Tuesday, January 26, 2010

questions to be asked from sarath fonseka & supporting media about non voting, non registration, and non transparency

sarath fonseka did not vote, he misled the country by waiting till the last moment to admit he was not registered to vote.

in the process of this deception, he, his supporters, and some who call themselves journalists clearly lied.

whether he is still eligible to contest and assume office is a legal question to be decided by courts and only matters if he wins. which he would not have anyway.

for now he has to answer the following questions,

when did he know he was not eligible to vote?

why did he not disclose teh fact publicly as soon as he knew?

what did he do in southern provincial council
elections held in cctober 2009?

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the lame excuse put forward by his anonymous 'aide' and unquestioningly and slavishly repeated by idiotic, substandard, so called 'news' website called perambara.org (run by a known liar called dinidu de alwis) about postal vote getting canceled is not valid.


1/ one has to request and justify postal vote benefit every time.

2/ only ppl already registered to vote normally can request postal votes.
typical of this sorry excuse of a 'journalist' to not know this or ask this.

btw his claim (as reported by slavish perambara) to have gone to a polling station is not substantiated as of now since nobody reported that obviously public event.

jvp mp and sf joint spokesman anura kumara dissanayake has to explain this lie to adaderana -" the general is eligible to vote however due to security reasons the footage of him casting his vote will be sent to the media by his office".

all journalists who were giving excuses now must disclose when they knew about this problem. and why there was a delay ( if any) in publishing it ?


meanwhile blogger indi.padashow and sunday leader columnist was busy spreading unsubstantiated sf/unp propaganda from party office including such low 'below the belt' stuff like false claim about mahinda rajapaksa leaving the country ( look at the reptilian way does that dirty job )

he was just as busy making excuses for sf. here is selection from evolution of excuses. one of them is another repetition of perambara.org lies).

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ok you need to check the constitution efore making such useless allegations, a lot of people who votes for 2009 provincial elections, (including MYSELF) are not registered in the 2008 list. a presidential candidate needs to be eligible vote, which SF is. there is no legal significance in him not being in the register of 2008. If the goverment wasnt so scared they wouldn't have to resort to such lame ass arguments.

Anonymous said...

You should identify Indi properly than just saying Indi Padashow. He is Indrajit Samarajiva aka Indi Samarajiva aka Jit aka Jito (to his sisters), son of Prof.Rohan Samarajiva and Sujata David Gamage, both of Lirneasia (www.lirneasia.net) who officially blogs at www.indi.ca and maintains his psycho blogs at www.padashow.wordpress.com , www.lefroy.wordpress.com and www.xxxmessymama.blogspot.com and more other places. Besides this jobless dude is funded by his NGO masters and employed at the Sunday Leader as a Yellow Journalism Columnist. He does not have a day job nor a permenant job. He calls himself a blogger and expends all his energy on anti lankan criminal activities. How he survived this long in the name of media freedom is a surprise, but he should be arrested by the CID and taken to task as per the laws of Srilanka.

Please do identify him in your posts and headings clearly, so people know who this NGO suckerboy idiot is. He should be behind bars, not at UNP losing office with his own ilk of losers.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting behaviour displayed by Sarath Fonseka again.

Anonymous said...

If this Gona cannot do something so simple, how can he be president?

Another example of Gonsekas lies and character. So much so for "mr clean" and "mr honest".

sittingnut said...

sorry about not replying individually may be later in the night .


there will be other post s including a resuls post soon

check it by going to main page of the blog

Lanka Libertarian

about sf eligibility as i said in post

"whether he is still eligible to contest and assume office is a legal question to be decided by courts and only matters if he wins. which he would not have anyway."

Queen from Another Planet said...

You should comment on why SLRC is running false propaganda at the 11th hour, not questioning SF's legitimacy.

Being on a voter list and being eligible to run for President are two extremely different issues. By mixing the two together, you only serve to wrongly influence people who have zero knowledge of the country's constitution or a passing knowledge of electoral procedure.

It does not take a court case to see if SF is eligible to run for presidency - the constitution has already told us what the requirement is, and we have a election commissioner who must have surely checked the validity of each candidate who applied.

Anyone can blame SF for note voting. But to question the legitimacy of his candidature is bizarre.

