Saturday, May 30, 2009

any one who called for a ceasefire has no right to judge us now

any one who called for a ceasefire with terrorist tamil tiger murderers, during death throes of those pussies, has no moral right to judge us or even investigate us, sri lankans.

they have already shown themselves to be biased against sri lankans.
by calling for a ceasefire at that moment, as i said then, they tried to deny us our right to life, and tried to deny us access to human rights, freedom, democracy and justice. they showed themselves to be pro terrorists, only interested in saving their friends the murderous ltte. they did this due to corruption, racism, and/or political pandering to racists.

these include some ppl in united nations, some western politicians and media (esp. in uk) and of course peacenik slaves here.

now these same hate mongers, rabid at their failure to save the murderers, are involved in yet another attempt to justify terrorist's hate networks abroad and revive the dead murderers here, by calling for investigations (and typically passing "judgments" at the same time).

even at face value, their statements then and now are hypocritical, unless they had already called for ceasefires, passed judgments, and called for investigations, of west's war against its terrorist enemies. (esp. since unlike here most of them are not facing an immediate death threats as we face as long as ltte exists). none of them have, done any of that certainly not with the racist keenness they now show about sri lanka.

but we should not stop at pointing out the all too obvious hypocrisy of what they say.
bc they are also slandering sri lanka. they have yet to substantiate any of the claims they throw out (esp. about the wildly varying number for casualties). all of their claims are based solely on terrorist propaganda (in fact, terrorist propaganda based in foreign countries). when asked to substantiate, they have nothing to show. nothing! when someone accuses innocent ppl of atrocities without evidence, that itself is a crime. these ppl should be exposed in their acts, and should not be forgiven until they are held accountable for what they said and are saying now.

it is telling that same ppl are yet to condemn (or even to report, in the case of racist british media, that have been so keen to investigate us ) the almost daily hate attacks on sri lankans by terrorist supporters in western countries, where there is a total lack of investigations or preventive measures against such attacks. by making false claims mentioned above, and giving false figures, these ppl are encouraging and justifying those hate attacks and lack of action against them.

we should challenge their slanders wherever we find them, aggressively.

we won the military victory against terrorists by sticking to and not backing down from the morally justifiable path, even when these hypocrites were pressuring us to do otherwise. we should not, and will not, allow same hypocrites to judge and/or investigate us now.

only ppl who wholeheartedly supported us in our war against criminal terrorists has any right to judge us.

was out of country for few days on business.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

when will peacenik hypocrites unconditionally condemn racist pro terrorist anti sri lankan violence and protests in west?

i wrote about the recent increase in racist attacks and protests against sri lankans by pro terrorists in west, yesterday, before the news of the day overwhelmed it; asking that western governments immediately take measures, to protect sri lankans in their countries, prevent attacks, and arrest and prosecute those responsible (which they have not done in spite of video evidence in some cases)
read it

as horror of latest acid attack by pro terrorist racists in australia (which could leave one person blind and disfigured) emerge, all those who are anti racist, anti terrorist, and pro real peace, must speak out against them. now!

this post is specifically addressed to sri lankan peaceniks (bloggers esp included) and ngos, esp those who were inaccurately claiming that there is 'a culture of impunity' in sri lanka. in fact as the ignoble death of mass murdering terrorist pussy velupillai prabhakaran proved ppl are being held accountable (typically irrational peaceniks of course do not like this too) .

these peaceniks should condemn those racist hate mongering attacks, and protests that encourage those attacks, of pro terrorists, unconditionally. they should condemn those governments for their inaction and 'culture of impunity' (regardless of how much those governments contribute to their ngos).

hypocrites in amnesty international and human rights watch and other such ingos which were so ready to condemn sri lanka of all sort of things with no evidence, should also condemn these protests, attacks, and governments, unconditionally, if they want to retain any credibility.

will they do that? will they have the backbone to stand up for human rights, justice, freedom, and democracy, for once ?

or will they look the other way
as they did when terrorists were killing innocents here? (blindly recommending appeasement of murderers or evading the reality of terror in typical intellectually dishonest fashion.)

we will see.

and we will hold them accountable esp the peacenik bloggers who live in those countries where such attacks and protests happen.

