Wednesday, May 06, 2009

vic issues an open invitation to indi samarajeeva and sanjana hattotuwa to answer some questions

voice in colombo blog has issued an open invitation to indi samarajeeva and sanjana hattotuwa to answer some questions. very good ones too. pl read.
questions, few and clear, deal with their championing of mano ganeshan, censorship on kottu, and sanjana hattotuwa's moral equalizations.

will they respond?

so far indi has responded.
good for him. but imo in a pretty lame way and is evasive regarding the questions. but you can judge for yourself.


padashow said...

ado ponnaya. nice to have your old troll back no?

bend over a bit please? been a long time since i buggered you properly. hope your hole's not gotten smaller. might hurt a bit.

sittingnut said...

a typical comment by indi.padashow. rabid at any questioning of him.

more angry he gets better for the truth and revelations of truth. that is after all how i got him to make the mistake that revealed he is indeed padashow.

let's see how mush more will be revealed this time .

padashow said...

stop whining you sick fuck. take it like a man.

Anonymous said...

u still crying over Keshi aren't ya? :P lolzer

sittingnut said...

see above two for indi .padashow doing his hate thing. joined by one of his suckerboys . may be it is sanajana
good to be in the receiving end of ppl like them . i must be doing something right :-)

Keshi said...

hey SN hows u? Long time :)

I just read a dumb post in Padashow's blog abt u, where he uses my name at his own will. Wut exactly is this guy's illness?

I see him visiting my blog and then writing abt me, when i dun even know the guy! Has he got some serious issues or wut!


sittingnut said...

he( a real person called indi) has some problem with me bc i expose his hypocrisy and his family's corruption. so he goes about trying to get at me in every possible way . if you moderate comments moderate him and ignore him. i am not going to to be intimidated by his tactics.

indi's sister said...

oh and btw, did you know that morquendi went around telling his underlings to promote the padashow blog, and the podipada twitter account? don’t believe me?


sittingnut said...

just for the record i don't think above comment has anything to do with indi's sister or morquendi but is mere spam .

spammer said...

so you won't read the said accounts and see the evidence that proves Morq is Padashow? how can someone turn a blind eye just like that? :(

and to top it off, you know what a kotiya mr. morq-commie-endi is no?

sittingnut said...

as i have said before padashow blog originally was collaborative effort by indi and others but nowadays it is merely trying to cover up indi padshow dirty work . by attacking me or others, like the blogger who was banned from kottu bc his suckerboys demanded it

spammer said...

you know very well Nibras Bawa crossed a line that non of you had ever crossed, even in the most heated of discussions... he dropped down to a new low for Sri Lankan bloggers...

Keshi said...

SN tnxx!

no Im not intimidated or offended by any of his antics. Such ppl dont get to me. What I'd like him to do is keep me out of his dilemma. I dont know him, neither do I hv anything to do with him or his family that u claim he's defending.

Anyways, it's not ur fault. I just came to ask u what this guy's issue is. :)

tnxx SN!


sittingnut said...

thanks for the understanding

spammer and others:

what nibras bawa did was also done by indi in his blog .anyone who defends nibras bawa's ban is a hypocrite bent on defending indi /padshow at all cost.
spammer is lying about evidence about morquendi there is no such evidence in those twitters .
and if morq was part of padashow, what of it ? as i have said padshow originally was collaborative.

in contrast there is conclusive evidence that indi is padashow .

in an exchange in indi' blog i made him angry about something and he inadvertently let the cat out of the bag when he attacked me making the same
mistakes about details about some things padashow made which can only happen if they are the same, has access to same inaccurate source , and think alike. (mistake could not have happened just by reading padashow and repeating it btw, read carefully bc they are not same . it was due to thinking alike from a false source. it is more maths ). so he provided evidence that he was padashow .

before that i did not link them together citing lack of evidence even though many bloggers have informed me of the connection. now i have evidence.
spammer attempt to defend indi at all costs will not work

all this apart from the fact that currently indi/padshow is almost exclusively devoted to defending indi . maybe we will soon see decoy attacks to cover this . but it has not happened yet

Ashanthi2 said...

S/nut - stop with the in-fighting. Padashow is too smart to be indi.

Bottom line is stop focusing on him and this so called peacenik thing.

Tamils all over the world want a Separate State. You can call it what you want. But you know as we all do there has been too much butchering.

Anonymous said...

Ado ponnaya,

NB has given up. Stand by. Next is your blog. Get lost. close it before I rape you online. NB himself couldn't withstand. You think you will? Peanut cracker. Go close this blog you gay bugger.



sittingnut said...

padashow is not smart. so your argument fail. indi is padashow .

i am sorry if tamils want a separate state. i don't think they want one here in sl .
maybe those tamils who want one should try in india, australia, uk or norway, perhaps, before trying here. peacefully of course . then we will see how those countries handle it .

in any case as long as they use peaceful means they are free to try anywhere . but if they use violence, they are criminals and should be treated as such. period. ppl who support violence should have similar fate .

anon at 5/13/2009 12:10 pm
which one of the indi padshow's suckerboys are you . drummerboy (probably)? jonesboy ? limp dic? ravanna?
whichever one you are, you typical of the type. a coward as they are .

sittingnut said...

or you could be sanjana hathotuwa . i am so used to threat from him that i almost forgot . that comment above even more typical mod for him esp the homophobia .

