Tuesday, August 07, 2007

to hrw and brad adams; brown skin does not mean barbarian murderers

(this highly misleading cover photo of hrw report is amply indicative of the sloppy standards of its writers and content.)

if you want to convict sri lankans and their armed forces of murder, do a proper investigation and come up with evidence. human rights watch's latest report is, starting from the misleading photo in the cover, short on real evidence and long on unsubstantiated allegations. same allegations were repeated today to media by its director brad adams.

it seems that to mr adams and hrw any barbaric allegation against a brown skinned person is equivalent to a conviction. they seem to think that unlike with white skinned 'civilized' beings brown skinned people are guilty until proven innocent. on that premise they convict large number of sri lankans of horrendous crimes based on ...nothing.

for instance not a single credible evidence for armed forces involvement in abductions is in the report. anonymous allegations are the best they can do. in addition to that, mere newspaper reports referring to more anonymous allegations, opposition mudslinging, snippets from terrorist propaganda, and pity inducing photos; that is all. it seems that is enough to convict thousands in sri lankans armed force of atrocities. read it(pdf 2.13mb). it is an example of racist prejudices of self appointed "do gooders" like brad adams (a hypocritical human leftover from 'missionary' past)

brown skinned man with gun = murderer
it seems these racist cannot stand the sight of brown skinned people successfully fighting to protect their basic human rights against terrorists, as sri lankan armed forces are doing. on the other hand they did nothing to counter the violation of our human rights by terrorists when we did not fight

and no doubt local ngo peaceniks like paikiasothy saravanamuttu, jehan perera, jayadeva uyangoda, sunila abeysekera, sunanda deshapriya, and their ilk (and their underlings like sanjana hattotuwa the censor) who make their living (literally see the donors to their ngos) by licking white assholes will find the report sweet to their tongues. to them as long as their masters excrete the disgusting rewards, sri lankans' right to justice and proper procedure has never been important. that is why they have long parroted the ltte terrorist propaganda

sri lankans should stand up and fight against violation of their basic human rights by such foreign racists and their local ass lickers, in the same way as they are presently fighting against violation of their rights by ltte terrorists.

i believe that we should specifically expose and name anyone who is connected to such racist reports in the same way we expose journalists doing similar things (1,2,3,). this may explain one reason why we should do that. people responsible for this sloppy racist report; brad adams, charu lata hogg, fred abraham, james ross, ian gorvin, andrea cottom, fitzroy hepkins, andrea holley, grace choi.