Monday, February 18, 2008

taking a break

i am engaged in a new "project" (though highly rewarding and interesting, it is too private and complicated to reveal here unfortunately). it will absorb me for another month or so.

that is why i have not updated this blog for a month or so (except for an almost token post). i have left comments on other blogs during that time. but i probably will have to stop doing that and even forgo reading blogs altogether in the next few weeks. (that would test my addiction breaking abilities for sure)

so see you all again in a months time hopefully


Friday, February 01, 2008

m$ bids for yahoo, goog shares fall

steve ballmer says he would not take no for an answer and offered a 60+% premium over thursday(31st) yahoo closing share price.

see here (from yahoo! finance) for news and here(yahoo), here(google), and here(microsoft) for charts .

goog fall due to disappointing results in yahoo and goog as well.

doj "interested" m$-yahoo deal