Monday, May 18, 2009

western governments must prosecute those responsible for racist pro terrorist attacks against sri lankans in their countries. now!

pro tamil tiger racists in western countries who have been supporting the ltte murderers with financial, political, and moral support are going over edge as their hopes of creating an ethnically cleansed racist tamil state called tamil ealam are dashed, and their leaders here are getting what they deserve; ignoble cowardly death.

there has been an increase in number of attacks against sri lankan institutions and sri lankan individuals in those countries. sri lankan embassies have been attacked, individual sri lankans or with connections to sri lanka have been attacked ( latest in australia link thanks to bailaman), buddhist temples have been subject to repeated arson attacks.

even before this ltte supporters intimidated other members of tamil diaspora who did not approve of ltte's atrocities. bc of this tamil diaspora has always appeared to support ltte terrorism in contrast to tamils who actually live here (btw a fact always willfully forgotten by pro terrorist propagandists and peaceniks; majority of tamils in sl have always lived and preferred to live in government controlled sri lanka even when terrorist pussies were holding huge territories and pretending it was a state).

western governments, esp european ones, and particularly britain and norway, have failed to prevent, or arrest and prosecute, those responsible, even though, as in several cases of embassy attacks, there is video evidence. western media esp those that were calling for a ceasefire ( which would have been murderous for sri lankans) recently ( and particularly bbc which has been acting like terrorist's propaganda arm publishing anonymous unsubstantiated anti sl stories) has not reported on these hate attacks in their own countries. ( given that same governments and media also failed to prevent or report on the fat financial life line that allowed terrorists here to buy arms and murder innocents, this is no surprise to us who are well aware of hypocrisy and racism inherent in some ppl in the west, esp among the leftist liberals).

some politicians in those countries ( example some british labor party politicians) depend on tamil votes, so are shamelessly pandering to perpetrators of these hate crimes, similar to the way they parroted these hate mongers when they called for a ceasefire recently. (btw if indian elections are any clue ordinary tamils do not care about ltte terrorists and their pandering will fail)

we will see whether these governments and media institutions will continue with this inaction, and remain blind while allowing innocent sri lankans to be attacked without any protection in their countries.

if this continues,
which are the failed states?
do these states have free media?

it is telling that several sri lankan bloggers who are either openly peacenik or are intellectually dishonest peacenik cowards (i.e. those who evaded taking a stand on what to do with ltte, while criticizing ppl who took a stand in supporting defeat of ltte criminals with violence if needs be), have not condemned or even written about these attacks even though typically some of them live in those countries. any of the indi padahow's suckerboy cocoon will fall into this category, but prime example is the drummerboy (who recently "led" the effort to ban another blogger from kottu bc he did not conform to drummerboy's narrow small minded world view even though they shared the same self absorbed narcissistic streak)


Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy of the West is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

read this man, you might find it very interesting:

Get Fit said...

I pray for peace. We are afforded blessings here in the U.S. that many people in the world don't realize. I hope that this situation begins to move toward some type of agreement.