Saturday, May 30, 2009

any one who called for a ceasefire has no right to judge us now

any one who called for a ceasefire with terrorist tamil tiger murderers, during death throes of those pussies, has no moral right to judge us or even investigate us, sri lankans.

they have already shown themselves to be biased against sri lankans.
by calling for a ceasefire at that moment, as i said then, they tried to deny us our right to life, and tried to deny us access to human rights, freedom, democracy and justice. they showed themselves to be pro terrorists, only interested in saving their friends the murderous ltte. they did this due to corruption, racism, and/or political pandering to racists.

these include some ppl in united nations, some western politicians and media (esp. in uk) and of course peacenik slaves here.

now these same hate mongers, rabid at their failure to save the murderers, are involved in yet another attempt to justify terrorist's hate networks abroad and revive the dead murderers here, by calling for investigations (and typically passing "judgments" at the same time).

even at face value, their statements then and now are hypocritical, unless they had already called for ceasefires, passed judgments, and called for investigations, of west's war against its terrorist enemies. (esp. since unlike here most of them are not facing an immediate death threats as we face as long as ltte exists). none of them have, done any of that certainly not with the racist keenness they now show about sri lanka.

but we should not stop at pointing out the all too obvious hypocrisy of what they say.
bc they are also slandering sri lanka. they have yet to substantiate any of the claims they throw out (esp. about the wildly varying number for casualties). all of their claims are based solely on terrorist propaganda (in fact, terrorist propaganda based in foreign countries). when asked to substantiate, they have nothing to show. nothing! when someone accuses innocent ppl of atrocities without evidence, that itself is a crime. these ppl should be exposed in their acts, and should not be forgiven until they are held accountable for what they said and are saying now.

it is telling that same ppl are yet to condemn (or even to report, in the case of racist british media, that have been so keen to investigate us ) the almost daily hate attacks on sri lankans by terrorist supporters in western countries, where there is a total lack of investigations or preventive measures against such attacks. by making false claims mentioned above, and giving false figures, these ppl are encouraging and justifying those hate attacks and lack of action against them.

we should challenge their slanders wherever we find them, aggressively.

we won the military victory against terrorists by sticking to and not backing down from the morally justifiable path, even when these hypocrites were pressuring us to do otherwise. we should not, and will not, allow same hypocrites to judge and/or investigate us now.

only ppl who wholeheartedly supported us in our war against criminal terrorists has any right to judge us.

was out of country for few days on business.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you are just another paper tiger. Ever fought in a real war for a cause? Rather than re-hash history, the Sri-Lankans have managed to convert 1.5million tamils into refugees and kill about 75,000 and gloat about it. For a society which belittles its own, that is the ultimate degradation of self. You will live out your hapless lives believing yourselfs to be savants. Perhaps you do not wish to be judged, as that may state the obvious. So be it.

sittingnut said...

yet another typical racist (a foreigner to boot ) equating tamils with terrorists .

may be this anon knows of violence that does not cause suffering? may be the anon knows of a place where there are no criminals who needs defeating with violence ?

or may be anon wants to live under terrorist control and threats ? we sri lankans do not and did not .

ltte was nothing but a criminal group, does anon disagree (even after taking account of all their atrocities which the anon seems to be unaware of )? and as an armed one that did not surrender it needed defeating with violence .
we sri lankan did that. and yes that caused lot of suffering, but not doing that would have caused even more suffering as we knew living through last 30 years. anon obviously has no idea .

so here he comes with his racism preaching to us.
get lost idiot!

Ashanthi2 said...

Oh dear machan - gone are the days when your comments used to actually allow for some sensible debate.

As I said - are you on facebook - might be an idea for you to move this stuff there ... or are you afraid your rather fascist leanings these days will not be tolerated on Facebook...sorry it had to be said.

Now tell me about one of your fellow country men. One of my country men. Tell me all there is to know about Poddala Jayantha... lets have one of your excuses for why this poor bugger got beaten up ...

sittingnut said...

could you quote me being fascist?
you can't. bc i never was .
you take my opposition to terrorist (and fascist) ltte and its supporters (like you), to be fascist. sorry, clear you head first. or continue to make a fool of yourself here as you did in last comment .

i am on facebook under my real name but inactive. find it. my opinions in support of democracy, freedom, justice, and human rights are perfectly acceptable in fb bc they are shared by millions . yours probably aren't.

also you can find my twitter accounts in another post here. search

as for who beat up the two bit journalist and why , i don't know. if you know who did it (as you imply) why not put forward the evidence .

btw are you still supporting and excusing the racists who attack sri lankans in your country , australia ? if so, do not expect me to tolerate you . hate mongers like that will be treated as they deserve here

Ashanthi2 said...

Oh cut it out .. no-one's even listening, don't you dare take the high and mighty with me!

Everyone is shocked at the attacks on Sri Lankans. However, what was kept very quite was all the attacks that were happening against Indians. I actually think that the Sri Lankan attacks have brought that to the limelight and it is a very, very worrying thing.

I cannot believe you are calling this poor man some two bit journalist. Regardless of how insignificant you think his status is the big Mahinda scheme of things is, can you show some sympathy for him? He has a wife, parents, children, just like you. Why do you care so little for another human being, just because they disagree with you. Don't become a monster, please.

Now enough with the name-calling (and threats). I know this is going to be hard for you to believe, but I have actually forgotten your real name .. so we have a problem there. I'll try and find you through this twitter thing .. but I guess I still need your name for that.

Also - I guess as you are no friend of Morquendi or Indi ehmmm I ain't gonna find you there either.

Hmmm .. not sure what to do... If you still have my email - send me your details again. I think it's time we have a serious chat.