Friday, February 05, 2010

nut's sri lankan blog post roundup - feb 05 2010

in addtion to my normal blogging, starting now i will publish a periodic round up of recent sri lankan blog posts.

in making a selection of notable posts, i will take into account a wider range of blogs than included in most of the sri lankan aggregators, (such as සිංහල බ්ලොග් කියවනය, kottu, achcharu, etc. ).

in a small way it will address some problems with aggregators, such as bugs, narrow selection, blog overload, and impermanence (at present it is impossible to find out the mood of sl blogosphere at a particular day or week in the past.)

there will be a delay of few hours (though not as much as today) from period covered and publication of roundup. so if you want sl bloggers' immediate take on some breaking news etc., go elsewhere (or perhaps read my normal posts and twitter) .

selection and commentary is all mine.

however, ppl are free to suggest and recommend posts and blogs (others' and their own) in the threads below. they are free to make, disagree, or even agree, with my observations, and selections there too.

now to business,

today's selection will be made mostly from yesterday's (04th) posts.

yesterday was independence day so lot of posts on the subject.

first my own post "sri lanka the truly independent"(en).

lots of blogs are quite rightly in a celebratory mood. සහෘදයා is full of good wishes and thankfulness(සි). ටොපිය features a poem and a graphic of lion flag made of words(සි). indika's blog expresses his pride about our freedom(සි).

ලංකාවේ අපි is one among many that question whether we are truly free of our subservient mindset(සි). similarly, pink clouds blog, exhorts readers(සි), using quotes and poems from patriots of the past, to be truly free and proud sri lankans. මගේ රස කතා... reproduces ජාතික තොටිල්ල by ven. s. mahinda thera(සි). if it sounds familiar even to those not familiar with heroic monk's work, that is bc some of the words were used as lyrics in song මුනි සිරිපා සිඹිමින්නේ.

chanux's blog misses something about this independence day(en). find out what. the paparé chronicles puts a question mark in front of 'independence' bc of divisions among us (en). there are, but should he? life in taprobane decides to separate 'in ' from 'dependence'(en). his post is rhetorically great, but i found some of the expressions and tricks used objectionable and said so, others did not.

lanka rising remembers his own past posts on independence day and puts the current one in perspective(en). his perspective. what is yours?

dd recounts an incident at a pharmacist shop aboard and end up asking 'at what price freedom?'(en). read it to find the connection.

magerata has a simple one line of advice to all(en).

to turn to other subjects.

අනුරාධගේ සටහන් recounts (with photos) how they attended a thai pongal celebration in jaffna(සි). කැටපත්පවුර continues with fourth installment of experiences in singapore(සි). sinhalaya travels cycles through colombo district and produces photos and advice(en).

a voice in colombo gets back to politics with a question 'why opposition keep losing elections?(en). makes some good points as always. but posting from mobile is not a good idea.

lanka rising blog publishes two part extract from a book by patali champika ranawaka entitled (en) 'global recession - blessing in disguise?' is it?

meanwhile kandy road blog is ever ready to plunge into controversial topics. in one, it asks whether sri lanka is a multi (ethnic, cultural, religious) country?(සි). in another it says that our women by seeking equality have even lost the place in society they already had (සි). i am sure readers would have quite different ideas about all that.

ඉංගිරිසි Ingirisi blog continues to deal with 'snags encountered in learning English as a second language'. make sure to visit the blog and give some encouragement even if you don't need the advice.

සංසාරේ අපි.. gets philosophical with a sand castle(සි). really.

dee at rantings in colombo thinks her life should be called dee and the city (en). huh?

කෞශලගේ තොරතුරු blog features what appears to be an old black and white photo of the tooth relic(සි).

want a useless copy and paste list of 1000 english proverbs and sayings? go here(en).

thameera's column wants a book light and advice (en).

and finally, jd's diary is just happy to be included(සි) in සිංහල බ්ලොග් කියවනය. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Oh come on loser. You are only copying RD loser drummer's "Lately in the Lankanosphere" posts.

Shame on you for copying his style. Loser !

sittingnut said...

1/ rd did not invent a style .all blog roundups allover the world have same style more or less

2/when was his last such post?

3/ this covers a wider range of blogs than his cocoonish mindset can expand

නුවර පාර said...

hey thanks කැන්ඩි describe two time ......

නුවර පාර said...

hey thanks කැන්ඩි describe two time

Magerata said...

Million thanks for noticing my simple post.
As you mentioned, we need to take care of aggregation better and be democratic about it.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Oh.. I see Mr. Nuts, glad i was your inspiration you copy cat. BTW, why did you copy mine? I thought you never liked my blog let alone me? Now who is cocoonish, hah?

sittingnut said...

obviously above comment was posted by someone without a blogger account . rhythmic diaspora does have so it is probably by an cowardly impostor.

anyway i have answered the 'objection' already in my second comment here . will repeat it for the benefit of morons ( like the above commenter ) who cannot understand.

1/ rd did not invent a style. all blog roundups all over the world have same style more or less
( seen global voices online for instance ? did they copycat it from rd too? lol)

2/when was his last such post?

3/ this covers a wider range of blogs than his cocoonish mindset can expand
( above commenter obviously has a confused idea about what is meant by a cocoon. let the fool figure it out )

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sittingnut - I hope you realise that the previous wasn't really from me. Best of luck with your round up thing anyhow.


Anonymous said...

Its Cool