Thursday, December 27, 2007

peacenik thug mervin silva's photo after he has got his due at rupavahini

that is mostly ink btw (not blood) that journalists at rupavahini threw on him.

may all peaceniks who betray their fellow sri lankans to murderous terrorists in the name of "peace" get their just deserts ! (through more legitimate channels hopefully )

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lanka rising

peacenik thug mervin silva assaults rupavahini news director

peacenik mervin silva, renowned for his and his family's thuggery and his friendship and following among peaceniks (they invite him and his ilk to speak at their pro appeasement rallies thereby getting a semblance of a crowd, which without such thugs and their henchmen number less than a score of ppl usually), today assaulted the state run rupavhini tv channel's news director. the thug is presently blockaded inside the rupavahini building by the journalists there .

that a corrupt peacenik like him should feel hostility to anti terrorist rupavahini news is to be expected. peaceniks who advocate appeasement of murderous terrorists and want to buy peace at any cost, even at the cost of democracy (btw this thug was not elected but appointed by cbk), freedom, justice, and human rights, by definition do not have any moral sense.

as such it is not surprising that peaceniks invariably tend to hang on and follow the politicians with reputations of being the most corrupt (and shamelessly corrupt), in sri lanka; if not mervin it is rajitha senaratne, or mano ganeshan, or ravi karunanayake, or mangala samarasinghe, or rauf hakeem, or some body else of that ilk (almost all of these ppl attended that peacenik rally last year that was attended by by mervin silva and all the peaceniks)

btw which of the political thugs would indi.padashow ( who marched like a lovesick groupie behind mervin silva in last year's pro appeasement peacenik rally) and other clueless bloggers, who follow their peacenik superiors blindly, attach their hopes on next? whichever it is they will be as bad as mervin the peacenik thug and these clueless idiots will have to live a life of continual denial. ( for instance indi.padashow was reduced to saying he merely marched with mervin silva and did not listen to him last year. expect more of that.)

Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas!

wish everyone a happy holiday season. i am certainly enjoying mine :-)

nativity scene courtesy wikimedia

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ltte terrorists target train

ltte pussies targeted the night mail train from trincomalee less than two hours ago. more details about damages expected.

as i said before this deliberate targeting of innocents is of course exactly the sort of thing ltte has been doing since its beginning, at all times (including during times when gosl was observing the ceasefire). this sort of intentional killing of civilians is so common that death of individual innocents killed by ltte is hardly noted, while ltte inspired absurd white van conspiracy theories are parroted by peaceniks and other fellow travelers of terrorists repeatedly.

racists and peaceniks deliberately remain blind (except for the considerable portion of peaceniks that are stupidly naive and are unable to think independently) because their arguments for appeasement of terrorists fail completely (both morally and pragmatically) when faced with fact of these attacks.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

sangakkara and muralidaran top batting and bowling rankings

after the last test kumar sangakkara joined muttiah muralidaran (who was there for some time) at the top of international cricket council (icc) test rankings.

top ten


1. kumar sangakkara (sri), 938 points

2. ricky ponting (aus), 936

3. jacques kallis (rsa), 935

4. mohammad yousuf (pak), 885

5. mike hussey (aus), 874

6. kevin pietersen (eng), 848

7. younis khan (pak), 816

8. matthew hayden (aus), 803

9. shivnarine chanderpaul (wis), 762

10 michael clarke (aus), 751


1. muttiah muralitharan (sri), 910

2. makhaya ntini (rsa), 808

3. dale steyn (rsa), 775

4. stuart clark (aus), 769

5. matthew hoggard (eng), 733

6. brett lee (aus), 726

7. shane bond (nzl), 724, anil kumble (ind), 724

9. shaun pollock (rsa), 701, shoaib akhtar (pak), 701

icc website is migrating to yahoo so is not quite complete but the main rankings are there.

terrorist pussy at it again

cowardly pussy prabhakaran, hero of peaceniks and murderers, bombed another bus tonight. killing at least 15 (as of latest reports) and injuring dozens. killing innocents is of course his and his zombies’ nature. they have done it all along (during ceasefire periods, during periods when government was not conducting military operations, and during periods of military operations). only pro terrorist racist suckers with selective amnesia believe this kind of thing is anything new and is result of anything government or military is doing.

nor will terrorists change. even when they are reduced to a handful they like all serial killers will continue to kill. winning this war means something else.

