and thereby Sarath Fonseka is eligible to run for the post.

State media had earlier reported that Fonseka was not eligible to vote as he was a US citizen and was also not qualified to run for Presidency. General Fonseka however said the claims were baseless.


sittingnut said...

read my next post why questions need to be asked

btw whether he is still eligible to contest and assume office is a legal question to be decided by courts and only matters if he wins. which he would not have anyway.

sittingnut said...

sorry about not replying individually may be later in the night .


there were/are/will be other posts including a results post soon

check it by going to main page of the blog

Lanka Libertarian

Anonymous said...

coz he is a gay , if he become the president of my country i'll be the suicider to him , selfish idiot , the sad thing is in such a situation our people help him , they dont know what they are doing , i'm a student studing in uk , i hate politics,but i would like to say smthing about president rajapakshay, president rajapakshay is our second king DUTUGEMUNU , we owe him , thank you

Anonymous said...

People seem to not worry about corruption but they need peace

It is not cricket means it is not fair

Anonymous said...

It is better MR sselected as the Presidant again Than a person who doesnt know about his own vote even.President Rajapaksa at leaast get rid of the jokers around you this time.Then you will be one of the greatest leaders in the world again.Specially this Joker Freely got title DR mervin.