Tuesday, February 02, 2010

challenge: name a single real news story that was censored in sri lanka recently

opposition propagandists and terrorist propagandists claim that sri lankans are not informed about what is happening in sri lanka bc news here is censored.

imo that is not so.

it can be argued, that not a single real news story, that would have passed a good editor in any reputable newspaper in west, was censored here.

please prove me wrong if you can.

as i always say to anyone who claims sri lankans are kept in the dark by government, go to the nearest newsstand (there are plenty everywhere ) and just read the headlines. not only real news, but unsubstantiated substandard stories, pro and against government/opposition/whatever are available to anyone. same with other media.

yes there was no story about election commissioner held at gun point on 27th, but that was not censorship, bc that never happened. same with sore loser sarath fonseka being 'under siege' and 'hotel arrest'.

to claim that these rumors were spread bc there was censorship of in mainstream independent media and there is a vacuum of information as one of official online unp/sf propagandists, indi 'padashow' samarajiva', does is false.

far from 'running media center for national security press releases', mainstream media in sl did report the facts truthfully. the false rumors were artificially created and spread on purpose to denigrate and undermine sri lanka and its democracy. indi padashow participated in that effort willingly and knowingly. he is now acting the sore loser like his masters' bc his artificial bubble of clueless hopes have burst.

my challenge to him or any anyone else making the same false claims about censorship : name a single properly substantiated news story that was not published in sri lanka recently in context and in proportion to its news value.

does that mean there is no censorship in sri lanka? no.

attempts at censorship (mostly ineffective) directed against false anti sri lanka propaganda did and is taking place. government is quite open about it.

government blocked the terrorist propaganda website, tamilnet in 2007. some of those who were spreading false rumors through sms texts in bulk on 25th and 27th clearly aimed at denigrating and undermining sri lanka, national security, and sri lankan democracy at that particular point of time have been arrested. formerly terrorist jvp's propaganda rag lanka raided and shut for a day was due to it publishing an article inimical to national security.

note that there was nothing unconstitutional or illegal in any of government actions. for example, police who raided lanka followed proper legal procedure and were armed with court orders, search warrants, etc. same court also allowed the paper to reopen.

however i would support use of legal force only if these ppl were either intending to use force, conspiring with those who did, or somehow engaging in activities that could very well result in harm to sri lankans (such as disclosing details of intelligence operations as alleged about lanka article). since investigations are continuing we don't know enough to judge specifically about recent actions.

i personally do not approve any kind of censorship, of news or of propaganda.

i believe in countering false propaganda by exposing the propagandists and their real loyalties to the world with evidence.

that is why when government blocked the terrorist propaganda website, tamilnet, i protested. even though i detest what that website is doing. i also helped literally thousands of ppl to counter the block bc my post is in top 10/20 search results for relevant keywords in google.lk. (btw one of the reasons this blog gets so many visitors is that i have posted lot of practically useful posts in the past).

similarly i have never called for banning corrupt peacenik sanjana hattotuwa's groundviews blog or its predecessor moju. even though both published blatantly untrue terrorist propaganda.

i believe in exposing their lies to sunlight through confronting them with facts and reason. aggressively so.

if the propagandists are allied to terrorists, their pro terrorist connections and lies should be exposed, whether they be tamilnet or groundviews. their racist ideologies and prejudices should be laid bare. eventually truth will triumph. tamilnet has lost all credibility. these days ppl visit it only to know how the terrorist pussies are spinning a particular story, not for facts. moju was deleted by sanjana when the criminal burden of its terrorist parroting lies became too much to sustain. note how sanjana hattotuwa is not maintaining an archive copy of moju site (even though he is maintaining such for various others).

if the propagandists were working to undermine national security and sri lankan democracy, and their actions do not go beyond mere propaganda, i would support and be satisfied with any effort to expose their lies and connections.

so when one of the online unp/sf propagandists, blogger indi 'padashow' samarajiva and same terrorist parrot sanjana hattotuwa' and their suckerboys like dinidu de alwis began to spread false rumors in blogosphere and in twitter on 25th and 27th (complementing their colleagues who were spreading the same lies in bulk offline through sms text etc.) principled thing to do was to expose them for what they are, as i said at the time.

in fact exposure of their lies, hypocrisy, bias and loyalties, based on their actions and facts should continue as long as they continue to engage in propaganda.

to conclude,

there is no news censorship in sri lanka, there was/are legal attempts underway to curb propagandist who may be undermining national security and democracy.

i do not believe in curbing even propagandists as long as they are nothing but propagandists. best way to counter propagandists is to expose them, their connections, and confront them with facts and reason .

on purely personal scale, with regard to censorship, i have not even called for removal of unp propagandist indi 'padashow' samarajiva's online thuggery against me, conducted through a second hand blog at present, from even kottu.

i have satisfied myself (in addition to documenting his disgusting activity for record purposes) with pointing out the hypocrisy and double standards indi.padashow applies to those who do his dirty work, in contrast to treatment meted out to those who used similar tactics against terrorists. former is encouraged and promoted while latter, like satire site tamilnet.tv, are banned from kottu.

wonder what indi 'padashow' samarajiva's kottu cocoon defenders have to say about this double standard.

