Friday, January 15, 2010

sarath fonseka the man - vicious, vindictive, control freak

when making our decision in presidential election, in addition to policies, we have to consider the personality of the candidates.

we know who mahinda rajapaksa is. i have called him a buffalo for a long time. i still think that is an apt description of his personality, encompassing both favorable and unfavorable character traits of the president.

we don't know much about sarath foneska, but following videos will help.

picture that emerges from them is not a good one.

according to some of his former subordinates and colleagues, sarath fonseka is a vicious, vindictive, control freak. you can watch the following videos and decide for yourself.

stories they tell are one sided, but they are real people with names and histories. they have also sought redress from courts. iow, they are not mere allegations.
[they were uploaded by one yahaluwa. in some of the videos there is a slight audio delay]

lieutenant colonel siri perera

major lakshman palipana

lance corporal bandara

warrant officer s a s wijetunga

captain saman de silva

i am also including the press conference of upul ilangamge (this is first part of a youtube upload, for other 5 parts go to pathumvision's channel). however i recommend that you watch the full original (46min) video at adaderana website. it is mainly about hicorp corruption scandal involving fonseka and his family, but i am including it here bc some of character traits (vindictiveness, etc) as described by ilangamge confirm the picture of fonseka that emerge from above interviews.

fonseka's response to this (uploaded by lankarising) is telling.

(btw i am not concentrating on corruption (and never have in this blog), bc i don't think it can be eradicated by exposure and prosecutions alone, though those things too must happen. as i have said before, only way to lessen corruption is to shrink the government, thereby taking away power over regulations and funds, from politicians, political appointees, and other public officials.)

add to all this, fonseka's almost public over the top abuse of unp mp dayasiri jayasekera for being the only one in fonseka camp brave and willing enough to participate in a projected 'rathu ira' tv debate on hicorp scandal. remember just a few days before same mp had to spend a night in jail bc of his support for same foneska (when crowd at a rally roughed up a heckler). after that tongue lashing from fonseka, ranil wikremasighe's reprimand of jayasekera must have seemed like a message of love to jayasekera. lol

add too, fonseka's provocative statements, to 'punish' various ppl (rajapaksas, other political opponents, police officer, army generals, etc, etc. ) by a various methods (ranging from prison to stripping of uniforms) within 24 hours/one week (i.e, extra judicially) of him getting elected. of course this sort of thing is common in sri lankan political speeches, but not by the main candidates.

some personality traits which may have been not harmful (or may even have been beneficial) in running an organization like the army, where ppl are trained to obey commands, in order to effectively fight ruthless terrorists, may not be all that good in a president of a democratic country, where ppl are and should be allowed to act freely, and must be persuaded rather than be commanded.

i don't much care what a person's personality is in private life as long as that person stays within the laws. however i think voters should take care to look at the character of persons offering to hold the highest and most powerful job in the country.

imo sarath fonseka is not suitable.

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Anonymous said...

I was waiting for someone to upload those Videos.

sittingnut said...

to make the record straight, they were uploaded by the ppl i mentioned in the post.

Anonymous said...

We dont like MUD politics. Be positive. Because we are the selecting people.

When you all doing as same SF gots 100% marks. So dont be fool.

sittingnut said...

depends on what you call 'mud'

some ppl are all too ready to publish unsupported allegations without orgin or evidence .

in the cases i posted there are real ppl and real court cases. in fact some of them they have won .

it is also a fact that this sort of information would be in main stream news if similar court cases etc. were there against presidential candidates in usa.

Anonymous said...

//Vicious, vindictive, control freak!
Look who is talking? Vicious, vindictive, control freak Nut!

sittingnut said...

do i know you? lol

anyway whatever i am i am not running for office

Fathima Shifani said...

Hey nuts, could you please tell me what they are saying in Sinhala? But I kind of understood the "Mistress & Chef stories" Is that it?

Am a minority within a minority and am going to vote for Mahinda no matter what. Dude i can't imagine a Military rule in this country. Its bad enough as it is. Not that your buffalo is perfect, but he's certainly a better choice we have. So its Mahinda for me and my family.

It might be a good idea to embed english translations, no?

Fathima Shifani

sittingnut said...

sorry i don't have time for a full translation.

they basically say that each got 'punished' in a long lasting vindictive manner. some by being dismissed from army (disregarding proper procedure) without even getting due benefits, or in some cases they have been assaulted.

all have filed cases. some have won but fonseka has prevented army from complying with court decisions(holding back pay etc)

their crime ? doing their duty according to rules instead of bowing to fonseka's wishes regrading his associates ( some of them female officers) or his preferences.

