Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ltte terrorists target train

ltte pussies targeted the night mail train from trincomalee less than two hours ago. more details about damages expected.

as i said before this deliberate targeting of innocents is of course exactly the sort of thing ltte has been doing since its beginning, at all times (including during times when gosl was observing the ceasefire). this sort of intentional killing of civilians is so common that death of individual innocents killed by ltte is hardly noted, while ltte inspired absurd white van conspiracy theories are parroted by peaceniks and other fellow travelers of terrorists repeatedly.

racists and peaceniks deliberately remain blind (except for the considerable portion of peaceniks that are stupidly naive and are unable to think independently) because their arguments for appeasement of terrorists fail completely (both morally and pragmatically) when faced with fact of these attacks.


Anonymous said...

wNot casualties, only damages to train. Terrorists' intention was clear however.

Sam said...

As usual nothing from the NPC, CPA. surprise surprise!!