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Tikiri Nilame said...

Hear hear!

Anonymous said...

It's funny the guys who parade Singapore for everything don't want the government to follow Singapore on this matter. If the government did so, a lot of people including Somawansa and Mangala would be in jail.

I wonder why the police morons seal/block the rags anyway just to make the losers heroes. This was headline news for LeN for almost half a day, shows how their business is running these days.


Naveen said...

Well....true about double standards..i miss tamilnet.tv on Kottu :D

Anonymous said...

"was due to it publishing an article inimical to national security."

If this statement is even remotely true, why did the courts overturn the closure order and state that the CID had not enough evidence to prove their case?

Why bother censoring individual articles when they can just shut the whole paper down ya? Lol...!!

Still kissing ass huh?

sittingnut said...

thanks for the comments. :-)

good point

in fact if gov here does what singapore does those ppl will be bankrupt. i would not be surprised if sl gov start filing big libel suits .
one against sunday leader by gotabhya was going well for him, before it was settled at the insistence of mr . or so i hear,
i don't think they will get a second chance

anon @ 2/02/2010 4:04 pm
i see you are confused. lol

the case is continuing at court . next hearing on monday .click the link i provided

besides your logic is flawed case concerned an article so only ppl concerned with it should be held accountable . rest of paper was reopened by lifting temp ban. that i believe was the court's reasoning .

proves again that gov is following law

Anonymous said...

"proves again that gov is following law"

All this proves is that the Gov is trying their tricks but some members of the judiciary are still willing to stand up for the rights of the people!

Anonymous said...

Please keep up your articles. SL blogosphere is too full of idiots like indrajit.

sittingnut said...

anon @ 2/02/2010 4:41 pm
that is called checks and balances .

proves they work here and gov respected them here

Anonymous said...

"proves they work here and gov respected them here"

As in the same way they respected the election laws regarding fair media coverage on state channels and the use of state property?

Or do you mean the way they respected the law by transferring DIG Lewke just 24 hours before the election day?

As they say, none so blind as they who will not see...

sittingnut said...

anon @ 2/02/2010 5:09 pm

you tend to jump all over the place when you lose one argument . huh?

so you grant that in this instance gov respected law ?
bc instead of arguing that case you jump to campaign law and misuse of state media etc .


on campaign law .
it is loophole ridden bad law

besides that is the fate of all campaign laws, as i said in a previous post "political parties in all democracies exploit loopholes in campaign laws" have you even "heard of 'push polls', '527 groups', etc in usa"?

do you think unp/sf/jvp will follow it if they gained power . if so you are either silly and/or suffering from selective amnesia about last unp admin.

nobody is going to be convicted of breaking campaign law.
that law is that shoddy

only way to lesson abuse of state media and property is to shrink the government ( as i said during election post ) . i did not see anybody advocating that .

dig lewke situation was one those empty bubble fusses inflated by pro unp/jvp media . if law was broken why not make that case in court . you don't get to decide in such a case .
you are free to call me blind irrationally, if you want. but what about you? you who disregard facts and reality selectively, and jumps to avoid points ? that is blinkered vision by definition
btw do you have a blog? if so link to it . your confused jumpy style of arguing ss rather familiar

Sam said...

A cleaver one! This is Eddie Izzard style satire.
If the headline is censored, we don’t know it. Therefore we are unable to produce it.

sittingnut said...

no the challenge is serious

what did happen in sri lanka that was not reported in sri lanka media?

say were such events reported in foreign countries and not here ?
or are you saying that sri lanka censors them too ? lol

don't run from it using empty arguments

sittingnut said...


i just saw that kottu pop.list was manipulated to show tamilnet.tv images

i am not connected with any such manipulations and do not believe in them.
i have in fact asked the admin there to fix the bugs in the pop list to prevent such manipulation long before.

for all i know such a thing was done today to create suspicion about this blog among other bloggers, given that i have made a reference to tamilnet.tv ban here

or it may be real protest against that ban

whatever it is i am not connected

Anonymous said...

"whatever it is i am not connected"

'Puhul hora karen dhanee'
'me thinks thou dost object too strongly'


sittingnut said...

says who ? :-)

btw i am not 'objecting' just pointing facts out .

if anyone thinks this blog and myself was not subjected to thuggery and low tactics they are free to visit the blog that indipadshow use to attack me at second hand and see the truth

Anonymous said...

Gladly take your challenge!

Lakbima News – the entire newspapers – not a single news story – was not published on Jan 24, the Sunday before the election.


Rajpal Abeynayake wrote something negative about the President and he didn’t like it. Promptly ordered Thilanga to take the story out. Thilanga could not as it was probably too late so the paper never went to newsstands.
This is the pathetic level of censorship practiced in Sri Lanka by the Rajapaksa bros. Smart enough not to show it, but censorship has been and will always be there.

Now proved with evidence, do you accept it? Or as usual goes on with the self denial, how can a nice guy like my master Rajapaksa have a censorship meyaala?

