Wednesday, January 31, 2007

fmm with a false claim of internet blocking dupes lirne asia, groundviews, and others.

free media movement (fmm) issued a statement yesterday(30th) alleging that "basic communications facilities to the jaffna peninsula have been blocked". in spite of this sweeping claim, specifics in the statement indicates that this alleged block seem to consist only of "dysfunction" of slt telephones and some sort of unexplained disconnection of "internet facilities".

this is a false claim.

anyone can check its falseness. pick a telephone and dial a jaffna number. it will work. ask them to call back. it will still work. (i called several people i know, all of them worked. none of them were aware that there was any block. if you do not know anyone call a commercial establishment picked from directory). if telephones work dial up internet connections will work. (jaffna does not have adsl). btw another false claim in fmm statement is that slt is the only internet service provider in jaffna. in fact if you have an account with any dial up isp you can call their number and connect.

in addition slt in the form of their inquiries line also deny that there is any such block, and point out that phones are in fact working.

given that fmm and its convener sunanda deshapriya has repeatedly shown a tendency to accept terrorist propaganda at face value and have never protested against suppression of freedom of expression in terrorist controlled areas, in spite of his movement's claim to stand for media freedom, this kind of false statement is to be expected. (he like all peaceniks seem to believe that peace is worth any cost even loss of freedom of expression).

fmm statement was published in that new peacenik blog the groundviews and the poster there showing typical lack of logical ability drew the unwarranted conclusion "600,000 people today in Jaffna are denied the right to communicate with their fellow citizens and the rest of the world." just as typically one of my comments pointing out the problems in claims made in the statement and the post, posted more than 12 hours ago, never appeared ( comments posted today morning were published. their claim that my first comment was queued is false bc later comments by others were published while mine wasn't.) as everyone knows all censorship is arbitrary and stupid. groundview is a good example.

lirne asia blog also published the fmm statement (without any additional commentary). this is generally a more trustworthy blog but the good professor there should have checked the facts before lending his blog to propagating false claims. it was his duty but unfortunately he chose not to. see his comment there. pity.

well fmm can be satisfied that they fooled two blogs at least,.. for a short time.


my thoughts on real internet censorship can be found here .


fmm replied to my comments in both blog threads referred but persist with the false claim of blocking.

i give below a summary about this i posted as a comment in both threads afterwards though i fear groundview blog will censor it like two other comments ( in addition to first one referred above) i posted there .

to summarize, following were observable about the claims made in fmm statement and the groundview post

1/ there wasn't any any large scale ( or even small scale) blocking of slt telephones in jaffna as claimed by fmm . a simple check of dialing a jaffna number and asking them to dial back will verify this, even for telephone numbers later put forward by fmm

2/ there wasn't any 'internet blocking', in fact what fmm meant by this term is still a mystery. since internet in jaffna means dial up, jaffna users using slt lines had only to dial up any isp to connect as usual. ( same as anybody else using dial up in sri lanka).

3/ slt is not the only isp in jaffna as claimed by fmm. if a phone has a dial tone the user can connect to any isp.

4/ slt deny allegations of any blocking of telephones or internet, as anyone can verify by calling slt. fmm is reduced to hiding behind an unverifiable 'unofficial' confirmation.

5/ no other respectable media outlet local or foreign has independently reported about such a block as claimed by fmm even though it was supposedly 3 days old. may be the fact that there was no such block has a lot to do with such non reporting.

6/ fmm forgets to note that mobiles, other fixed lines etc in jaffna were working perfectly as well during those three days.

7/ to claim "basic communications facilities to the Jaffna Peninsula have been blocked" as fmm did, just bc ltte propagandists claimed so, without checking facts is a deliberate falsehood unworthy of any self respecting journalist.

