Saturday, December 01, 2012

hear the firecrackers of prosperity?

i was awakened at midnight last night by the loud and continuous explosions of firecrackers heralding the Christmas month.  noise continued in the morning and even now there there are few occasional bursts.

fact that during last few years, this noise, indicator of people's happy expectations for Christmas, has grown louder and louder, in line with the actual increased spending during year end holiday season, is yet another unofficial testament to sri lanka's continued healthy economic growth rate; 6%+ this year in spite of global slowdown, currency depreciation, and contractions in some of sl's western export markets.

i would be very worried if i was in the opposition. thankfully i am not!

happy spending season for all! 

don't forget to spread the spirit to those who fail to take the opportunities opened up by peace and get left behind. hopefully spreading the cheer will get them motivated to take responsibility for their own well being in future.

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