Monday, May 18, 2009

mass murdering tamil tiger terrorist velupillai prabhakaran is dead. thank god!

ltte leader, velupillai prabhakaran, the big pussy terrorist murderer of thousands is dead, along with his chief associates.

in spite of efforts by racists, peaceniks, and some in the west, to save him. .

thank god!

thanks and credit due to sri lankan military, government, and president mahinda rajapakse, all of whom had the courage to do what is morally right and to stay the course in spite of obstacles.

we sri lankans should be proud. this is our victory with our own efforts.

this should be celebrated by all who love real peace, human rights, justice, freedom and democracy.


Anonymous said...

Best News Ever!!!

Dinidu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sittingnut said...

i am sure you have enough ass licking skills to find another source follow indi padashow and family he has already shifted his lips to another source.

sittingnut said...

a comment
"I am a ponna fucker. I kissed LTTE ass. I am sad that my source of income is dead."

was left at 5/18/2009 4:51 pm under name "Dinidu" linked to

but i am assured that it is not by dinidu de alwis who blogs at ( who btw deleted his previous blog at above linked address just after attacking me and others in a post with no grounds what so ever.)

so i have deleted it in original form

my comment at 5/18/2009 6:26 pm is in reply to that comment
hence thsi explanation.

- as i said before i don't delete comments here except in cases of impersonation as here . and even then if possible will try to keep it in another form

Dinidu said...

In my view, the death of Prabhakaran, and the wiping out of the LTTE came at too high a price of civilian lives (and both parties are to blame, the LTTE more), too high a cost of civil liberties being curtailed, and too many wrongdoings of the State justified under the name of National Security. Despite that, the defeat of the LTTE is welcome. Because finally the killing can stop.

With this achievement, Mahinda has got an unprecedented amount of public support. The next General and Presidential elections will be a walk in the park for him. For the true revival of the country, this is his chance. And while I am doubtful, I am hopeful.

sittingnut said...

your low iq still in evidence.

you do not say( in spite of repeated requests ) what you would have done with ltte but preach to ppl who answer that and act on their view.

that is low contemptible intelectiual dishonesty. pure and simple.

do your parents know that they have given birth to a mentally challenged knave?

grow a brain if you can and then be honest . otherwise go comment in places where such low idiotic lies are tolerated as in indi padshow's cocoon .

lol@dinidu the foolish liar

Dinidu said...

We had this conversation once on my blog, and then on yours, and I told that appeasement is the way that I believe. Now if you don't want to discuss that, and instead get personal, and even cheap (for you) with the attacks, then so be it.

sittingnut said...

you evaded the question and still do
what would you have done with ltte ? spell it out. instead of running away like a coward. it is you who did not want to discuss it and still don't

here i treat dishonest liars ( you are one by your own words ) as they deserve. when i attack it is always personal and specific bc i have specific facts to back me up ( unlike you who deleted and ran away ) .. if you don't like truth spoken at your face and your hypocrisy unmasked go to your sheltered cocoon and suck your master indi.padashow .

lol@idoit dinidu

NGO Bugger said...

You fools. Ha ha. The party is only getting started. There is so much to do. Rebuilding, reconstruction, rehabilitation, de-mining, all sorts of things you 3rd class slumdogs.

money will flow you fags. NGOs are hear to stay. Take that for your little naive sinhala goday brains. shut the fuck up and wave ur little lion flags, we will keep getting dollars


Ashanthi2 said...

Don't think he is s/nut. The main thing now is the people who are left behind. Those that are former cadres must be treated fairly especially if they lay down their arms. Who is going to be there to monitor this situation? Or is the brutality dished out to the civilians going to be 10-fold for the cadres?

sittingnut said...

you two needs to get a life now instead of spreading lies (for satire or seriously as the case is )

ivap said...

Indeed sitting nut. A job well done.