Ashanthi2 said...

Machan - you cannot be serious. Tamils in Sri Lanka want a Separate State. The World (as per the CNN poll .. .hmmmm despite a few silly tricks by the even sillier Rajapakses) wants intervention at the very least.

Be reasonable with me please ...

Look are you married? Let's imagine you and I were. It's all come to a very bitter end. You know why - because I am a dark ugly Hindu Tamil and I didn't come with enough dowry. I'm a battered wife and I want a divorce. But I am too scared to ask for one.

So - the Refuge for Battered Tamil wives, appoints me a lawyer ... all the laws in the world that protect battered wives .. now come into play.

Set me free. I am not yours, I was promised to one of my own. It was a mistake... If you love me, set me free.

sittingnut said...


silly unscientific polls are well .... silly . and if anyone try to interfere,... pl read my next post.

your battered wife analogy is false .
as i said if anyone wants separate state they should try peacefully, and may be try first in india, uk , norway , australia etc before trying here .

nor it is certain that tamils here want that .you as a foreigner cannot claim to speack for them. i have greater right on that regard. it is ppl who supply money to terrorists who propagate that myth . they don't care about tamils here.
i don't think other ethnic groups here will agree to it and they have a right to object top any reduction of their rights.without consent you cannot reduce other ppls rights .

btw do you agree that anyone claiming to use violence for such an end should be be condemned ? do you unconditionally condemn ltte terrorists? this is a specific question.

Ashanthi2 said...

S/nut - sorry, you are well and truly divorced. And just because I had to leave because you treated me so poorly doesn't mean that you should now call me a foreigner. You stole my dowry from me and now you think you have the right to call me a foreigner. If I and only I still own the title deeds for this land some in the North, some in the East and even some in the South ... do you think that lawfully if you were reasonable that we got a lawyer (the UN etc) to resolve this matter that given I have borne your children and put up with you for so long that I would not be entitled to my property back? As I said, you are saying to your battered bullied raped and tortured wife, come home putta all is forgiven. Well guess what matey, this girl ain't no fool no more.

As for a few Colombo Tamils you know who are probably scared shitless to say boo about a separate state - well they can stay on in Cinamon Gardens. No probs. But the rest of us wanna a separation and we want it NOW.

Look - I'd like you to stop trying to be smart with me and asking me specific questions about the LTTe. I cannot answer for them and nor and I will repeat myself here (although if you were in the same room as me right now I'd be boxing your ears ... hence we had a very stormy marriage ... cause you like all men never listen ... :-) ... I have NEVER, given any money EVER, to the LTTE. And you cannot and do not have the right to say that all Tamils who live o/seas.

I think you know full well who supplies the LTTE with their arms - it is corrupt elements within the Sri Lankan Army. Has been for decades.

Anyway - here's specific questions for you - are you a Rajapakse supporter now (you didn't used to be), are you married and if not ... why not.

sittingnut said...

i did not mean to personally insult you bc i like you ( you probably seen what i do when i really want to attack somebody, i hold in contempt. this was nothing of the sort . )

but i do stand by previous comment.

only point i fell like any need to add is one about calling you a foreigner -
you are called a foreigner not bc you are one ( though technically you are ) but bc you refuse to deal with what happens here in any realistic way taking account of the facts .

you also refuse to explain your basic positions on main issues, rely on speculations of doubtful veracity . so no point in adding anything further

Ashanthi2 said...

Oh Great! So now we've got no talking in our marriage too!!!

I don't know what you're like when you are attacking other people. Haven't been blogging for years except for occasionally getting whiff of something stupid that that indi moron has said ... I know

S/nut you really can't say that I am a foreigner because I don't have the right information. I mean when are you going to be realistic about what is being done to Tamils? Please, please do not be so blind. I'm asking you to dig deep and accept how terrible the whole situation is. Please.

You know us Tamils we have to live with certain harsh facts. What do you want for generations of Sinhalese to come, that they live with Genocide on their hands.

If you don't step up and say NO to what you're government is doing, where will this end?

We are entitled to have our land back. We are entitled not to be butchered to extinction in this way. It's just disgusting what the army is doing up there.

You cannot hide behind the LTTE forever. The truth is out and people will be tried for war-crimes. Why do you as a Buddhist want to be a part of it. How can you, how can you reconcile it with the principles of true Buddhism?

I do wish you would work with people like Morq and stop wasting your time on proving points about that idiot Indi. We, Tamils, don't have the time. I need you to show some leadership.

Show me you are a humanitarian. Turn the other cheek. And please, do NOT get your hands dirty with blood.