Grow up kid!

sittingnut said...

lol at the reply and confusion of anon above

you have not proved anything.

you claim that 'lakbima news' newspapers was not published on 24th. it was/is online . lakbima sinhala paper from same publisher was certainly on print. where is the evidence that it was not published .

so your 'evidence' for even what you say is so far zero.


but you are not really taking up my challenge in your claim.

what was it that rajpal abeynayake wrote that you say( and as far as i can see only you say ) was censored ?
why not let us know since you claim to know so much .
was that not said elsewhere ?

that is what i am asking.

you have to give a news story that was censored in sri lanka.

you have to say what the news was, otherwise we cannot know whether it was censored or not

you are also free to say how the alleged censorship happened but that is not the challenge. i want the censored story .

do you get it now , kid ?


obviously you have some problem with logic and comprehension

sittingnut said...

btw rajpal abeynayake actually refers to content of his column last week in this week's column expecting his reader to be familiar with it . hardly a person who thinks that newspaper was not published .

Anonymous said...

Sitiing nut kid,

You are wrong my dear. You cannot save the skin of your master by bluffing kid. Lakbima print edition never came out. See the apology in the first page of the Jan 31.

I can of course prove that it was held up by the orders of your inferior master rajapassa. How much you are willing to bet on that?

You have a pea brain kid. You are not good at making excuses. Loser.

sittingnut said...

still confused about the challenge huh?

and still no evidence for yopur own cliam?
lol @ anon

in any case your claim is not an answer to my challenge in the post

and i will repeat what you missed in my comment. ( may be you are one those who need repeating to understand)
what was it that rajpal abeynayake wrote that you say( and as far as i can see only you say ) was censored ?
why not let us know since you claim to know so much .
was that not said elsewhere ?

that is what i am asking.

you have to give a news story that was censored in sri lanka.

you have to say what the news was, otherwise we cannot know whether it was censored or not

you are also free to say how the alleged censorship happened but that is not the challenge. i want the censored story .


do you get it now at least , kid ?

and if you still don't get it everyone here know who the loser is.

Sam said...

It is not an empty argument. This is like me asking you to produce the name of your wife’s secret lover. Secret by nature, you don’t know it. I don’t say there is a censorship or not, or your wife have a secret lover or not. All I say is you can’t challenge one to produce something they don’t know and prove that they don’t know it. But as I can see you had come to a conclusion, we are able to be informed outside news and news is something deferent – a report card perhaps. But believe it or not, most of the people including myself are informed by news. I don’t think there is much of a censorship. There isn’t much to censors these days anyway, except female cleavages and kissing senses.

Anonymous said...

Kid you are a loser.

Bluffing wont take you anywhere. Your master has fucked up. you try to clean his shit.

sittingnut said...

you got in to a deep illogical hole of your won creation.

if you can't say what was censored you cannot say there is censorship .

as i asked before, are you claiming that sri lankan gov is preventing all foreign and online outlets from publishing sri lankan news ? if you don't subscribe to that you should be able to say what news story was censored in sri lanka.

don't accuse your wife of having a secret lover bc you don't know whether she is having and affair or not .you have to produce evidence of that lover .
mere fact of your being inadequate in a certain department is no reason to accuse your wife of having a lover .

anon @2/03/2010 9:49 pm
pathetic state you are reduced to, with all your arguments( if we can call them that ) in complte taters
did i do that to you ? love when that happens

love it to when obvious loser like you call me a 'loser' while running way like a dirty dog from a stick .

Sam said...

Sure I can’t produce censored news. According to your “logic” therefore no censorship exists. I know logic have a deferent meaning in here, but others may usually familiar with the concept of logic can argue, since I don’t know any secrets of anybody, the world must be a place without secrets. Or the same token if you don’t know you are sick, you most probably not sick. Or if your eyes were closed, the world does not exist. Or since I can’t produce God does exists, God does not exists.

Yes. I got in to a deep logical hole trying to understand your logics. But hey, if you master satire, what the use of logic. eh?

sittingnut said...

getting deeper in to the hole .huh?

there is no different meaning to logic here . you absurdly and without reason claim it is different bc you cannot get out of the hole you dug yourself .

if i am not using logic as you claim, just show my errors
i will show your errors see below
you claim
"since I don’t know any secrets of anybody, the world must be a place without secrets."
no. you are faulty bc you use a wrong analogy
let's show absurdity of your one bc creating a more fitting analogy ,

person x knows of no secrets.
person y says he knows secrets

person x can challenge y to reveal at least one secret and on y failing to do that claim that y is merely claiming to know secrets when in fact he does not know secrets.

in the same way if you don't know you are sick and ( this is the part you ignore ) if you can't get anybody else whatsoever including your doctor to claim you are sick. you are probably not sick

-etc etc .
illogicality of sam's comments here stems from his implied claim in them that an allegedly censored story here cannot be published anywhere in all news sources , not just here in sl, but foreign and online as well. as such he says they cannot be produced in reply to my challenge

as i keep on asking him, are all news sources sl, foreign , online, controlled by sl gov ?
if not, they and he, in reply to my challenge , should be able to produce a story that was censored in all sri lankan sources

he avoids that question every time and gets deeper in to his illogical hole with ever more irrational statements and analogies