Friday, June 26, 2009

a thank you to the king of pop + how to judge art

michael jackson, the king of pop (rightly so called), died today.
and thanks for the music.

how to judge "art"?
for many subjective things, esp works of "art", long lasting popularity is the best judge. that is if any kind of judgment is needed or possible in the first place.

imo there is no need for such judgment. it is just a matter of personal taste: one enjoys something or one doesn't. but some ppl try to be arbiters of taste (lol) and presume to judge artistic merit using arbitrary values, which they present as objective measuring sticks.

so to repeat, if anyone needs such a ruler, only one acceptable is long lasting popularity.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

a msg to ban ki-moon - we will celebrate our victory over, & liberation from, terrorists

a msg to ban ki-moon the secretory general of united nations- we, sri lankans, will celebrate our victory over & liberation from murderous terrorist pussies of ltte.

to assume that we are celebrating a victory over a community rather than a group of criminal thugs, as he does, is racist and shows a complete lack of understanding about sri lankan situation. it is he who should apologize to us.

our military and ordinary sri lankans made great sacrifices to break free from the tamil tiger terrorist's threats against our lives, our human rights, our freedom, our justice, and our democracy. those should be acknowledged and their glory celebrated. we will do that, whether secretary ban likes it or not.

if ban ki-moon wants to mourn the death of our murderers, let him, but such a supporter of our enemies has no right to lecture us, investigate us, or judge us, after that.

if he fails to understand that his attacks against sri lanka are encouraging hate attacks against sri lankans now going on in western countries (unhindered, unreported, and uncondemned, by so called defenders of human rights in those governments and media, and un) he is a fool and a hypocrite.

btw we should prosecute to fullest extent anyone foreign or sri lankan, (doctor or not,) who was caught helping the terrorists here. helpers of murderers should not escape. they should be allowed to reflect on their crimes against us through a long incarceration in a sri lankan prison, instead of being set free because they have connections in high places. we will see whether justice will be done or whether it will be perverted, by likes of ban ki-moon, who claims to stand for it, by pressuring sri lankan government to release them.