Tuesday, April 28, 2009

terrorists' "ceasefire" while holding sri lankans hostage, is no ceasefire but an act of aggression

as usual lefty liberal "useful idiots" in the international media, and racist politicians pandering to tamil diaspora groups led by ltte fronts in their constituencies, are buying the line thrown at them by tamil tiger terrorists uncritically.

anyone with modicum of common sense would have seen thorough the absurdity and obvious "spin"of this so called unilateral declaration of ceasefire by ltte terrorist pussies. how does holding innocent sri lankans by the thousands as human shields, not an act of aggression? but they bought it.

after buying the "fake ceasefire" of terrorists at face value, these editors and politicians want pressure to be applied to sri lanka government to reciprocate with a ceasefire of its own.

in reality, without spin, what they ask amount to sri lanka government giving breathing space to an armed criminal gang, called ltte, holding sri lankans as human shields, when they are on the verge military defeat. a criminal gang, we must never forget ( as these editors and politicians are all too ready to forget), with a well documented record of committing the most vicious atrocities imaginable.

they will never say or write such absurdities about americans or british but they as racists (even though they will deny being racist ) feel no hesitancy about writing that stuff about sri lankan government. did they urge a ceasefire with pirates holding hostage? or al queda or taliban? no and they were right then. pirates, terrorists, and armed criminals, should not be allowed to get their way anywhere in the world. these racist editors and politicians' double standards based solely on race is clear. they have done similar things in the past and will do so again in the future.

call them out. if you see such absurdities, whether it be in nearly bankrupt new york times, or in the british mag the economist, or any other place, call them out and say what you think of this kind of sloppy racist totally unprofessional so called journalism, and political pandering. never mind about getting censored, attacked, or ignored, when calling them out, bc the msg will get to them eventually even if they do not want to admit it. there may even be few decent ppl left in those places who still respect truth. anyway we should not and will not stand by while this kind of bullshit takes place.

government should move forward in its effort to defeat ltte's military capability and leadership (the most moral thing to do at this point) and should decide its military tactics based on their effectiveness against ltte and ability to minimize inevitable deaths among civilians held as human shields, but certainly not on what these racist editors and politicians say.

as for racist editors and politicians - drop your fake sheepskin sympathy and go back to your racist wolf holes and leave us free to create a sri lanka free of of ltte terrorist horrors.


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

I wish to thank you very much not only for writting the truth about the LTTE but also for going round to other blogs and leaving detailed comments about the untruths published by them.

There are many heros in a war.

Sri Lanka is figting this war on more than one battlefield and you are a hero and fighting it on line against the tamil diaspora that support the etrrorits that ensalve the tamil nation.

Thank you very much.

tinker777 said...

when in War , LTTE calls for Peace and when in Peace all LTTE want is War..sadly, there is a lot that see LTTE as the only hope..for what I'm not so sure...
thanks LL for the great post!

Liberal Lanka said...

Can agree with you, but had this thought.

What about our editors who reject any ceasefire with LTTE but consider Hamas as freedom fighters and would not hesitate to suggest ceasefires with them? Is it racism or something else?

sittingnut said...

anon and tinker777 :
you are welcome.

liberal lanka:
i don't know wether anyone here called hamas "freedom fighters" but if they did it is racism.noquestion o.
i fully support israal's war with islamic terrorists of various groups , as you may have known if you actually read this blog .

Anonymous said...

LL,we need a consolidated place to paste all the true and unbiased reports on Sri Lanka that happens in the international media.

I live in a country that LTTE operate rather freely and it is very important for people like us to pint these unbiased reports to build support at ground level.

I cam accross these articles in three diffrent sources within the last few weeks and the LTTE are already doing their rounds damaing the original sources that are easy to find.

1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30480687/ - confessions of a terrorist

2. Washington Times on 26 April 2009 – USA should mind their own business

3. Lord Nesby on Sri Lanka

Also google “if there is genocide in Sri Lanka ”

Anonymous said...

Here is a comment that we left on RD's blog and we are laeving it here so that you will know what we think of you.

As a complete outsider to kottu I see three types or catgories out there.

1. The type like , you , Gypsy, Electra and the others who are mainly "words" people whose writting on the Sri Lankan situation can be best described as "oh, dear !!! that is nice but you should really stick to the knitting which is best that you do. Writting of flowery poems and light Ellen De generes style of oh I am not too sure " types. You lot simply talk and quite nicely describe the water to the drowning man.

2. The second category of people are like Indi and Rajaratarala who is on the ground and live their life very well connected to the commen man who walk the streets in Sri Lanka. Their posts portray the real life situation and they walk the talk.

3. The third category of people are VIC, Sittingnut, Blacker and sometimes VicUnVersa, who write an intelligent post and have balls to make their point very clearly. They are very comfortable with the truth and have the balls to say it loud and clear. They are opinonated and they are not afraid of the "moderate" opinion.

As a complete outisder this is how we use these three categories.

The first category we skim and grin and think what a stependous waste of talent !!!!!

The second category we refer our friends and relatives when they ask us "how can we help?" "what is the situation there ?".

The third category, we paste it on campus walls and print it and distribute them on the same streets that the LTTE hold rallies, we keep copies of them in our bags ALL the time,we need to as that is what the organized LTTE does.
We follow those 2 and 3 category daily and look for new posts and thank whoever god that we percieve for them as they are our only ammunition for people who live in the very midst of the LTTE diaspora.

RD, nothing is grey amidst the cities that are rampant with LTTE media machine and we only have so few who are unafraid to be Sri Lankans.

Aplogies for the long post.

However that is how we , me and a group of about 15-20 non bloggers from 5 diffrent countries use Kottu.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to say all this.