Thursday, February 11, 2010

sarath fonseka supporters incite and welcome violence

yesterday sarath fonseka's supporters held a violent protest against his arrest. they attacked police. they damaged private and public property. they tried to enter colombo court premises unlawfully.

so much for respect for rule of law !

imo there was nothing wrong with arresting a person like sarath foneska against whom there is mass of evidence to start a lawful prosecution. (btw i will write a separate post examining sri lankan blogosphere's various objections to his arrest in the next few days.) but if his supporters and defendants think that action should be protested they are free to do so, peacefully. they are also free to file a fundamental rights petition if they want to challenge the arrest (they say they will).

they (mainly pathetic out of touch political refugees in fonseka's unholy alliance of unp, jvp, tna, slmc, etc) however chose violence. they used false accounts of sarath fonseka's arrest with allegations of physical abuse, parading his teary wife in front of cameras (to allege more falsehoods about lack of access to him), etc. to drive his supporters to a violent frenzy.

so much for truth! so much for respect for rule of law and constitution!

if they think violence is going to help them they are wrong.

but his supporters were happy with it so far and vow more. in sl blogosphere too their supporters welcome it. indi padashow samarajiva, an online propagandist employed by unp, is saying it is something to be thankful about (several hours after the event. so well aware of violent nature of the protest. note that.).

do they believe such violence is justified?
if so that is no surprise. in fact that is typical of them.

remember same ppl thought tamil tiger ltte terrorist violence was justified. they subscribed to racist notion that ltte represented tamils and perverted logic that tamil grievances (some of which are real) inevitably leads to violence (they probably think poverty leads to theft too). some of them thought jvp terrorist violence was justified too.

well most ppl, and thus most sri lankans, don't think such violence is justified or welcome it.

will these lovers of violence complain as and when they face the lawful consequences of their violence (as they should) ? hypocrites will certainly complain, but don't expect us to empathize.

update pic added at 1307hrs 02/11/2010

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Monday, February 08, 2010

quick note on sarath fonseka arrest

nobody is above the law.

if retired general sarath fonseka,
  • betrayed and endangered ppl including officers who sacrificed and contributed to defeat tamil tiger (ltte) terrorists (imo he did) in a misguided attempt to score political points ( knowingly or as a puppet of unrepentant supporters of terrorists and appeasers ),
  • if he was planning to undermine democracy (there are lot of indications he did imo),
  • if he was calling for foreign intervention to make him president after his loss in election (he is on record doing so) ,
he should pay the price. according to law. after a proper trial.
no more no less.

due process has started.


expect ppl who never raised their voices to support military defeat of terrorists (but instead wanted sri lanka to pay the price of lives, human rights, justice, democracy, and freedom, to appease terrorists for a fake peace) to shout empty slogans and platitudes (online and offline) to protest this arrest .

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Friday, February 05, 2010

nut's sri lankan blog post roundup - feb 05 2010

in addtion to my normal blogging, starting now i will publish a periodic round up of recent sri lankan blog posts.

in making a selection of notable posts, i will take into account a wider range of blogs than included in most of the sri lankan aggregators, (such as සිංහල බ්ලොග් කියවනය, kottu, achcharu, etc. ).

in a small way it will address some problems with aggregators, such as bugs, narrow selection, blog overload, and impermanence (at present it is impossible to find out the mood of sl blogosphere at a particular day or week in the past.)

there will be a delay of few hours (though not as much as today) from period covered and publication of roundup. so if you want sl bloggers' immediate take on some breaking news etc., go elsewhere (or perhaps read my normal posts and twitter) .

selection and commentary is all mine.

however, ppl are free to suggest and recommend posts and blogs (others' and their own) in the threads below. they are free to make, disagree, or even agree, with my observations, and selections there too.

now to business,

today's selection will be made mostly from yesterday's (04th) posts.

yesterday was independence day so lot of posts on the subject.

first my own post "sri lanka the truly independent"(en).

lots of blogs are quite rightly in a celebratory mood. සහෘදයා is full of good wishes and thankfulness(සි). ටොපිය features a poem and a graphic of lion flag made of words(සි). indika's blog expresses his pride about our freedom(සි).

ලංකාවේ අපි is one among many that question whether we are truly free of our subservient mindset(සි). similarly, pink clouds blog, exhorts readers(සි), using quotes and poems from patriots of the past, to be truly free and proud sri lankans. මගේ රස කතා... reproduces ජාතික තොටිල්ල by ven. s. mahinda thera(සි). if it sounds familiar even to those not familiar with heroic monk's work, that is bc some of the words were used as lyrics in song මුනි සිරිපා සිඹිමින්නේ.

chanux's blog misses something about this independence day(en). find out what. the paparé chronicles puts a question mark in front of 'independence' bc of divisions among us (en). there are, but should he? life in taprobane decides to separate 'in ' from 'dependence'(en). his post is rhetorically great, but i found some of the expressions and tricks used objectionable and said so, others did not.

lanka rising remembers his own past posts on independence day and puts the current one in perspective(en). his perspective. what is yours?

dd recounts an incident at a pharmacist shop aboard and end up asking 'at what price freedom?'(en). read it to find the connection.

magerata has a simple one line of advice to all(en).

to turn to other subjects.