If he really is unable to run for presidency, why do you suppose the elections commissioner allowed him to in the first place, when his papers were filed?

Accurate writing/reporting please. Let us not all stoop to the level of the SLRC.

sittingnut said...

where are you from ? oh another planet !
if you are ignorant don't open your mouth only shows your stupidity

if there was no problem why was sf hiding the problem till 3.30pm. giving false excuses for delay in voting from security reasons to auspicious times .

he was intending to hide the fact till end . his opponents exposed him as deserved.

commissioner gave the ruling after polls closed, after 4 pm . ignorant again ?

as i say he and all those who helped him in this should answer the questions raised .

eligibility does not matter as i have been saying from start, he was always going to get a trashing.

Queen from Another Planet said...

Ok, Mr. Know-It-All : WHAT is the problem? WHY is SF ineligible?

Did it ever occur to you that SF could have hidden the fact because he was finally understands what bad publicity meant?

Candidates who are not eligible to run for the post of presidency should not have been allowed to file their papers to begin with.

In your haste to denounce SF, perhaps you ended up sitting on common sense.

And while we are at it, SLRC is not MR's private toy, but the national broadcaster. But then, all government tools are used as his personal property so...

If you want to shriek like a banshee about the evils of SF, please be my guest.

But try and do so without lying...so tell tell aney, why is SF ineligible to run for presidency?

(BTW, it's 'thrashing', not 'trashing')

Normally I make an effort to be polite, but since common decorum (along with that other common) seems conspicuous by their absence on this blog, I'll try and keep up with the lingo here.

Anonymous said...

LOL ... well I reckon Indi and Fonseka have given you enough fodder hey.

However, why not show a bit of humour at both their expenses!

You also need to come out and make one final declaration re which war criminal has won.

I guess either way the country is in the dog-house but if your man got through, we can all look forward to more smug posts ranting and raving about how you know it all!

How tedious and boring but of course you are sri Lankan.


sittingnut said...

queen from another planet :
here is some common sense for you

1 /
as i said in the post sf is going to lose big . so question of eligibility is purely academic.

if there is a dispute it will be decided by courts not you or me. even commissioner's decision can be challenged

i have alreday said all that before, do you have a problem reading?


sf acted dishonestly in this..
he should have made the truth public long ago.

by not doing so and give false excuses through the day he opened up possibility for others to speculate. esp since commisioner also did not make ruling till after 4pm

as clever politicians they took full advantage.

it does not matter whether it is slrc or another institution. ppl should be allowed to express opinions and speculate esp since sf gave false reasons for delay in voting till 3.30.

where were the so called journalists who should have asked the questions i raised in post

instead of real ones we have slavish idiots like dinidu de alwis printing any lie he is told

bc of that neglect as i pointed out sf is still not fully truthful -

petty quibbles about engish is a sure sign quibbler has lost the argument or completely lacking in one.

if you have a real point to make. make it rationally.

if not , or you can't, make a fool of yourself . you are welcome

Queen from Another Planet said...

Are you high on your own enormous ego?

"whether he is still eligible to contest"

That is what you wrote.

The issue is about SF not being on eligible to vote, but like all the other MR sycophants, you take leaps of logic to go from ineligible to VOTE to ineligible to CONTEST. Pray tell, why are you avoiding that question, which is what my original post was about.

Instead, you just bark like a rabid dog, making little or no sense. If the legitimacy of SF's candidature is being questioned, you must support it factually, not by making leaps of faith and stringing along other irrelevant details.

'Petty quibbles about English' is made only because you have a holier than thou attitude, while in actuality you make zero sense. You are so eager to throw insults every which way instead of answering some very obvious (and rather politely phrased) questions that one cannot help but laugh at your command of the language.

I care neither about the journalists you ask about, nor of Dinidu de Alwis nor of SF. You can ask them whatever you want to ask of them.

I asked you a simple question, which you, after two posts, are still unable to answer. I'm guessing the next post will also be much of the same, like MR's next term. Which makes it an utter waste of time to visit your blog again, because listening to a barking dog makes just as much sense.

So. Go ahead. Bark about ignorance and fools and what not, because really, with your ceaseless rants, you make it rather apparent who those phrases aptly describe.

Ciao Sitting Nut, and I hope that comprehension will eventually dawn upon you.