Saturday, April 25, 2009

western province provincial council election results online

update 2
given the traffic i am getting for this page i thought that i should update a table of results periodically, so that visitors can have results at one glance instead of going through pages in election department website.
the table is posted in my next post and will be updated periodically.

update 3-
preference votes
continuing work from above, i am posting elected candadates and their preference votes in a separate post today 04/27/2009

since i get lot of visitors searching for election results every time an election is held in sri lanka (and sometimes even when the election is in a foreign country) due to my previous election posts, as usual i am giving the link where ppl can actually find election results for western province election results online .

ultimate source is department of elections. when results come they publish online and other media get their official results from there. most of the polling division results will be out before tomorrow morning. preference votes will be counted starting tomorrow

(btw other media has more or less given up publishing so called "unofficial results" these days. these usually were results gathered from counting centers just after they were communicated to election commissioner but before the commissioner has certified them; an advantage of few minutes.)

who will win ?
does anyone needs to ask? upfa with their current popularity will win.

better question is which candidates will get the preference votes to get elected. will corrupt political thugs like duminda silva, shiral lakthilaka (indi.padashow's squeeze these days, and like his previous ones mervyn silva, mangala samaraweera etc. anyone supported by indi is a peacenik thug) and others like them win?

duminda silva probably ( he actually got most votes last time when he was ranil's favorite, but probably will not be 1st this time, though one can never tell). shiral lakthilaka is more dicey; indi will no doubt be excitedly checking preference results tomorrow afternoon to see whether his ... man squeezed in from the bottom, of the list of elected.

in any case, both if elected, will live off taxpayers doing nothing (except for the kickbacks to their corrupt supporters).

this election was almost completely peaceful. so much so that i forgot to comment on it above. quite a contrast to a decade or so ago when we almost always had a curfew imposed after the polling, usually lasting throughout next day.

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for results of southern provincial council election held on 101/0/09 go here