Monday, June 18, 2007

moral standards and hypocrisy

many of the bloggers who indulged in hysterical exaggerations about the 'eviction' incident, when confronted with the fact of their near total silence during rights violations committed by ltte (they were so confronted in this post by voice in colombo and in other forums) are taking cover behind the argument that government should be judged by higher moral standards, in contrast to terrorists who operate outside the moral domain.

in other words they are saying, "you expect terrorists to kill innocents, you do not expect government even to harass the innocent. as such we were right to condemn the government while remaining silent about ltte atrocities"

i totally agree that government should be held to higher moral standards. however their use the this argument smacks of hypocrisy.

let us examine why. (btw nothing excuses exaggerations with claims of ethnic cleansing etc. they indulged in, parroting ltte propaganda, but let us put that aside for a minute)

simply put if you bring morality into discussion, there is only one way available with regard to sri lankan conflict; defeat of terrorist pussies. a moral person would not even consider allowing terrorists to rule a section of the country, letting them oppress millions of people. morality and peace at any cost (cost of human rights, justice, democracy, and freedom) are simply not compatible. there may be spurious 'pragmatic' arguments for buying peace at such a cost but there are no moral arguments. if you have one let me know.

that is why these bloggers stink of hypocrisy. if you check their blogs you see that their level of hysterical outrage at eviction incident is proportional to their level of support to peace with ltte. more peacenik the blogger, more 'outraged' they were and more hysterical and exaggerated were their claims. main peaceniks in the blogosphere like groundviews blog totally went overboard. of course sanjana hattotuwa is perennially given to believing in conspiracy theories and plucking imaginary things out of thin air instead of basing his claims on facts, but even without his antics this relationship seem to be true. (btw it seems sanjana fooled a reporter of sunday times recently, falsely claiming, yet again, that there are 500 'visitors' a day to groundviews. he probably thinks that imaginary 500 appearing in a newspaper will be more impressive than the reality of less than 50 to his donors)

if you support peace with ltte terrorists, when they are armed and unreformed, you are giving up your moral standards. you are buying security in colombo at the cost of other's oppression. you are making the very real ethnic cleansing of non tamils from north permanent. you are denying justice to those and other victims of ltte. you are justifying repulsive and totally unjustified terrorist claims to be representative of tamils. you are denying democracy and freedom to people of north and east provinces. by advocating peace with ltte, you are in fact doing a thing far worse than what government was accused of doing with regard to eviction incident.

if they are going to hold the democratic sri lankan government to higher moral standards they should urge the government to defeat the ltte (using legitimate violence if needs be). instead they are doing the exact opposite.

thankfully sri lanka is a democracy and hypocrites always get exposed.

i was busy (in fact still is) during most of last week; so did not reply to some comments here (and elsewhere); will do so as soon as i get some time.


aadhavan said...

I agree with you on this one partially. The LTTE and the GoSL should be held to the same moral standards. And when you do hold them to the same standards, it's not clear who's better.

sittingnut said...

is it your usual muddled logic or is it some sort of problem with reading ability that is to be blamed for your latest silly comment?

may be you did not read this part.
i totally agree that government should be held to higher moral standards.

point was that ppl who advocate peace with ltte become hypocrites when they also say they are holding government to a higher standard. if they are holding "government to higher moral standards they should urge the government to defeat the ltte (using legitimate violence if needs be)"

Anonymous said...


LTTE never claims they represent Sinhalese or any other communities in Sri Lanka. They admit they represent Tamils and that too Tamils of N&E. They openly say Sinhalese are their enemies. LTTE also never claims they are saints. We all know they are terrorists who find physical fighting as their only approach towards their goal. So when LTTE kills Sinhalese (their enemies) there is no hypocrisy in that. They do what they sat and vice versa.

On the other hand Sri Lankan Government;
(a) claim it is the government of ALL people
(b) it does not believe in war and stands for a political solution.

So it is natural for anyone to ask why they do not act on what they preach.

If GOSL claims it is a Sinhalese government (and does not recognise the rights of Tamils) and will use any means to protect the supremacy of Sinhalese I do not think anyone will have problems about the evictions.


aadhavan said...

yes reading your rather disjointed diatribe is not always easy, maybe I don't agree with you after all. My point still stands, the LTTE and the govt should be held up to the same standards.

Rick said...

Nice write up sitting nut! Particularly liked your dig at that twat Sanjana Hattotuwa - he is a despicable character.

Keshi said...


how r ya?


Anonymous said...

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