Tuesday, May 19, 2009

when will peacenik hypocrites unconditionally condemn racist pro terrorist anti sri lankan violence and protests in west?

i wrote about the recent increase in racist attacks and protests against sri lankans by pro terrorists in west, yesterday, before the news of the day overwhelmed it; asking that western governments immediately take measures, to protect sri lankans in their countries, prevent attacks, and arrest and prosecute those responsible (which they have not done in spite of video evidence in some cases)
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as horror of latest acid attack by pro terrorist racists in australia (which could leave one person blind and disfigured) emerge, all those who are anti racist, anti terrorist, and pro real peace, must speak out against them. now!

this post is specifically addressed to sri lankan peaceniks (bloggers esp included) and ngos, esp those who were inaccurately claiming that there is 'a culture of impunity' in sri lanka. in fact as the ignoble death of mass murdering terrorist pussy velupillai prabhakaran proved ppl are being held accountable (typically irrational peaceniks of course do not like this too) .

these peaceniks should condemn those racist hate mongering attacks, and protests that encourage those attacks, of pro terrorists, unconditionally. they should condemn those governments for their inaction and 'culture of impunity' (regardless of how much those governments contribute to their ngos).

hypocrites in amnesty international and human rights watch and other such ingos which were so ready to condemn sri lanka of all sort of things with no evidence, should also condemn these protests, attacks, and governments, unconditionally, if they want to retain any credibility.

will they do that? will they have the backbone to stand up for human rights, justice, freedom, and democracy, for once ?

or will they look the other way
as they did when terrorists were killing innocents here? (blindly recommending appeasement of murderers or evading the reality of terror in typical intellectually dishonest fashion.)

we will see.

and we will hold them accountable esp the peacenik bloggers who live in those countries where such attacks and protests happen.


Anonymous said...

Don't count on it. They are not real Sri Lankans.

ivap said...

Watch this space. I am confident the that the NSW police will catch these criminals. I urge all australians, particularly to the aussies of sri lankan origin, to write to their local members of parliament, both state and federal about this issue.

BTW, are you still an athiest?

Anonymous said...


I wanted to let you know that I am sorry that you felt offended by my post. I pretty much wanted to say that while we could celebrate, that there were still problems to be resolved but that we could resolve them. It clearly did not come out the way I intended - perhaps I should have not tried to explain my reasoning there. I have taken down the post since it was offensive and contained factual errors.

I heard about the attacks in Sydney. Is that what you are referring to? That's what I hope will not happen. I do not want people to be divided and start attacking each other.

- Marisa.

sittingnut said...

nice to see you around .

yes i am an atheist in spite of myself and it is giving me a headache. :-)

marisa :
i am for ppl expressing their thoughts freely. even if they are not similar to mine and i find them offensive.
if i don't agree with them i say so (forcefully sometimes)

so i am sorry that you felt you needed to take it down. you could have clarified it. anyway as you wish.
appreciate your explanation anyway.

stinging nuts said...

Hooo. Now no more prabhakaran to shout about so have to find something new no? HOOOOOOO!!!!

sittingnut said...

man! some ppl are sooooo concerned about how i spend my time and what i write in my blog.

esp indi padshow's suckerboys who are still stinging from some things i said and leave these comments

wait and see :-)


isn't it funny that "the benevolent dictator" one of the suckerboys who has written all of his posts this year about me has been leaving the same comment in other places.

Voice in Colombo said...


I’ve decided to just ignore these peacenik morons, and save my energy for blogging something more useful.

Prabhakaran’s death opened my eyes to one great truth. That is; no matter how hard the peaceniks tried; we were able to see it till the end. If David Millband couldn’t stop us reaching this victory, what could Sanjana Hattotuwa or Sunday Leader do?

Just let the dogs bark at the moon!

Ash said...

Hi Ivap - long time no speak.

S/Nut, Ivap Tamil community leaders have come out and condemned the attacks and said that the Tamil community will work closely with the Police to catch them. It is out of keeping with the Tamils. Tamil protesters were provoked by Sinhalese in Sydney (and previously in Melbourne). The Tamil protesters stayed in their cars and did not respond in Melbourne but in Sydney they got out and attacked those who damaged their car.
The attack on these 3 students was very horrific.
I note also that the Sri Lankan Consular people were quick to console the Sinhalese community. Shame they don't bother with Tamils who are trying desperately to find out where members of their family are in the "camps".

To both of you I say, try and begin to be balanced about what you say. If you are concerned about 3 boys in Sydney are you concerned about what is happening to the Tamils in Sri Lanka?
I never hear you saying anything about it.
How long do you think you can ignore these things?
Rape is a war crime. Staving people to death is a war crime. Subjecting children to the horrific conditions in the camps is a war crime.
The Sinhalese can no longer hide behind what VP did. You are going to have to deal with the word Genocide for the rest of your lives.

sittingnut said...

i get your point about peacenik ineffectiveness.
i do want them to be held accountable for what they did /do.

who are you trying to fool by citing unsubstantiated mitigating circumstances for criminals involved in the attack ?
you should condemn the attacks which happened inside a private home after a home invasion, and about which real facts are known, unconditionally.
unless you do that you are a racist hatemonger.

don't try to deflect the issue by making unsubstantiated slanders taken from terrorist propaganda about tamil idps here .about which you show complete and utter ignorance . if you have facts cite them.

i don't have patience with slanderers.

Ashanthi2 said...

Whoa - Easy Tiger ... it is I your long suffering mistreated wife, Ashanthi2... sorry as I have explained to IVAP I am being as slack as usual with my blogging, you will do me the courtesy of not jumping down my throat.

The facts are known to everyone here. Don't take that tone with me. Sinhalese agitators have been provoking fights at the protestors. We do condemn the attacks on 3 innocent Sinhalese students who apparently have not participated in any racial vilification against Tamils in Australia.

In fact there are more claims coming to light regarding exactly who might have done these attacks. The Tamil community is co-operating with the police even as I speak.

You will be getting a very big slap on your face my dear if it is found that the whole incident was a set up. However, if these people are Tamils, well they must come to terms with their hatred of Sinhalese. This act proves to me that there are Tamils out there now who absolutely loathe the Sinhalese.

This, I think is a very dangerous thing. Certainly racial hatred is not something I want in my country.

What about you dearest, what do you think about tolerating racial hatred?

Anything? Head in the sand, Bum in the air?

Ashanthi2 said...

PS - can you tell me how I can re-set my password so we don't have another confusing interchange again.

Thanks matey.

ivap said...

Sn - still around on the rare occasion or two. Other priorities dictate .. :)

Ash - right, so let me get this. someone steals your flag so you go and find some unrelated people and attempt to kill them. Hmm sounds like a good episode of Criminal Minds. Please...stealing is no excuse for home invasion and murder. Is that what you call self-defense?

So even you have jumped on the genocided propoganda bandwagon. I'm guessing that you haven't been to jaffna or trinco lately to see the effects of past genocides. You really need to get out of the "diaspora cultural bubble" and be a little more rational my dear (See. Nirmala Rajasingham @ opendemocracy.net)