Thursday, April 30, 2009

my twitter accounts

here are my twitter accounts
this is my personal twitter (

and this is this blog's twitter(

i use the first to tweet about stuff that interest me (all news, politics, books, sports, movies, music, etc. etc.), second is restricted to stuff that deals with this blog and sri lankan news & politics ( though i do sl news & politics on in the other one as well).

no. i don't indulge in indecent exposure on twitter as some ppl do, so if you want that kind of stuff follow indi.padashow and his suckerboys. they do that stuff on twitter too, same as in their blogs. even on twitter they live in their self absorbed narrow minded small cocooned world, all the time.

but if you want to follow me, follow.

i generally follow back ppl who are real and not spammers. i also follow ppl who i find interesting and/or informative even if they do not follow me back.

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