8/ groundview poster's claim that "Either way, 600,000 people today in Jaffna are denied the right to communicate with their fellow citizens and the rest of the world" is a worse falsehood.

update posted on 02/04/2007 at 10 pm

on 04th ( seven days after the alleged blocking) a news item did appear in respectable media about this. see the sunday times ( thanks to indi for letting me know in the thread).

however only confirmation it could offer was from an unverifiable unofficial one from "a senior officer of Sri Lanka Telecom Jaffna branch" who says it was a "defence decision". slt itself still deny any such blocking as anyone can verify by calling them.

national security spokesman also deny any 'defense decision'.

the sunday times report also say "Surprisingly, the TRC consumer complaints division has not yet received even a single complaint on the matter." this may not be all that surprising if the telephone lines were/are in fact working. and as i said in the post they were/are working, as anyone can check by dialing those numbers.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

meaning of victory in this war

well done! everyone.

sri lankan navy foiled a ltte terrorist attack against the harbor early morning today, destroying three boats and arresting three suspects from one of the boats. the harbor closed temporarily, was back in operation within an hour. good work!

however this will not be the last terrorist attack against infrastructure or civilians. pussies will try and try again and sometimes they will succeed. even when they are reduced to a handful they will continue to explode bombs. that is part of modern life whether in colombo, london, mumbai, madrid, bali, or new york. there will always be murderers.

victory in this war will not be determined by the attacks carried out by terrorists but rather by how many or how few people will be forced to live and act in terror, day in and day out. as calm response in the south to this kind of incident during last twenty years have shown, people there are now free from this terror. calmer we are, greater the victory over terrorists.

all they want is senseless backlash. instead we are giving them what they deserve, a disciplined and pragmatic military response with the limited resources available, that will with time (a very long time - we have to be prepared) reduce them to a handful.

as part of a democratic state it is our duty to ensure that all citizens of sri lanka live lives free of terror and criminal intimidation. we are no longer forced into doing what the megalomaniac big pussy wants, we should not let people in vanni be forced either. fewer people he can control by terror, lesser will be his ability to terrorize others.

if that can be done without anyone getting killed all the better, but we live in the real world, not in some pacifist utopia. nor are we in a place where wars are like computer games or hollywood movies and only the villains get killed, or a place where good public relations etc. will do the trick ( as some cocooned pseudo 'realpolitik' advocate/s seem to believe). make no mistake, people will get killed; heroes willingly, innocents accidentally, and villains deservedly.

question is whether we want to live or let our fellow citizens live under terror or not. once we make the decision we have to accept the consequences of that decision (this is where some people who say they want to defeat ltte fudge and run, as with the so called 'realpolitik' advocate).

i think sri lankans have made the decision. let’s stick to it.


some peaceniks always give....'peacebuilding' (lets say) intentions for terrorist attacks. for instance after galle attack they said it was for strengthening ltte's position at peace talks. we saw what actually happened at peace talks. as i said then nothing changed because of the attack. in fact their only aim was a communal backlash real or at least propaganda generated for international consumption. nothing of the sort happened; few idiots who tried were stopped immediately. that more than anything is why big pussy is doomed.

Friday, January 26, 2007

question – are people in the east better off now than last year?

that is a question that all people who dare to speak or write on the sri lankan terrorist question (especially peaceniks) have to answer.
  • were they better off in a place ruled by the pussies who used them as human shields, used ngo donated food bags as bunker material while complaining there was a food shortage, located artillery in hospital grounds while falsely claiming it was bombed by the army, etc? or would they be better off under the democratically elected government that has been paying for the hospitals, schools, food, etc. all along ?
  • were they better off in a place where there was no freedom, no justice, death to voters, and all rights were suppressed? or would they better-off in a place where people are at liberty (not just to return to their homes but to live), can seek justice under democratically passed laws, can vote, and seek redress for any suppression of rights?
after answering that would anyone try to claim that peace is worth any cost? will peaceniks try to prevent further limited military operations using the same old arguments? is there a 'food shortage' in thoppigala now? is a hospital/school/... there going to be 'bombed' as well?


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