Monday, May 18, 2009

mass murdering tamil tiger terrorist velupillai prabhakaran is dead. thank god!

ltte leader, velupillai prabhakaran, the big pussy terrorist murderer of thousands is dead, along with his chief associates.

in spite of efforts by racists, peaceniks, and some in the west, to save him. .

thank god!

thanks and credit due to sri lankan military, government, and president mahinda rajapakse, all of whom had the courage to do what is morally right and to stay the course in spite of obstacles.

we sri lankans should be proud. this is our victory with our own efforts.

this should be celebrated by all who love real peace, human rights, justice, freedom and democracy.

western governments must prosecute those responsible for racist pro terrorist attacks against sri lankans in their countries. now!

pro tamil tiger racists in western countries who have been supporting the ltte murderers with financial, political, and moral support are going over edge as their hopes of creating an ethnically cleansed racist tamil state called tamil ealam are dashed, and their leaders here are getting what they deserve; ignoble cowardly death.

there has been an increase in number of attacks against sri lankan institutions and sri lankan individuals in those countries. sri lankan embassies have been attacked, individual sri lankans or with connections to sri lanka have been attacked ( latest in australia link thanks to bailaman), buddhist temples have been subject to repeated arson attacks.

even before this ltte supporters intimidated other members of tamil diaspora who did not approve of ltte's atrocities. bc of this tamil diaspora has always appeared to support ltte terrorism in contrast to tamils who actually live here (btw a fact always willfully forgotten by pro terrorist propagandists and peaceniks; majority of tamils in sl have always lived and preferred to live in government controlled sri lanka even when terrorist pussies were holding huge territories and pretending it was a state).

western governments, esp european ones, and particularly britain and norway, have failed to prevent, or arrest and prosecute, those responsible, even though, as in several cases of embassy attacks, there is video evidence. western media esp those that were calling for a ceasefire ( which would have been murderous for sri lankans) recently ( and particularly bbc which has been acting like terrorist's propaganda arm publishing anonymous unsubstantiated anti sl stories) has not reported on these hate attacks in their own countries. ( given that same governments and media also failed to prevent or report on the fat financial life line that allowed terrorists here to buy arms and murder innocents, this is no surprise to us who are well aware of hypocrisy and racism inherent in some ppl in the west, esp among the leftist liberals).

some politicians in those countries ( example some british labor party politicians) depend on tamil votes, so are shamelessly pandering to perpetrators of these hate crimes, similar to the way they parroted these hate mongers when they called for a ceasefire recently. (btw if indian elections are any clue ordinary tamils do not care about ltte terrorists and their pandering will fail)

we will see whether these governments and media institutions will continue with this inaction, and remain blind while allowing innocent sri lankans to be attacked without any protection in their countries.

if this continues,
which are the failed states?
do these states have free media?

it is telling that several sri lankan bloggers who are either openly peacenik or are intellectually dishonest peacenik cowards (i.e. those who evaded taking a stand on what to do with ltte, while criticizing ppl who took a stand in supporting defeat of ltte criminals with violence if needs be), have not condemned or even written about these attacks even though typically some of them live in those countries. any of the indi padahow's suckerboy cocoon will fall into this category, but prime example is the drummerboy (who recently "led" the effort to ban another blogger from kottu bc he did not conform to drummerboy's narrow small minded world view even though they shared the same self absorbed narcissistic streak)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

congress winning big in india. good for sri lanka, bad for racists, peaceniks, and terrorists

as results of indian election comes in, it is clear that congress and its allies (united progressive alliance, upa) are winning big, contrary to predictions that that there will not be a clear mandate. (core of upa excluding some who left just before election, has won or leading in 255 odd seats out of 543. this core, which was in government with help from other parties and mps, had about 200 seats in outgoing lok sabha)

this is good for india and good for sri lankans who prefer a terrorist free state .

bc due to the size of the win, next indian central government will not be held hostage by regional parties, such as those in tamil nadu.

during the election these primarily racist parties in tamil nadu vied with each other in an effort to save ltte terrorist pussies from the complete defeat they are facing in sri lanka. jayalalitha of aiadmk was the worst of the major tamil polticos (that a living joke like her is a major politico in tamil nadu says a lot); promising to even invade sri lanka. well results in tamil nadu show that the issue had no impact on the election. aiadmk is losing. candidates from congress itself (probably the least racist) and its allies in upa, dmk (only a very slight improvement on aiadmk) are winning. it is clear that tn tamils are not racists even if their political leaders are.

in any case overall result means a stronger indian government able to think about indian interests, not just political interests of a few racists in tamil nadu. indian interests dictate that sri lanka have stability, free of terrorists. that is why even the previous indian government did not interfere here in any major way ( up to the time of electioneering when it indulged in few token gestures to pander to racists in tamil nadu )

to conclude, a strong central government in india is good for peace loving sri lankans hoping for a terrorist free state and bad for terrorists and peaceniks (both racist by definition) hoping for a fake peace achieved through appeasement of terrorists. indians have decided they want a stronger center. good for them and us.

it was telling that before the election, indian media rightly saw racist antics in tamil nadu as mere hot air. in contrast some international media ( particularly racists in britian) highlighted them. in typical irrational fashion of propagandists they used that and racist tamil protests in some western countries to raise the profile of the issue. in order to force a ceasefire on sri lanka and save terrorists ( the ultimate aim of racists at this point) .

