Wednesday, January 27, 2010

beware of rumors spread by sore loser and his minions

vicious and vindictive sarath fonseka is living up to his personality. he is acting like a sore loser after the right royal trashing he got from sri lankan voters.

some of his former terrorist friendly supporters, disappointed that their racist attempt to hoodwink sri lankans using fonseka failed, are now hoping to benefit from his personality coupled with sore loser situation to denigrate sri lanka, its democracy, and the election.

they are also using one of the oldest tricks in the book to try to create panic and tension; rumor. so far without success.

beware of them.

ask for confirmation and sources before believing .

truth and reason always triumphs in sun light. so get them to sunlight, to expose them for what they are; pathetic liars.

keep a record if possible of their activities bc some of them may be illegal.

in addition word of mouth and texting sms, they are online too.

among others, former peacenik and terrorist parrot sanjana hathotuwa is deliberately spreading false rumors. unp/sf propagandist indi.padashow, while confirming nothings is insinuating god knows what. dinidu de alwis and several of their suckerboys are repeating these lies in their blogs and in twitter.

to repeat, beware of sore losers and their slaves, ask questions, and confront the lies and lairs with reason and facts. they will be exposed.


Anonymous said...

Fonny the Hero
Fonny the Politician
Fonny the Joker

Anonymous said...

the stuff the losers spew is mind-boggling. They say that the elections commissioner is under house arrest: the bloody vote counting is a open process and there are so many people of all parties monitoring the steps. If the results shown on TV are different from those counted, so many alarm bells will ring off.

And Fonseka checks in to a hotel just because he fears arrest!! LOL. (He might have forgotten embassies.) And then he summons foreign governments to come there and save him.

Fonseka is embarrassing himself and everyone that supported him with the melodrama.

Nut, if you could please expand the article addressing few points in detail. I was thinking of writing a one myself but you beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

So are you saying that this is all a rumour/lie : a hotel being surrounded by troops in Colombo?

sittingnut said...

stormcrow :
you should write your post . more there are the better.
i will not be able to expand it today due to other commitments .