Saturday, December 01, 2007

suicide video

security camera footage of the suicide bomber that tried to assassinate minister devananda two days ago and killed his 72 year old aide steven peiris. (15mb wmv) (from mod website.)

that suicide bomber is the sort of mentally unbalanced person that peaceniks love and consider representative of tamils. ltte pussies are not representative of anything other than their leader's megalomania and thirst for blood achieved through such contemptible specimens of bestiality as this bomber.

will peaceniks ever wake up to that reality? or will they continue with their unreal fantasy? be warned, if they go with the latter, as a result of their fruitless attempts to reconcile reality with fantasy, they will end up as "crazy" (in a medical sense) as a suicide bomber.


Nick said...

Tamil Hindus would be proud of this. Tamil Hindus have carried out the largest amount of terror suicide attacks in the world.

Mixer said...

Tamils should be wiped out from this holy land of Sinhala.
LRRP should eliminate them as well as koti shemale agents like Ranil maggot.

Sam said...

holy land of Sinhala???

holly crap! Where the fuck is that at?

Jaya said...

Mixer and Nick you are both idiots, go pour out such filth elsewhere after learning to read. "Tamil Hindus" don't have anything to do with terrorists any more than "Sinhala Buddhists". Don't insult LRRP. Instead of going after that loser Ranil, LRRP is going after Tigers. A heroic task full of danger. Don't insult our armed forces.

S/Nut, ignore such idiots. I like your posts.

Nick said...

Of course Tamil Hindus have a lot to do with terrorism in Sri Lanka. The Tamil Hindus worship Prabhakaran as their Surya Devan or Sun God. They have alters to him in their houses before which they offer flowers, and incence. Hinduism is used to justify suicide bombings and terrorism.

Have a look at the video of the Tamil Hindu suicide bomber that attacked the EPDP office:

Nick said...

sittingnut said...

video i linked is the original released by the mod. others in youtube or elsewhere are copies made from that.
you are being racist when you say "tamil hindus" carry out terrorist acts including suicide bombings when facts indicate that only a small number of zoomies obeying the big pussy carry out such things. nobody but such zoombies worship the big pussy as a god.

when you write such comments you are not much different from a racist ltte terrorist.

hinduism is probably the most tolerant religion in the world. and even most of intolerant hindu fanatics ( in india for instance)mostly act through peaceful means and through democratic politics. don't confuse either kind with a bunch of criminals like ltte. but your brain is probably not capable of anything but muddle.

i think jaya gave the answer you deserve and i fully agree with him.

:-) good question.

i agree with you and endorse your comment. thanks.

Nick said...

Wrong sitting nut. Tamil Hindu culture in Sri Lanka is a far cry from true Hinduism. Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus worship Prabhakaran as a God called Surya Devan. Some households have daily prayers, offerings of flowers and incence. Many Hindu kovils have been used as storage sites for arms and ammunition with the free consent of the poosaris living in them. Many a suicide attacker and LTTE terrorist have stayed in Hindu temples in Colombo before launching their terror attacks.

Hinduism is such a tolerant religion that it divides people into castes and oppresses people because they happen to be born in a "lower caste." Go and learn about the absolute oppression faced by more than 100 million Dalits in India because of Hinduism. It's such a tolerant religion that women are burnt alive when their men die -- a common practice that was only outlawed by the British. It's such a tolerant religion that goats are chopped up in temple compounds as a blood sacrifice. Hinduism is such a tolerant religion that thousands of Muslims were butchered just a few years ago for the crime of being non-hindu. Go read the Tehelka report it will make your blood curdle.

"and even most of intolerant hindu fanatics ( in india for instance)mostly act through peaceful means and through democratic politics."

Yeah, like the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat? The killing of adivasis in Nandigram? The burning of the sets of Water, forcing to be filmed in Sri Lanka?

Tamil Hindu terrorism in Sri Lanka has deep roots in the Tamil Hindu belief that death for your cause leds one to heavenly bliss. They believe that suicide bombers go to heaven.

No wonder the Tamil Hindus send pregnant suicide bombers to blow themselves up!

sittingnut said...

repeating your hysterical allegations against hindu's don't make them true.
as i said only a small number of ppl support ltte terrorism and to attribute their guilt to tamil hindus is wrong and racist.

only idiotic fanatics like you will seriously believe that anyone considers big pussy a god,. i don't think even ltte zoombies take that aspect of his personality cult seriously.

you attacks against hindu religion are not relevant because none of them deal with the subject here. but bear in mind that while hinduism as an old religion has leftovers from history so does all religions. every religion is by definition intolerant as i wrote in another post . but imo compared with other religions ( esp monotheistic ones ) hinduism is and has been by far the most tolerant of the religions, mainly bc its "theology" is vague, so that fundamentalists cannot fix on anything.

and as i said above, there are intolerant hindus, as in other religions. and again as i said, even most of them work through legitimate non violent channels, as with most intolerant fools in other religions.

to attribute violence of a few anywhere to a whole ethnic group or religion is wrong and racist. "hindus" did not send pregnant suicide bombers or were responsible for riots in gujarat. racists did and were, by saying otherwise you are only proving yourself to be such a racist.

and btw i have not the least objection to goats getting chopped up and only regret that it is so rare. :-)

Anonymous said...

The whole concept of a mono-ethnic homeland is unviable, uncivilized and disproven conclusively many times over. The war is already won, there remains only the battle. What remains is not even a battle, but a matter of pest control.

Anonymous said...


some of the hindus of south indian origin will worship anything. when i was in school there long time ago, an entire village were worshiping a termite built mud structure just because a snake lived there. in some people, stupidity can grow into something unreal. that shouldn't allow us to stereo-type everyone into one catagory.