Fathima Shifani said...

Hey, Thanks. Appreciate it. Who is that Lefroy character on Kottu? The best reply you can give him is to ignore him. Not worth your time. He seems hysterical about everything !

Keep blogging. I love reading your posts.

Fathima Shifani

Anonymous said...

Corruption scandal unveiled:

LankaENews (UNP) predicts Musammil crossover

Musammil exposes the truth.

Balaji said...

it would have been a surprise, if the longest serving soldier of the Srilankan Army had not disciplined a bunch of crooks. listening to such crooks is a waste of one's time.

I can see 2 reasons for not supporting Fonseka.

1. he is at the head of an opportunistic coalition between UNP and JVP.

2. he displayed a serious error of judgment in outing the murders committed by his own army.

other than that, questioning his character etc shud indeed be called MUD politics. Sri Lanka's greatest General deserves better than that.

sittingnut said...

fathima shifani:

anon @1/15/2010 9:12 pm:
thanks for the links.
that is going to be big story.

i don't think any of them were 'crooks'. or that they were 'disciplined' according to regulations.

that is the point.

"1. he is at the head of an opportunistic coalition between UNP and JVP."

yes as i have said in previous posts

"2. he displayed a serious error of judgment in outing the murders committed by his own army."

i don't think 'murders' were committed by the army . his allegations were factually wrong mentioning one general (shavendra silva )when terrorists mentioned were killed ( while fighting ) by soldiers coming under anther general (kamal gunaratne).

he was settling scores with gen silva. ( vindictive again)

he was both lying and irresponsible. ( as i said he was on the day he made the allegation)

he is a great general ( though he should leave of claiming full credit for winning ) but his character faults should be examined.

Anonymous said...

>> "i have called him a buffalo for a long time. i still think that is an apt description of his personality, encompassing both favorable and unfavorable character traits of the president."

lol - good one

Anonymous said...

Though not a good source exactly, the concept seems very likely.


Fonseka mafia to play ‘bomb ploy’ for sympathy votes

Despite a rapidly dissolving vote base and a string of revelations on alleged corruption and bribing, the UNF opposition alliance including care-taken candidate Fonseka are learnt to have unanimously taken a tactical decision to stage chaos intended at wooing votes in a last ditch effort.

According to reliable sources at Sirikotha, SFB learns that a ploy to ‘stage an explosion’ extravaganza backed by propaganda media coverage have already been talked upon among the UNF inner circles. This will indeed serve the purpose of Fonseka who is pushed to the wall and in brink of a shameful election defeat” the sources said.

The idea generated by Mangala was whole heartedly approved by Ranil Wickramasinghe and Sarath Fonseka, the sources further revealed. Mangala has drawn similarities to the 1999 bomb explosion where Former President Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaranathunge secured a record vote percentage on sympathy basis.

Meanwhile, Fonseka is learnt to have tasked his ex-Army mafia members including two military sleuths with the fire-work display. The initial bomb will go-off as soon as Fonseka steps-down from the main stage, followed by a simultaneous sound bomb explosion intensifying, the incident momentum, the sources further revealed.

Anonymous said...

one question thumbi .. machan ... brother .. have you also bought a ticker to Singapore?! and .. .have you also had .. a heart attack?!!!

If so - you better not be a war criminal!

What are you gonna do - blame the tigers8? Hmmm ... Fonseka is going to be pretty upset with these posts.


Anonymous said...

I am so tired of that arrogant general fonseka and his whining and threats.

Raju said...

Buffalo's corruption Vs UNPs corruption. A Buffalo does not sell the farm otherwise he has no place to work and will be thrown onto the street to be potentially captured, cooked and sold!

Anonymous said...

Norway paying for crowds as well?

Inquiries shed new light on Hungama shooting

Meanwhile, the husband of the woman, who was killed in the Hungama incident, testifying at the inquest on the death of the woman, said that his family for generations has been supporters of the Rajapaksas. And that at all elections, they had voted for President Rajapaksa and the President had provided jobs to several members of the family. The deceased too had been an SLFP supporter and she had left home saying that she was going to attend a meeting where pairs of spectacles were to be distributed free.

Anonymous said...

Look at this twat

Corrupt and Censored, Sri Lanka's Presidential Elections Could End Like Iran's

by Drala Dralala January 18, 2010

I am writing in fear that I could be under threat if my identity becomes known. The elections here in Sri Lanka are rife with violence and intimidation. This morning, a person pasting posters of the opposition candidate Generel Sarath Fonseka was shot and killed.

