Monday, April 13, 2009

sri lankan new year auspicious times

i should have posted this earlier given the tremendous response i get for my sri lankan calender post. anyway i am going to post the nekath (auspicious ) times for the coming sinhala tamil new year. (btw i hope christan readers of this blog had a great easter, as i did).

while i do not believe in nekath and astrology stuff, i follow the customs happily. one of the great things about sri lankan new year is that it is a national celebration and for the most part secular. fact that almost everyone all over the country will be doing the same thing at the same time is ... well great . even a born contrarian like me can appreciate the feeling.

all times sri lankan and for ppl in sri lanka. i think ( i may be wrong ) that same times apply to ppl in other countries (that is new year dawn in sri lanka is 0047hrs 04/14/09 sl time, but in gmt time zone it is also 0047hrs gmt, not 0047hrs sltime minus 5 hours and 30 min).

punya kalaya
04/13/09 1823hrs, to 04/14/09 0711hrs

dawn of new year
04/14/09 0047hrs.

lighting of the hearth
04/14/09 0505hrs, pearl colored clothing, facing north, prepare milk rice (kiri bath) and a food mixed with kollu (horse gram)

starting work, transactions, and first meal
04/14/09 0550hrs, pearl colored clothing, facing north

oil anointing (hisa thel gema)
04/15/09 0732hrs, green clothing, facing east, with kohomba leaves to head and kolon leaves for feet with oil and kohomba.

setting out for work
04/20/09 0628hrs, pearl colored clothing, facing south, after eating a thala mixed kiribath
or (alternatively),
04/16/09 0619hrs, gold colored clothing, facing north, after eating a kiribath prepared with ghee

wish everyone an auspicious start to a prosperous new year!

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