Saturday, May 16, 2009

congress winning big in india. good for sri lanka, bad for racists, peaceniks, and terrorists

as results of indian election comes in, it is clear that congress and its allies (united progressive alliance, upa) are winning big, contrary to predictions that that there will not be a clear mandate. (core of upa excluding some who left just before election, has won or leading in 255 odd seats out of 543. this core, which was in government with help from other parties and mps, had about 200 seats in outgoing lok sabha)

this is good for india and good for sri lankans who prefer a terrorist free state .

bc due to the size of the win, next indian central government will not be held hostage by regional parties, such as those in tamil nadu.

during the election these primarily racist parties in tamil nadu vied with each other in an effort to save ltte terrorist pussies from the complete defeat they are facing in sri lanka. jayalalitha of aiadmk was the worst of the major tamil polticos (that a living joke like her is a major politico in tamil nadu says a lot); promising to even invade sri lanka. well results in tamil nadu show that the issue had no impact on the election. aiadmk is losing. candidates from congress itself (probably the least racist) and its allies in upa, dmk (only a very slight improvement on aiadmk) are winning. it is clear that tn tamils are not racists even if their political leaders are.

in any case overall result means a stronger indian government able to think about indian interests, not just political interests of a few racists in tamil nadu. indian interests dictate that sri lanka have stability, free of terrorists. that is why even the previous indian government did not interfere here in any major way ( up to the time of electioneering when it indulged in few token gestures to pander to racists in tamil nadu )

to conclude, a strong central government in india is good for peace loving sri lankans hoping for a terrorist free state and bad for terrorists and peaceniks (both racist by definition) hoping for a fake peace achieved through appeasement of terrorists. indians have decided they want a stronger center. good for them and us.

it was telling that before the election, indian media rightly saw racist antics in tamil nadu as mere hot air. in contrast some international media ( particularly racists in britian) highlighted them. in typical irrational fashion of propagandists they used that and racist tamil protests in some western countries to raise the profile of the issue. in order to force a ceasefire on sri lanka and save terrorists ( the ultimate aim of racists at this point) .

free market polices will continue and probably expand in india. communists and other leftists were also dealt a mauling. good


SL1st said...

When it rains it pours! Good news I mean

Anonymous said...

You should stop this nonsense. See my blog here. You are warned