අනුරාධගේ සටහන් recounts (with photos) how they attended a thai pongal celebration in jaffna(සි). කැටපත්පවුර continues with fourth installment of experiences in singapore(සි). sinhalaya travels cycles through colombo district and produces photos and advice(en).

a voice in colombo gets back to politics with a question 'why opposition keep losing elections?(en). makes some good points as always. but posting from mobile is not a good idea.

lanka rising blog publishes two part extract from a book by patali champika ranawaka entitled (en) 'global recession - blessing in disguise?' is it?

meanwhile kandy road blog is ever ready to plunge into controversial topics. in one, it asks whether sri lanka is a multi (ethnic, cultural, religious) country?(සි). in another it says that our women by seeking equality have even lost the place in society they already had (සි). i am sure readers would have quite different ideas about all that.

ඉංගිරිසි Ingirisi blog continues to deal with 'snags encountered in learning English as a second language'. make sure to visit the blog and give some encouragement even if you don't need the advice.

සංසාරේ අපි.. gets philosophical with a sand castle(සි). really.

dee at rantings in colombo thinks her life should be called dee and the city (en). huh?

කෞශලගේ තොරතුරු blog features what appears to be an old black and white photo of the tooth relic(සි).

want a useless copy and paste list of 1000 english proverbs and sayings? go here(en).

thameera's column wants a book light and advice (en).

and finally, jd's diary is just happy to be included(සි) in සිංහල බ්ලොග් කියවනය. :-)

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

sri lanka the truly independent

sri lanka is free.

free of terrorists. free of foreign of interference.

we defeated evil time and again.

we refused to pay the price of human rights, freedom, justice, and democracy, to get 'peace' with evil, even when interfering foreigners wanted us to. we rejected with contempt cynical attempt to fool us.

we did the 'impossible'.

we will glorify that and celebrate that with pride.

to remain free
we will remain free as long as democratic wishes of ppl who supported the great effort to defeat evil, rules.

we will remain free as long as those who sacrificed are remembered and honored with pride.

we will remain as long as we reject the rule of unrepentant supporters of murderous terrorists, corrupt peaceniks who wanted us to appease terrorists, cowards who chose to do nothing running from responsibility, and slaves working on behalf of foreigners.

to future!

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

challenge: name a single real news story that was censored in sri lanka recently

opposition propagandists and terrorist propagandists claim that sri lankans are not informed about what is happening in sri lanka bc news here is censored.

imo that is not so.

it can be argued, that not a single real news story, that would have passed a good editor in any reputable newspaper in west, was censored here.

please prove me wrong if you can.

as i always say to anyone who claims sri lankans are kept in the dark by government, go to the nearest newsstand (there are plenty everywhere ) and just read the headlines. not only real news, but unsubstantiated substandard stories, pro and against government/opposition/whatever are available to anyone. same with other media.

yes there was no story about election commissioner held at gun point on 27th, but that was not censorship, bc that never happened. same with sore loser sarath fonseka being 'under siege' and 'hotel arrest'.

to claim that these rumors were spread bc there was censorship of in mainstream independent media and there is a vacuum of information as one of official online unp/sf propagandists, indi 'padashow' samarajiva', does is false.

far from 'running media center for national security press releases', mainstream media in sl did report the facts truthfully. the false rumors were artificially created and spread on purpose to denigrate and undermine sri lanka and its democracy. indi padashow participated in that effort willingly and knowingly. he is now acting the sore loser like his masters' bc his artificial bubble of clueless hopes have burst.

my challenge to him or any anyone else making the same false claims about censorship : name a single properly substantiated news story that was not published in sri lanka recently in context and in proportion to its news value.

does that mean there is no censorship in sri lanka? no.

attempts at censorship (mostly ineffective) directed against false anti sri lanka propaganda did and is taking place. government is quite open about it.

government blocked the terrorist propaganda website, tamilnet in 2007. some of those who were spreading false rumors through sms texts in bulk on 25th and 27th clearly aimed at denigrating and undermining sri lanka, national security, and sri lankan democracy at that particular point of time have been arrested. formerly terrorist jvp's propaganda rag lanka raided and shut for a day was due to it publishing an article inimical to national security.

