Tuesday, January 26, 2010

today the good will unite to defeat the evil; vote and contribute

"all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
that is a often used alleged quote from edmund burke, 'father of modern conservatism'. in fact the quote is probably a derivative of what he actually wrote,
"when bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."
either way idea is clear.

today sri lanka holds its 6th presidential elections. evil men have combined in an unholy alliance, will the good unite to defeat them? imo they will. resoundingly.

we have done that in the past.

in late 80s, jvp terrorists did not want us to vote and threatened to kill those who voted first. this was a real threat since they killed ppl who engaged in campaigning. but most sri lankans disregarded that threat and defeated the evil. fact that i, too young to vote, accompanied my mother to voting center as she voted first there (as usual) while bodies burned 200m from it, will always remain a proud highlight of my life.

we, sri lankans defeated evil tamil tiger (ltte) terrorists too. we refused to pay the price of human rights, freedom, justice, and democracy, to get 'peace' from the pussies. many sri lankans paid with lives and limbs to do so.

now we have another chance defeat the same evil. and i am sure we will do so again.

in each case some ppl did nothing, some wanted to appease evil, some united with evil.

while main evil was defeated, these do nothing cowards, appeasing peaceniks, and unrepentant supporters of terrorists, have united in using bitter vindictiveness of one of the ppl who contributed to their defeat, sarath fonseka, for their own cynical ends. (some hope to revive terrorists' racist ideology and thereby terrorists, some merely to remain as leader of a degenerate opposition, etc )

will they succeed? no

in spite of their attempt to create illusion of a close contest using manipulated result projections, or absurd racist myths they will lose big.

ppl who appreciate the victory over terrorists (cynically branded as 'sinhala' by racist myth creators) will not be fooled by mere fielding of a candidate who contributed to that victory (his authenticity was undermined by his biggest problem, his own supporters). ppl who do not appreciate the victory over terrorists (cynically branded as 'tamil' by racists) will not decide the election.

election results should and would make it clear that anyone who belong to, or accepts the support of, unrepentant evil doers, peacenik appeasers, or cowardly do nothings, will not be tolerated by sri lankans in position of political power.

make your contribution. go vote to defeat the evil.

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Anonymous said...

Still desperately trying to get people to back your favourite form of nepotism and cronyism huh??

sittingnut said...


yes according to anon above there was no terrorists , no peaceniks and no do nothings.

we imagined all the murders and all the maiming and and all the property damage? huh ?

imagined all that to prevent one set of nepotistic cronies from replacing another too ? huh?

lol @ the anon fool

tinker777 said...

well said..i sure hope good people among us do their bit to defeat the evils and this be the last time...
Thanks Sittingnut for highlighting whats set upon us today..

Pol Sambol said...

Western media is trying to make this out to be the most violent election in Sri Lanka's history.

The 4 deaths of Government supports (but as always "miss-reported as Gonseka supporters) is being over blown as part of the "violence" story to make it sound like a massacre took place.

They are also trying to portray Gonseka's petrol bombs as types of proper bombs as used by the LTTE.

They are then saying "violence happened in the past, including bomb explosions suspected to be carried out by the LTTE"

Basically trying to white wash the LTTE as always. Then again that is understandable the West fully funded and backed them and they were after all the Wests primary tool of violent interference in Sri Lanka to keep Sri Lanka and specifically Sinhalese "in line".

Pol Sambol said...

Aljerkoff is by far the worst of the lot. It has some fucking obsession with Sri Lanka like the Times.

West really pulling all the stops out to attack/isolate SL as a "evil" nation lead by a dictator with suppressed and brainwashed people.

Anonymous said...

sarath fonseka is evil now? jesus christ i can't follow the ever shifting nature of sri lankan politics

who will be evil tomorrow? stay tuned!

sittingnut said...

sorry about not replying individually may be later in the night .


there were/are/will be other posts including a results post soon

check it by going to main page of the blog

Lanka Libertarian

Foxhound said...

You sound like a maniac street preacher. Evil? Give me a break.

There are just interests of the different parties involved and by parties I don't mean political parties.

Why don't you just support MR without going over the top. It would give you credibility.

sittingnut said...

terrorists and their unrepentant supporters are evil

i get my credibility ( which you don't have ) by being right when most of others were wrong .
i was right about the election too. same with defeat of terrorists and many other things.

i am right so often bc i stick to fact and reason .

so get back to your little foxhole, scavenger.