free market polices will continue and probably expand in india. communists and other leftists were also dealt a mauling. good

Thursday, May 14, 2009

anyone trying to force a ceasefire with ltte terrorists in sri lanka at this point of time should not be tolerated

any one trying to force a ceasefire with ltte terrorists in sri lanka at this point of time is no friend of sri lanka and is supporting our murderers.

such coercion amount to an act of aggression.
and their agents here should feel proportionate retaliation.

i don't care who it is. they never lifted a finger to help us when we, sri lankans, who want a peace free of terrorists, were being murdered in mass by the ltte tamil tiger terrorists, including during past ceasefires. so they have no right whatsoever to say we cannot protect ourselves when we are defeating terrorists with our own efforts with no help to speak of.

our best and most moral course of action at this point is to defeat ltte pussies who are nothing but a bunch of criminals (and do not represent tamils in any way) using military violence as needed (while of course trying to minimize the number of inevitable casualties among the human shields held by the terrorists). that is the only way to get a sustainable peace. human rights, justice, freedom and democracy all demand that. ltte and all those things are completely incompatible. anyone who says otherwise is willfully blind.

if anyone outside try to coerce us from that course (motivated primarily as in case of british labor government in order to pander to racists in uk tamil diaspora ), i think we should not hesitate to retaliate against their agents here proportionately. we should not stand idly by while force is used against us.

if they use force, including such as any kind of sanctions, those aggressors' agents here who advocated and lobbied for such a course of action from their foreign masters, and refuse to unconditionally renounce their received blood money and unconditionally denounce their masters' use of force against sri lanka should suffer for it.

words to note here are force and coercion. mere advocacy of ceasefire can be tolerated ( not of course seriously listened to). that is simply totally worthless bad advice. but if that satisfies some local constituency in those countries, let them have their hot air, while we articulate our case. but if they go beyond that and use force ( including any kind of sanctions) that is a different thing.

sri lanka should not be passive but assertive. we should not obey commands (no matter who gives the commands ) if they are against our interests and our rights. esp when to obey means giving up our most basic rights including our right to live freely.

i repeat if any kind of force is used against sri lanka, we should not allow the aggressors' paid agents here to operate freely. they and theirs should suffer proportionate retaliation.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

vic issues an open invitation to indi samarajeeva and sanjana hattotuwa to answer some questions

voice in colombo blog has issued an open invitation to indi samarajeeva and sanjana hattotuwa to answer some questions. very good ones too. pl read.
questions, few and clear, deal with their championing of mano ganeshan, censorship on kottu, and sanjana hattotuwa's moral equalizations.

will they respond?

so far indi has responded.
good for him. but imo in a pretty lame way and is evasive regarding the questions. but you can judge for yourself.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

sunday post: what does christopher marlowe, ian mckellen, richard iii, and stacey kent, have in common?

well a poem of christopher marlowe titled "the passionate shepherd to his love" or called "come live with me and be my love". watch the video.

marlowe of course was a contemporary of william shakespeare, so it was no surprise that ian mckellen and collaborators of his 1995 movie adaptation of shakespeare's richard the third used it as lyrics for a song sung by jazz singer stacey kent.

btw i love that adaptation, even though imo it rather unnecessarily cut good portion of admittedly long text of the play, because of its innovative wit in fitting 1930s britain into the text. who could forget, among other things, how the line "my kingdom for a horse" was adapted.

i got to shakespeare through richard iii. when i was a teenager my curiosity was aroused while reading robert louis stevenson's the black arrow (which like shakespeare is historically inaccurate about richard and openly admits to it). so began to read shakespeare's richard iii and then other plays. anyway i think teenage boys will like that route to shakespeare. lot of gore that way :-) .

and i love stacey kent as followers of my twitter will know. i first got to know her singing through this movie.

here is the full text of the poem "the passionate shepherd to his love" by christopher marlowe

Come live with me and be my love,
And we will all the pleasures prove
That valleys, groves, hills, and fields,
Woods or steepy mountain yields.

And we will sit upon the rocks,
Seeing the shepherds feed their flocks,
By shallow rivers to whose falls
Melodious birds sing madrigals.

And I will make thee beds of roses
And a thousand fragrant posies,
A cap of flowers, and a kirtle
Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle;

A gown made of the finest wool
Which from our pretty lambs we pull;
Fair lined slippers for the cold,
With buckles of th purest gold;

A belt of straw and ivy buds,
With coral clasps and amber studs:
And if these pleasures may thee move,
Come live with me and be my love.

The shepherds' swains shall dance and sing
For thy delight each May morning:
If these delights thy mind may move,
Then live with me and be my love.

you may find
text of richard iii here
screenplay of the film here
a interactive conversation with ian mckellen about film and play here