This is an appeal to the foreign media to be alert and make a special effort to report the true facts to the running up of the elections on January 26. The hands of the local free media are tied and will face many consequences if they do not adhere to the guidelines and censorship imposed by the ruling government.

The state TV and press are being used for the ruling president's publicity campaign, distorting many facts, all at the expense of public funds.

This is a cry of help to safeguard free media and democracy in Sri Lanka. We do not want a re-enactment of the Iranian presidential elections. Incidently Ahamedinjad is a close friend of Mahinda Rajapkese

Anonymous said...

some sanity quite atypical of groundviews.

But then, it's just this writer Kalana Seneviratne.

Indi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

fantastic !!! This is exactly what I needed. our house is divided in the middle 4 supporting MR and 4 supporting Gonsy.
guess whoose side I am on :)

One of the things that Gonsy supporters say [atleast the ones at home] is that he is a "great" person.

Yeah ! right !!!!

MR may not be perfect but he is the ONLY leader in our country that completely wiped out the LTTE.
If Ranil had been in power we would by now need to apply visa to go to Jaffna and there will be bombs exploding in Colombo everyday.

Gonsy supporters forget this.

Thank you for this and please keep them coming.

sittingnut said...

i gove below the text of comment ( in fact threat) left above ( with sections as explained elsewhere (search ) , bc of privacy violations stripped)

i don't think it is by indi bc he usually makes his suckerboys do the dirty work or use padashow or some such fake identity

Can you see shitty nutty i am exposing you and still on kottu. Sad, no? Your situation is very awkward. if you shout against me, then you risk getting exposed. Everyone knows i own lefroy and messy mama blog you idiot. What can you do about, eh? Now will you STFU and kiss Mahinda's atta please?

I feel sorry for you [name] . Stop calling me Padashow and my dad, a corrupt political appointee. Withdraw your silly statements or get exposed fool.


Rajaratarala said...

Better to look at someone's record rather than personality.

A sign of a weak argument is when one attacks someone's personality instead of ones record.

Voters will decide. Power to the people!

sittingnut said...


obviously you have not looked at the earlier posts which looked at policies and records.

in addition to that, given position they are applying for, we the voters, have to look at their personalities too. to say it does not have any effect is a specious argument.

Indi Padashow Samarajiva said...

I know you are maintaining that blog. So here's a comment i left there. (Post - someone playing a sick joke on me)


Admin dude, thanks for the compliments. But let me set the record straight for you.

I have a Cognitive Science degree from McGill. But from Upper Arlington High School, i have been diagnosed to have this disease NSFW (Not Safe For Work). hence i never really worked full time except a short spell with Dialog. I am NSFW. So i am a Columnist with Sunday Leader from March 2009 todate. Its nothing big really. Just my pseudo intellectual rantings, edited and tampered and cooked by the leader.

But i have a day job. I am a NGO funded full time blogger at from October 2002. Actually i found that none was interested in my blog, so was started. I am obliged to do what my White masters want me to do. Otherwise, how can a 27 year old dude like me survive in Srilanka, no? I am paid for these anti lankan sentiments. No big secret really.

As for formal employment i was at Dialog Telekom from January 2007 untill they found i was NSFW in April 2009. Got kicked out pretty badly and it hurt.

So, while i am humbled by your compliment, truth I REALL CAN BE ARSED. I have plenty of time. Don't get it wrong, OK?

Here are my other blogs when i suffer a multiple split personality disorder.
Padashow -
Lefroy -
Messy Mama -

Contact me if you wanna know more about my jobless moronic existence, OK Admin?

sittingnut said...

above comment is obviously not by indi.padashow and probably some lame attempt a foolish joke ( using some distortions from his public cv)
i am not connected with

as anyone can read i am very frank with my opinions in this blog .
as such i have no need to conceal if i am connected to any comment or blog.

Anonymous said...

Watch the first 20-25 minutes of this video you will see interesting parallels with SL: said...

now WTF are you on about you moron?
has nothing to do with indi/indi.padashow

some people seem to live in this bubble that indi is controlling the lankan blogsphere from his NGO funded control room.. thats just sad.

sittingnut said... :

what are you going on about?

i never said you had anything to do with indi.padashow

so why disclaim that here ?

lost your brain perhaps ?

and indi is NOT controlling the lankan blogsphere. loser can't, even if he tried . who has such silly notions ?