note that there was nothing unconstitutional or illegal in any of government actions. for example, police who raided lanka followed proper legal procedure and were armed with court orders, search warrants, etc. same court also allowed the paper to reopen.

however i would support use of legal force only if these ppl were either intending to use force, conspiring with those who did, or somehow engaging in activities that could very well result in harm to sri lankans (such as disclosing details of intelligence operations as alleged about lanka article). since investigations are continuing we don't know enough to judge specifically about recent actions.

i personally do not approve any kind of censorship, of news or of propaganda.

i believe in countering false propaganda by exposing the propagandists and their real loyalties to the world with evidence.

that is why when government blocked the terrorist propaganda website, tamilnet, i protested. even though i detest what that website is doing. i also helped literally thousands of ppl to counter the block bc my post is in top 10/20 search results for relevant keywords in (btw one of the reasons this blog gets so many visitors is that i have posted lot of practically useful posts in the past).

similarly i have never called for banning corrupt peacenik sanjana hattotuwa's groundviews blog or its predecessor moju. even though both published blatantly untrue terrorist propaganda.

i believe in exposing their lies to sunlight through confronting them with facts and reason. aggressively so.

if the propagandists are allied to terrorists, their pro terrorist connections and lies should be exposed, whether they be tamilnet or groundviews. their racist ideologies and prejudices should be laid bare. eventually truth will triumph. tamilnet has lost all credibility. these days ppl visit it only to know how the terrorist pussies are spinning a particular story, not for facts. moju was deleted by sanjana when the criminal burden of its terrorist parroting lies became too much to sustain. note how sanjana hattotuwa is not maintaining an archive copy of moju site (even though he is maintaining such for various others).

if the propagandists were working to undermine national security and sri lankan democracy, and their actions do not go beyond mere propaganda, i would support and be satisfied with any effort to expose their lies and connections.

so when one of the online unp/sf propagandists, blogger indi 'padashow' samarajiva and same terrorist parrot sanjana hattotuwa' and their suckerboys like dinidu de alwis began to spread false rumors in blogosphere and in twitter on 25th and 27th (complementing their colleagues who were spreading the same lies in bulk offline through sms text etc.) principled thing to do was to expose them for what they are, as i said at the time.

in fact exposure of their lies, hypocrisy, bias and loyalties, based on their actions and facts should continue as long as they continue to engage in propaganda.

to conclude,

there is no news censorship in sri lanka, there was/are legal attempts underway to curb propagandist who may be undermining national security and democracy.

i do not believe in curbing even propagandists as long as they are nothing but propagandists. best way to counter propagandists is to expose them, their connections, and confront them with facts and reason .

on purely personal scale, with regard to censorship, i have not even called for removal of unp propagandist indi 'padashow' samarajiva's online thuggery against me, conducted through a second hand blog at present, from even kottu.

i have satisfied myself (in addition to documenting his disgusting activity for record purposes) with pointing out the hypocrisy and double standards indi.padashow applies to those who do his dirty work, in contrast to treatment meted out to those who used similar tactics against terrorists. former is encouraged and promoted while latter, like satire site, are banned from kottu.

wonder what indi 'padashow' samarajiva's kottu cocoon defenders have to say about this double standard.

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Monday, February 01, 2010

big thank you to visitors to my blog + stats

some blogs make a habit of boasting about their visitor numbers. groundviews, terrorist parroting, peacenik ngo run, so called "citizen journalist", blog, in particular sends periodic spam to all and sundry boasting about how many visitors it gets (equating two different things, visitors with pageviews, btw).

whenever i receive them (as i did at the end of last week about their stats so far in january), i am always surprised that my blog, maintained by me in spare time, written by a single person, at a rate of about 1 post a week (1.25 to be exact), has comparable (though lower by about 25-33%) visitor figures to that blog, written by variety of ppl, at a rate of several posts a day, and maintained by especially paid employees.


so i thought i will take this opportunity to boast about my stats, and thank my visitors .

did i mention that my english (my third language, but only one i can type) is atrocious, my style while direct is aesthetically non existent, and that most of my posts (mostly on politics) are too long? not to mention the fact that i have not updated the template for 4 years.

so again,
thank you very much for visiting in spite of all

i will post some google analytics figures for january (probably the best month for some time due to the presidential election and the number of posts i published ). statcounter gives somewhat different (higher) figures.
(click to enlarge)

google analytics - for january 2010 - 34,441 visits, 78,110 pageviews, 23,560, absolute unique visitors

statcounter - for january 2010 - 84,857 page loads, 39,275 visitors

google analytics - daily average visitors (not pageviews) and time of visits - 1,111 per day

google analytics -where the visitors came from - 116 countries

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