Saturday, June 30, 2007

more racist reporting by western media's sri lankan corespondents

one more example of racist reporting by westerns media can be seen below. the headline reads “Tamils kill seven civilians" (this time the culprits are 'afp correspondents'). this equating of tamils with terrorists is inexcusable. being journalists should not excuse anyone. they are free to be racists and slander sri lankans if they want, but we should expose their racism and unprofessional conduct.

this equating of tamils with terrorists is exactly what ltte terrorist pussies promote. their propaganda is always full of that. anyone who parrot that is doing terrorists' work for them.

we should continue to name and shame such terrorist parrots and racists whenever we can. i have already pointed out the examples of habitual racism by simon gardner the reuters correspondent here and bbc's sri lankan section. that they change the headline later does not take away the enormity of the crime or the damage caused by the slander (see the number of australian sunday newspapers this was published in).

in fact that they write this kind of headline in a hurry (though this was certainly not in a hurry) indicate how their minds perceive the tamils. as the sinhala saying goes, tongue doesn't lie even if mouth does.

hypocrisy of fmm and peaceniks

sri lanka's so called free media movement of sunanda deshapriya has always been quick to defend such racists and terrorist biased journalists. they call exposing of some journalist's terrorist parroting and racism, a threat to freedom of expression. in fact such exposure is part of freedom of expression. by trying to stop such exposure it is the fmm that is trying to curtail freedom of expression. in other words they find nothing wrong with tamils being equated to terrorists, but condemn anyone who point out (with evidence) that some journalists are repeating ltte propaganda.

sri lankan peaceniks, who also regularly parrot terrorist propaganda, believe this sort of racist stuff over usually more balanced local mainstream media, which says a lot about their level of intelligence, bias, and attitude. people like sanjana hattotuwa of groundviews swear by this kind of reporting; if it is foreign, it is god given truth to them. they will censor (and have censored) anyone who points this error in their writing or their sources. as i have said what else can you expect from people who think peace is worth any cost (including the cost of human rights, justice, freedom, and democracy). only immoral racists can hold such a postion. how many of those people who went into hysterical exaggerations about the 'eviction' incident will condemn this kind of blatant examples of real racism?

that is why we must continue to expose the hypocrisy of all those people in whatever small way we can.


Anonymous said...

Sitting Nut, what do you think of the last two days' events in UK and the amount of media coverage devoted to them compared to media coverage of similar but much severe Sri Lankan events? I find it disgusting that those people think they have a right to preach to us about how to deal with LTTE. Their local ass lickers like Sanjana H are worse.

Just Mal said...

I feel it's a rather good thing. Haven't we had enough reports of SLA aerial bombing Tamils. At least this balances things out.

The Australian is a somewhat left/liberal leaning upper class elitist publication.

sittingnut said...

anon at 7/01/2007 1:24 am:
will probably write a post on that subject later.
frankly i think how media prioritize the news is their own affair, they should cater to their market. question here is not that. problem is with the accuracy and attitude of the particular stories they actually report.

just mal :
racisms is never a good thing and being extreme never balances anything. 'tamils' do not kill; nobody has a right to say so. period.

sla does not bomb 'tamils', it bombs terrorists. if civilians do get killed that due to accidents and such accidents should be reported. if they say such things are intentional or are misrepresented, that can only be counteracted by exposing the truth with evidence (about the accident and about the bias of the reporter ) as happened with sencholai incident.

this was not limited to "the australian" it was an afp report syndicated to several newspapers.

Kasun said...

I for one think it's about time Tamils get a bad name. Their supporters overseas must cease funding the LTTE. Until then, yes, TAMILS killed seven civilians.