will the peaceniks in general and peacenik bloggers in particular (from groundviews blog up) with their cocooned lives in colombo (or in foreign countries) again indulge in another bout of blaming everyone (ranging from mahinda buffalo to voting public in south) but their terrorist god, under false racist notion they all entertain that his bestial divinity is a representative of tamils and is fighting for tamil rights?

will the terrorist corrupted peacenik ngos like center for policy alternative (cpa), national peace council, inform, free media movement (fmm), and the rest, again urge government to ceasefire, start peace talks with, and appease, tiger terrorists, forgetting and ignoring the suffering and human rights of people under direct or indirect threat from the maniacs?

will peaceniks with long criminal records as apologists for terror, like paikiasothy saravanamuttu, jehan perera, jayadeva uyangoda, sunila abeysekera, sunanda deshapriya, sunila abeysekera, nimalka fernando, rohan edirisinha, jeevan thiagarajaha, and their ilk (and their underlings like sanjana hattotuwa) try their best to hamper the necessary security measures?

well if they have not learned from all the examples of terrorist bestiality so far, they probably won't this time around either.

meanwhile let all those who are aware of the sri lankan reality and are not corrupted by terrorist money or propaganda, urge the government and military to do their best to ensure the human rights of all sri lankans (especially people whose lives are made a living death by direct terrorist control, in other words people the peaceniks mentioned above completely ignore in their efforts to please their pussy master). this inevitably will include use of violence against terrorists. anybody thinking otherwise is a fool or terrorist.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

anyone who equate tamils with ltte is a racist

person calling himself oao asithri aka scorpion is going around the blogs posting basically the same idiotic comment. its main (and only coherent) point seems to be that tamils are terrorists and as such should be killed/deported/etc etc. everyone can see that he is a racist fool (probably a spoof as well) and should be dismissed as such.

the point i am making is that he is not the only one who hold the racist view that tamils are terrorists. two main political groups hold that view. and that does not include any of the elected political parties in the south who are very explicit in making the distinction between tamils and terrorists (oao asithri aka scorpion if real would not find anyone to vote for). no, the groups who equate tamils with ltte terrorists, are ltte itself and the peaceniks. only difference with oao asithri aka scorpion is that they advocate and support another kind of ethnic cleansing.

ltte is explicit in its racism and knows that propagating the myth of tamil support for its terror tactics is a vital item of its survival.

peaceniks like paikiasothy saravanamuttu, jehan perera, jayadeva uyangoda, sunila abeysekera, sunanda deshapriya, nimalka fernando, rohan edirisinha, jeevan thiagarajaha, and their ilk (and their underlings like sanjana hattotuwa) support and believe ltte's racist claim to be a representative of tamils. they base their actions and statements ( most of which go against principles of human rights, democracy, justice and freedom) on that belief. they are willing to excuse and ignore, ltte's killings, ethnic cleansing, oppression of people under ltte control, and lot of other atrocities, because of this racism. in other words they are as racist as oao asithri aka scorpion (difference is that while oao asithri aka scorpion will not find any political group with power to carry out his intended horrors, peaceniks mentioned are supporting a group that is already carrying out such horrors)

in addition there are also individual peaceniks (esp. in the blogosphere) who adapt such racist views without even realizing they are racist (or their essential similarity to oao asithri aka scorpion's views), because of naivety, low intelligence, inability to think for themselves, family and peer pressure, disconnectedness from sri lankan reality, misguided loyalty to political parties, corruption, etc. indi (who also maintains another blog under the name padashow) is a good example of that kind of fool. let us hope such fools will wake up from their fantasies soon before they suffer permanent damage to their psyche.

suicide video

security camera footage of the suicide bomber that tried to assassinate minister devananda two days ago and killed his 72 year old aide steven peiris. (15mb wmv) (from mod website.)

that suicide bomber is the sort of mentally unbalanced person that peaceniks love and consider representative of tamils. ltte pussies are not representative of anything other than their leader's megalomania and thirst for blood achieved through such contemptible specimens of bestiality as this bomber.

will peaceniks ever wake up to that reality? or will they continue with their unreal fantasy? be warned, if they go with the latter, as a result of their fruitless attempts to reconcile reality with fantasy, they will end up as "crazy" (in a medical sense) as a suicide bomber.